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Angry Joe certainly wears his heart on his sleeve and that's a good thing - his passion shines through.

Though if you crossed Al Pacino and Nicholas Cage together then the product would be Angry Joe - check his mannerisms and talking style. Two stars rolled into one!

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Excellent comment my friend - bubbles up.

I couldnt care less if MW sold 100 times what B3 does.

Aslong as the lobbys are filled with players and im not waiting ages for a match then ill be happy - and im sure i will be

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Hulk Hogan
The Undertaker
The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Shawn Michaels
Eddie Guerrero
Andre the Giant
Jeff Hardy
Bret Hart

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Headlong from Halo2 is Still my favourite map of all time - it's got confined spaces, wide open spaces, stairwells, teleports, multiple paths through to the other end ( that are really different)

CTF and Bomb are awesome on Headlong - how i miss it.......

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Makes me look at the broader picture........

IF games do ever become download only with keys to access and unlock then the second hand market will be gone in an instant - not just for MMO's but for everything..........

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Only on N4G though :D

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First impressions.....

Play time; 1.5 hours

graphics - nice,smooth,detailed,colourful without being overly so.
sound - functional,nothing exceptional as of now
gameplay - tight, as fast paced as you want it to be.
Shooting an enemy from a distance is g=harder than in COD etc due to them being able to run off real quick - unless you suprise them first.
The slide is fun; run and hit the 'B' button to execute.

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Gaming biggest disappointment - the consumers or to be more precise the so called 'fanboys'

Certain members of the gaming community get a buzz when their 'preferred console' sells an extra 5000 more than it's competitor.........grow up

They constantly point flaws out in, not only their 'opponents' games but in their 'opponents' marketing strategy too.......grow up

The fools who hype and hype games to kingdo...

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No not at all - the gameplay was second to none, alot of people used mics on Halo2 also so the community was tighter than it is now, the graphics were fine for it's time.

I also have fond memories of Dig Dug, Pong, Flashback, R-Type and Double Dragon amongst others - you don't think of the graphics when reminising because they were fine 'at the time' but you do remember the feeling these games gave you.

Yes i've been gaming along time :D

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I agree pretty much with what you say - Halo 2 maps are something special.

Lockout, Relic, Terminal, Headlong etc were amazing to play but what with armor abilities they wouldn't play the same and that magic would be lost.

I.E - on relic CTF you had to goto the end of the base up the structure grab the flag then leap off and make it back again (or drive the hog up and avoid the PLasma stickies!!!!) but what with jetpack the same slant wouldn't be ther...

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Halo CE > Reach > Halo 3 > Halo 2 > ODST


Reach = Halo 2 > Halo 3 = ODST > Halo CE

The campaign on CE is incredibile, it's the multiplayer that has balancing issues: Pistol is overpowered, Plasma Rifle freezing opponents in place.

Reach has awesome multiplayer and the reason why Halo 2 equals it is because Halo 2 had and still has the best maps.

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Halo:Reach will be the best looking Halo game on a MS platform :(

I'd put money on Sony releasing a new console and the same with Ninty so i'd hope MS does too.

The PC has already (2 years ago) left graphics on consoles behind, and while graphics aren't everythying who wouldn't want Crysis quality graphics in a new MS console's Halo - or potentially grater graphics........

4GB ram, Blu-ray which houses 300gb of data as sta...

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As for all the negative posts above, heres something for you to chew on;

OMG Gran Turismo 5 has over 900 cars - what's the point in that Sony!!!!!! i'm only going to use perhaps 30 or 40 ever.....what a waste.

See how ludicrous that sounds? It's an option to be used,if,you personally, would like to. :D

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It seems a VERY pretty game, the lighting,water,snow etc all give the game a gorgeous look so it's certainly got the style.

However when it comes to substance it seems very lacking - there just isn't enough 'intensity' to the proceedings in the fights. It seems miles behind the likes of Halo and dare i say it? CoD......Sure it's a different pace but it's just not 'fluid' enough, for me a FPS needs to grab you by the scruff of the neck and deman...

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Certainly gets you geared up for a fight and the monks chanting is so beautifully done

Probably some of my best game music ever;

At the 1.08 point is really gets you motivated.

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There are loads of different brands available too.

Couldn't reply directly for some reason!

On Topic - I wonder if eventually the D-Pad will be phased out..........

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It's times like these that N4G is worth it's weight in gold;

Sure the fanboys and the mindless drivel from some news story's are frustrating but when you get nuggets like this article it puts a smile on your face :)

Gamertag as my profile name - all the best everybody!

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However they will do it if they believe they will get a decent return on their investment - business care about profits first and foremost.

Let's be under no illusion, if MS could just put out one title a year and it sold 100 million copies then they would do just that.

The title might not innovate, it might just be an update of last years offering but if people buy it and MS make £/$ from it then that's what they will do - i'm sure every oth...

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If i want to play a hardcore gaming session then a pad is the way to go.

If i want to entertain then i suspect Kinect will be more appealing to the relatives, drunk buddies for a laugh.

Move is nice, don't get me wrong, but i just feel that's stuck in no-man's land whilst not offering the finely tuned precision of a pad but not as friendly to a party atmosphere that Kinect would be.

All just conjecture on my part but there it is.....

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"imho there are too many shooters this gen..."

Really? - Halo,Cod,Resistance,Killzone,B attlefield - these are probably the best FPS available but as some are console exclusives then it's a choice that's not that massive when it comes to quality.........which as ever is subjective :D

As for Reach selling so much - my own personal opinion:

Campaign is solid, ending beautifully done 4/5

Multiplayer is pretty m...

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