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Classic case of someone who should have walked away from their computer, got some fresh air, calmed down, and then decided whether or not threatening the founder of the platform you make most of your livelihood through would be a good professional or personal move!!

Especially as it was all over what amounts to an admin error that could have been easily corrected.

I have no sympathy for this dev, his company or his future prospects in the industry. The open... #6
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I wouldn't touch Beats. They are a piece of crap compared to a good set of Sennheisers. #1.1
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I much prefer it to Forza 5. Never played Horizon 1 though - but the festival idea in Horizon 2 is very good. #1.1.1
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I was pleasantly surprised how good this game was. Would have overlooked it normally, but it was bundled in with my XB1.

At a low price it's well worth the money. The single player is great value, compared ot other recent FPS games the single player is really long. #2
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4.3 out of 5! What a fail. I ONLY buy games that score 4.5 out of 5 or higher! That 0.2 extra makes ALL the difference!


On topic. I bought this game after seeing so many rabid comments from N4G'ers saying it was excellent. And they were right, it is very good. I still don't like the DLC model they use, but the driving is a lot of fun. And the Kinect integration for the Sat Nav is brilliant and useful. #1
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But every franchise has to start somewhere. Look at ND's history. They have always taken risks by launching new IP. Then they normally do a couple of sequels and move on.

You argue that Uncharted is the ND cash-cow... But ND took the risk of launching Uncharted ion PS3 as a new IP. Why wouldn't they do the same on PS4.

For me, I'd have liked them to end Uncharted with #3 on the PS3. Fresh start on PS4 with something new. It would still sell..... #9.2
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Author is an idiot.

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that - but in this case it is just flat out wrong on every level, and this author should probably start looking for another profession as gaming is obviously not for him! (or at least a change in direction considering his previous two reviews were for puzzle games Chip and Mousecraft OBVIOUSLY far superior games to Sepc Ops!! /s)

Also I'd disagree that Apocalypse Now Redux... #23
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I'm sure there could be ways for Sony / MS to leverage UbiSoft...

Such as raising the license costs in future.

Or dragging their heels certifying a game so that it misses the lucrative holiday launch window)

Providing inferior support during development.

But ultimately I think Ubisoft could easily call MS / Sony's bluff, and do what they want. A console is nothing without games, and would MS / Sony really want to ris... #15.2
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Exactly. It's adding Kinect / camera / mic functionality in sensible and useful ways that has been missing.

Using the camera to lean in Isolation is a good feature.

Head tracking in racing games can be done well (not a fan myself, but know some people really like it)

The voice recognition for navigation in Forza Horizon 2 is brilliant.

Kinect and PS Camera have their uses But specifically with MS they have been trying to... #11.1
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For navigating the UI, Kinect is pretty poor

The vast majority (all?) Kinect games are very poor

The implementation of Kinect for hardcore games is poor.

So by all accounts it seems to be a failure.

However, in Forza Horizon 2, saying 'Anna Nearest Event / Garage etc' is such a handy feature, and adds hugely to the game.

I could call up the map, move the cursor to the place I want to go to set the rou... #15
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In the UK the price of PS+ is the same as Xbox Gold. So if Sony raised the price in the UK then no, I wouldn't be happy as I would bet MS would do the same, and gaming is expensive enough already.

However, PS+ is cheaper than XBox Live in many countries, so I guess there's wiggle room there to raise some prices - but I would expect a certain amount of uproar about it.

But then again.. Looking at the state of DriveClub, maybe Sony need to invest more... #5
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Wow, I'd kinda assumed this one had just melted away like the Stargate Worlds MMO. #1
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'Bigots' is a better definition than 'racists'.

Bigot: Someone who is intolerant toward people who hold different opinions.

But yeah, I am also playing XB1 more than PS4 at the moment - but I really don't like the XB1 controller much compared to DS4. Build quality and comfort is worse than the 360 controller and especially DS4. As for XBL versus PSN - I think it's a wash these days. #25.1
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Neither console is really standing out with amazing AAA exclusives right now.

Solid, but forgettable, is the watch word for this console gen so far.

Forza Horizon 2 is the main exclusive game I am playing - and I look forward to trying the PS+ version of DriveClub when it eventually launches. Other than that it's wait and see if the holiday line up is any better for exclusives.

Multiplats are what I'm playing the most - and unless th... #28
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It's disappointing for some because Bungie did a bad job of communicating exactly what it was supposed to be.

The reasons given by Bungie on how the event actually works make sense, but they needed to be more clearly communicated before it started.

I don't see it as a big deal. This is the first of many Iron Banner events, and in future Bungie can take on board player feedback, and learn their lessons. The good thing about an always online FPS is th... #2
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Same here.

I caved in and bought FH2. It's very good. But I still drop in to Destiny regularly and play the daily story mission or a Strike when I feel the urge. It's just fun.

When the expansion releases I suspect my Destiny gaming will pick up again. #5.1
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WiiU is definitely gathering a good collection of games. I picked one up when Mario Kart 8 released, and have been very happy with it.

Bayonetta 2 is on my 'to-buy' list as soon as I'm done with Shadow of Mordor on PC #12
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I'm sure you have plenty of statistical data about player numbers and how many people like or dislike the game to back up your claims? #5.1.2
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What a whine. The author has a number of choices...

Aim for different Gear that doesn't require PvP

Suck it up and complete the PvP mission

Games should always be fun, but in end-game you may have to do things you don't like.

You weigh it up and decide whether you will or won't do what it asks. Unfortunately we now live in a time that if the person decides they don't like what the developer is asking them... #5
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My time playing the game has definitely dropped off - but I have still put tonnes of hours in (around 30) compared to other FPS games - and that's mainly because of Shadow of Mordor.

I am looking forward to the expansions and am sure that will drag me back in. #6
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