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Early 2015 is probably the right time to get a PS4 I'd say.

Bloodborne looks to be a great title.

There's no word on when the PS+ freebie version of DriveClub will be out, but if you see it for cheap then it's probably worth getting.

Also if you are getting a PS+ subscription, you can buy the download version of DriveClub for cheap anyway if you can't find a used copy. I paid £17.99 for i... #2.1.3
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Not often on N4G you see a considered non-judgemental response!

Maybe people who like driving like maniacs in games are just a better class of gamer! :) #2.2.1
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Such a shame Star wars Galaxies was shut down. Also a huge shame the devs made every bad decision they could to drive away the loyal player base... #1
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"Do Remakes Render the Originals Obsolete?"

No #1
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Same here, control and feedback is the #1 priority in a racing game. And I'm a big fan of racing games :)

It definitely isn't shonky. It's just the physics model they have chosen. It's more biased toward arcadey, but doesn't hit the sweet spot between arcade and sim (in my opinion).

Unfortunately I don't have a wheel yet for my PS4. So I can only comment on the controller and it's a little hard to explain. What seems to be miss... #2.1.1
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I bought the PSN upgrade over the weekend. With the 10% discount Sony are giving at the moment it seemed worth a go.

For that money I cannot be disappointed.

For £14.99 it is absolutely worth buying without hesitation if you like driving games.

For me it's a solid 7/10 at the moment. Definitely not the best racing game I've played, but it looks phenomenal and is providing a good distraction.

It seems to get bet... #2
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For me...

Star Wars 1313, looked like it had promise.

B.C. on the original Xbox. That looked like an incredible game

I'm sure there was also a FPS Warhammer 40k game that sounded cool but was cancelled.

Shame about Starcraft Ghost.

Would have been intrigued by Eight Days, although there was too little info to really judge it - looked incredible though. #14
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I suspect someone is trolling the auction unfortunately.

Unless Notch or Bill Gates are trying to get his hands on it maybe :) #7.1
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I'm fine with them doing the 12,300 limited edition boxes... I just think they could also have done something for the masses.

Even if it were something as small as putting the grey controllers on sale for the year - so at least people who have almost zero chance of owning the full console could feel they took part in the celebration. #6.1.1
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Whilst it's a cool what Sony are doing with this 00001 edition (as money goes to charity), I think overall it's a bit crap how they limited the Anniversary Edition so much.

They could have sold a 'Standard' Anniversary Edition in grey for a few months this year at the normal price, and then had a more Limited Edition that added a few extra bonuses which they put out in competitions or auctioned off for those with the money.

Kinda feels a bit l... #6
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Not knowing what to expect is exactly why I'll wait and see.

Not a Day 1 for me, but maybe a Day 2 if all the buzz is positive, and it turns out the hate was unfounded. #15
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Open world is the ability to think 'I wonder what's over there?', and go find out without hitting invisible walls after a few seconds. #1
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I wonder if part of the reason that Bungie ripped out so much of the story content was that they realised they'd need to pay these celebs for the next 10 years to contribute voice over work on Destiny 2, 3 and the DLC. And it would be hard to ensure all the celebs were available when needed. #1
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More show, less tell please!

Nothing new here. #9
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Great list.

Zelda WiiU is certainly my most anticipated game.

Not sure about Star Fox in 2015 though - showing the game at E3 2015 to a few journalists makes me think it's more likely to be a 2016 launch.

I would also add the Mario Kart 8 2nd DLC pack to that list. I cannot wait for more Mario Kart! :) #3
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I'm intrigued by this game, but holding myself in check until it launches.

I love Elite, Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer 2, X-Wing / TIE Fighter space combat games, and I love Minecraft - so it should be a good match for me!

The idea of flying through space and landing on planets, exploring and discovering new life forms, is something any sci-fi fan would have dream of.

If NMS turns out a dud, so be it. Move on and wait for the nex... #5
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I can understand people not liking the sandbox nature of Minecraft, but if you are at all intrigued by it...

...On PC there's a lot of mods that add structured game play based around crafting. Some of them also throw in Survival modes to make life harder.

And there's quite a lot Adventure maps you can download that have very focused objectives (such as the recent Minecraft remake of Alien isolation). No crafting or creat... #1.4.2
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Couldn't agree more.

A lot of it comes down to perception.

I'm sure it takes a lot of effort to design, build, test, balance new Monsters and Hunters... but if they are ready to go on Day 1 it feels like we're being ripped off.

With Forza Horizon 2, even if that DLC was started during the main development period it comes across as good value because it wasn't available on Day 1 and it priced sensibly. #8.1
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That's your interpretation of what I said, but whatever. I was coming more from a coding point of view, that it makes sense to put hooks in to the game to allow DLC in future - in case the game is popular.

What you appear to be arguing about is actually nothing to do with whether a game is complete or not... it is the timing and the perception of the DLC.

For example, If the Devs had said 'We have X budget and Y time to make the game so you'll b... #5.1.3
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Of course I have an issue with that. And nothing about my comment even hinted I agreed that's OK.

I have no idea about the motivations and intent of Evolve's devs, and 2K's influence on this - but they look bad, and maybe it'll hurt the game in the long run.

Everything about the Evolve DLC has been handled badly. Even if the Devs had genuine intent with what they've done, that have made a huge mess of it.

But I don't... #5.1.1
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