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It's a real shame. The sound design, art design and the general feel of the guns is all world class. It's such a shame that the people in charge of the game direction, story, and game play systems screwed up so badly.

They dumbed down and stripped out so much of the game it just became such a boring, lifeless, insipid experience.

And that's not to mention the ridiculous loot box situation.

On the plus side Bungie are listeni...

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Yeah, the games are based on the books.

The devs have done a great job in my opinion of distilling down the essence of the books. Even though I played the games before reading the books, they were still great, and really gave more context to the games and made me appreciate how much the developers captured the details.

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I'd also highly recommend the books. They are dense and occasionally dry, but overall phenomenal.

If you prefer audio books get them from Audible, the narration is excellent.

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Fun and interesting game - for a while. It just outstayed its welcome and needed to be shorter and more focused.

I would recommend it if you have Game Pass. Maybe not a hidden gem, but worth a look

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Love my Switch, and always buy Nintendo consoles Day 1... But No. The Switch is not the best designed.

Power connector on the bottom. Ridiculous for trying to charge it while playing with it undocked. Had a situation recently where we were playing undocked Mario Kart and the battery was about to run out. Rather than being able to hook it up to power and continue we had to stop to allow it to recharge. That's just bad design.

No Bluetooth or mic enable...

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What now?... Disgaea 5

Say goodbye to a few hundred hours...

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Consider Nintendo's position... Their consoles since the N64 have been all over the place in terms of total sales. They never know if they are going to have a huge hit or a total flop.

Wii couldn't meet demand because it was a surprise hit. I don't blame Nintendo for failing to meet demand there - no one could have predicted that success.

Then the WiiU utterly tanked.

So what do Nintendo do..? D...

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I thought this years E3 for MS and Sony had... problems

Sony showed the better exclusives and gave more reasons to own a PS4/Pro than MS did for their S or X. But I was disappointed there wasn't a megaton announcement or more new stuff showed. I stayed up till 3am to see basically extended trailers for stuff I knew about from last year. Sure Horizon DLC is nice, and SotC is a Day 1, but tbh nothing Sony showed needed an E3 stage show - they could have just released the ...

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It's kinda interesting that GG put so much attention to detail in some parts, like puddles forming / evaporating and all the other stunning bits; but water / foliage reacting realistically to the player wasn't added (which I would argue is a more immersive detail than puddle behaviour). I guess that might have pushed the engine too far.

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@ Utalkin2me... reductio ad absurdum - look it up, (hint: it's not a Harry Potter spell)

The difference between 900p and 1080p is not noticeable (or barely noticeable if you have a large enough TV). We're not talking 480 to 1080 here.

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Yeah, and did you see the clamour for the Nintendo Classic Mini!! Seems people want access to 25 year old ROMs and are willing to pay when most are easily accessible via emu's!

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The XB1 S doesn't come with a headset either. I was a bit surprised when I opened the box.

If the Ninty service is cheap, then it's no big deal and doesn't need to match Gold or PSN. Ideally I'd rather not have to pay for any online service, but it's a sign of the times.

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Unless you play games instead of resolutions...

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I've done this a few times. It's pretty easy.

If you're going to grind crash sites in one system you only need repair Launch Thruster and Pulse engine to get the ship up and running, then head to the next crash site and repeat.

To fix those two components I found I only need 6 Carite Sheets (300 iron to make), 200 Heridium, and 20 Zinc

Iron and Heridium is stuff I can get in about 5-10 mins from pretty much every planet, and...

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Did ICO or SotC have the best framerates or controls... Did I care? Have I ever cared in the multiple times I have played both of those games?

ICO was pretty much overlooked when it first came out, and yet here we are getting reading to watch Last Guardian get burned to the ground because of hype.

As long as the game has the soul of ICO / SotC I'll be happy.

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Yeah, two of my old fave titles. Really need a proper sequel to Evil Genius, it was an awesome game.

Prison Architect is one of the best management games I have ever played on PC. The UI looks like it works really well on consoles.

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Whilst Rift will eventually do room scale it looks like it may be just as much 'hassle' as Vive. Jason Rubin stated it will need an additional sensor, which I would imagine will need mounting high up to give a view of the floor (like the Vive).

I set my Vive up today, and although having to mount the two sensors was a bit of a pain, once done it has been trouble free. I was pleasantly surprised that the set up was actually much easier than many reviews made out. ...

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The PS4.5 is just a PS4 hardware refresh - similar to what we see every generation.

It'll have zero impact on gaming.

It will likely add an updated BD drive and be geared toward allowing playback of 4k video content. At best.

Maybe, just maybe it will add a hardware scaler to upscale current gaming content to 4k (not the same as allowing native 4k) - but I think that's unlikely.

Releasing a 'VR focused' PS4 wo...

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I'm bored of the US settings. Move it somewhere else.

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Good spot.

Now you mention it, I recall at the end of the intro it does mention something about Europe.

Yeah, I guess a new area would have been nicer - but if I hadn't seen this article I wouldn't have thought I was playing the same map as FC4.

Ah well. No big deal. The map still feels different to me and the foliage and other geographical changes make it look different too.

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