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Maybe in a (console) generation or two there will be a radical shift. But considering the XB1 is selling better than the 360 did. And the PS4 is selling at incredible levels, the signs are there that console gaming has a lot of life left.

I think it's incorrect to see iPad / PC cannibalising console sales. I think they can live alongside each other for the most part. I have an iPad, and I game on it a lot, but it doesn't replace my PC or PS4 or XB1 oe WiiU - they... #4
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Yeah, bit confused by this as well.

Maybe he has a complex AV set up? Or maybe having the kids login / out of various accounts could be easier on PS4? #2.1
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And yet you clicked the link and took the effort to post and call people faggots.

That's pathetic. #17.1
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In interviews I have never seen him come across as egotistical.. Although I'm not a fan of slapping the name across the box. Same with Sid Meier. I think Richard Garriott used to do it as well.

In most movie posters there are the names of many people, director, producer, actors and others. But there are some directors who take it to the next level like 'M Night Shyamalm's Piece of Crap Movie' etc.

Edit, on topic: This is very... #1.5
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Yup, you're right. Which is exciting as it means we've seen a snowy 'Hoth' style location from the original teaser. And this could indicate a desert style 'Tattooine' battlefield is also going to be included. #16.1
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Brain surgery. I can remove a blood clot with one hand tied behind my back... But can I win in Surgeon Sim 2013? No.

Stacking boxes.... Once I'm done with brain surgery I like to kick back on my pimped out forklift and stack boxes until the job is DONE... But can I finish the job in Shenmue? No, not unless I take a very specific route through the warehouse! #1
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Star Ocean 5 - YES!

Cross-gen - Eurghhh!

Publishers are still looking to wring every penny out of the last gen. Slightly disappointed by that. #59
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As long as it's cosmetic and not Pay to Win DLC, and as long as there are some free unlocks through playing the game I don't mind. #18.1
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I still play Destiny from time to time. I have got hundreds of hours of fun out of it... But...

I will not buy any DLC after House of Wolves.

And, I will probably not buy any sequels.

The reason is, that no matter how much I have enjoyed the game I have always felt underwhelmed with it. Like Bungie took the safest and most profitable route instead of really going balls to the wall to make a radically new type of FPS.

There... #9
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lol. Yeah, keep telling yourself that. #13.1.1
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No one is forcing you.

EA Access costs about half the price of a new game on XB1 / PS4.

I am not a big enough fan of sports games to spend full price. So for me, I have played a lot of FIFA 14, Madden and UFC for only £20 per year.

And on top of that I have Need for Speed Rivals - a game would have picked up eventually on budget, but don't have to any more. Plus BattleField 4 is a great download. #6.1
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Yes, bring it on! It's a great service on XB1, and I would welcome it on my PS4.

I can understand that Sony didn't want a service competing with EA - but I'm not sure how any consumer can defend that when you compare the proposed price of PSNow with EA Access.

People saying they don't want it, are taking a narrow, selfish, viewpoint. No one is forcing them to pay for it. Choice is almost always good. #12
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I dunno if it was a good / bad strategy - but it was certainly a disappointing one.

It seemed the main reason MS secured JRPG's was to block Sony from getting them.

I base my opinion on the lack of follow up. They made such a lot of noise by securing Mistwalker - and then we got only two games. Where was the follow up to Blue Dragon!?!

The plan obviously had zero impact on their Japanese sales. #2
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It's so obvious... Because....



Yeah, stupid article is stupid! #12.1
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Why not both?

Nintendo are just crazy enough to make a home console that can dock a handheld in some weird symbiotic relationship! :) #16
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Doesn't matter either way to me. Can't wait to play the game and I've been actively avoiding any footage and screenshots so nothing is spoiled.

Loving Xenoblade 3DS right now - and the graphics are pretty shoddy in that game.

All these downgrade articles we see are a waste of effort. "Pre-release footage compared to pre-release footage" is not news. #10
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No. It looks like a brilliant and fun shooter, that will be overlooked by the masses because it looks 'kiddie'...

And of course doesn't have voice chat to allow all those uber pro gamers from CoD the ability to strategise just like how I always see on every FPS game ever. /s

However, Splatoon plus a few other top games like Xenoblade, and Star Fox will collectively shift a few units of WiiU #6
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Keeping quiet is a great idea.

I bet Sony are really checking the status of every project they have cooking - a repeat of Driveclub and The Order delays can't happen again.

It's going to be an exciting E3 #1.1.3
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It's intriguing because Sony has been so silent on what their 1st party devs are doing.

We know barely anything about the next Guerilla game. Hardly a clue what the 2nd team in Naughty Dog is up to. So many unknowns!

I hope this E3 is where they really show some good stuff that is close to launch! #3
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I see you are out of bubbles to continue this debate. But you make interesting points.

Yes, I believe it's a poor, short sighted, move by Nintendo, but I think you miss one 'Oh no'...

And that is Nintendo are like the 'Disney' of the gaming world. They appeal to all ages from kids, families, to even the hardcore.

Companies like that are terrified of bad publicity to the point where they would rather shoot down an entire c... #17.2.1
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