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Well done, Sony sends their sincere thanks for rushing to defend the honour of the PS4.

Your commemorative medal is in the post.

/s #4.2.3
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I agree with Godmars290.

So far this 'next gen is under-delivering with truly next-gen experiences.

Yes, inFamous looks amazing and is more refined than 1 or 2, but it doesn't feel like next gen game play to me.

Sure, Forza runs at 1080p/60 which is awesome - but to do so it appears they had to make significant graphical compromises to cut features / effects that were seen on the previous generation of the game.

I thi... #4.2
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RDR did not look 'awful' on PS3 compared to 360. Yes, it was technically inferior - but in no way did it look awful, and the game play was just as fun.

What actual improvements have we seen on XB1 thanks to DX12? None yet. And until we do it's all speculation.

To say DX12 will 'even things out for a few years' is utter speculation, and makes a huge assumption that the Sony teams are not going to improve their tools, SDK's, develop... #3.1.1
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There will always be something new on the horizon that allows hacks to continue to produce flamebait articles, and fanboys to argue.

Next thing it'll be 'MS switches Azure server farms to use all solar power'... Flamebait article: 'XB1 supercharged by the power of the sun!' For example. #1.1.1
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I don't think Nintendo has lost the desire to fight. I just think they see themselves operating in a totally different market to Sony / MS - so they are not really competitors. #6
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I'm probably one of the few that will not bother.

I played it on PS3 and enjoyed it - but I didn't love it. If I want to play it again I've still got the PS3 disc.

I'm interested to see just how much better the PS4 version looks and if they add anything new or revamp any aspects - such as the AI. Hopefully it'll come to PS+ as a freebie one day. #22
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DRM controlled robots, I believe #21.1
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I particularly like an article that is about why they bought an XB1... And one of the people doesn't own an XB1! #19
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That flies in the face of what just about every developer has said.

The jump in costs from last gen to current gen may not be as big as previous gens, but the size and cost of development is still huge (even if it has plateaued)

Also, just look at how many devs have gone bust in the last few years.

Capcom stated they believed PS4 / XB1 gen games take 8 to 10 times the man hours of previous gen.
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Games are getting more and more expensive to develop so I don't begrudge developers selling extra content as long as it's not Pay 2 Win.

Optional micro-transactions are fine in my book. I rarely buy them. #5.1
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Sony have a history of using proprietary media with little benefit, and charging high prices for it.

Vita Memory cards

You defeat your own argument by mentioning the PSP - It used both proprietary Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo and UMD's. MemorySticks were supposedly more secure than SD Cards because of the licensed 'MagicGate' DRM tech they employed. It was actually poor hardware design... #22.1.2
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It's not a disaster, it's an inconvenience, and it's probably negatively impacting people buying more digital games.

I think Sony are pretty disgusting charging so much for memory cards (compare the price to SD cards). There is nothing special about the Sony cards except they can charge a fortune as they are propriety. #22
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I can understand a certain amount of whining about this.

I have one 16GB card and I swap games out as needed. However there is a certain amount of inconvenience having to manage games in the limited space - and it definitely means I have bought less games digitally.

For example if my memory card is full of games I have yet to complete I don't see the point buying a new digital game as I can't download it yet. And by the time I have the space it may b... #21.1
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Wake me up when we can actually play some fun games on consoles using all this tech we keep hearing about #9
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Will wait and see how this game pans out. I'm more concerned about 30fps than micro-transactions. FPS and driving games need 60fps #36
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This is my hope. I'd much rather buy one VR headset that works on multiple devices. #7.1
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I'd argue playing games and owning cool tech is fun. I'm not sure where the competition is here - If anything OR and Morpheus are complimetary products that are going to really help boost VR's mainstream popularity.

War, seems to be a term exclusively used to incite fanboy rage and allow talentless hacks create click-bait articles. #1.3.2
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VR Wars? So we're already at war?

Why does everything have to be a war? Especially with two different products aimed at different markets. #1.3
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Blizz have gone from 'they can do no wrong', to 'uh oh, lets see where they're going with this' type of developer.

So I agree - Titan will be an interesting reveal (if it every happens!!)

Hearthstone has a brilliant balance between casual and hardcore. It's a fantastic game.

Diablo 3 was a huge fail and signalled a bad direction for Blizz, but the 2.0 patch has really turned things around - I've massively enjoyed... #1.1
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I think the most important point is whether the x2 power increase is done before the x4 increase - so first you double the power of The One, then you quadruple the new result!.. Or will the result just be to add the increases together get a rather lame x6 (in comparison) increase??

MS need to answer this ASAP!! And we NEED a response from Sony (or have they fired the person responsible for responses????)

/s #142.1
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