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SONY pays Microsoft for every PC they sell with WINDOWS installed, so it all works out.

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I bet if xbox live charged you $5 on a montly basis you wouldn't be saying anything other than, "thats a pretty good deal". It's $60 A YEAR, a poor man can afford that.

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What about Spy vs. Merc, I thought they said they were going to bring that back?

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Couldn't have said it any better! They always gotta change stuff, thinking they're making it better.

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Great! Now with twice as many disc on the 360.

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Not if MS has the last word.

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Thank god! A true Resident Evil game!!

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I have a feeling Dead Space 3 is going to be a shooter.

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Sonic doesn't even sell well.

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Boo!! Why do they always have to change something!! Boo! Me cry now! :(

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They need to bring it back like it was in the very first two, minus the bad acting. Those fixed camera angles were scary as hell not knowing what was around the corner when i was a kid.

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Normally with an article being this long I woud have maybe read some of it or just scroll to the bottom for the comments (N4G), but not this one. This was the best article i've read in a long time. Being such a KI fan I feel for the same way you do. KI GOLD brings back such great memories. You should send a letter to M$ or RARE about this game and your thoughts and see what kind of response you get, if any, then share it with us if its worth it. I would write a letter myself but im not go...

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I thought the girls were going to be naked.

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Take it back to the good old days, when the camera angles were fixed,that shi t was scary.

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And number 5

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Vames, you're such a dummy.

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The last best Splinter Cell game they made was Chaos Theory.

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I'm naked.

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no year will ever be the year for the PS.

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