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It's published by Nintendo, but I thought it was developed by Platinum, so it's not a 1st party title?

I have no idea if Nintendo paid for the development, or if it was also part a bigger deal that included Bayonetta 2, or if they just liked the look of it and no one else wanted it! #4.1.1
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No Man's Sky is developed by Hello Games.

Hello Games also made Joe Danger... A game they implied was PlayStation only, but then ported to XBox with additional content... That pissed off a lot of PS fans.

Even on the devs website the platform that No Man's Sky will launch on still states 'TBC'.

Just sayin'. #5.3
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Resurrect? Dying?

The campaign to gets Demons Souls to US / EU showed the type of people who like a challenge are alive and well. Same as the people who love playing things like Diablo and Halo on the toughest modes.

The fact that Bloodborne is being made is proof enough the market is healthy - We've seen Demons Souls, two Dark Souls and now Bloodborne - and a few games that are 'inspired' by these titles. #5
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This comes down to one thing... Profit.

If the 3rd party publishers have crunched the numbers and they don't see a game making X% of profit - they won't bother making it or porting it.

Did Wonderful 101 make money? Did Rayman? Did Assassins Creed or Watch Dogs?
If they didn't make the money (or make enough profit) then there's little reason to continued developing games for the WiiU.

No one is at fault - it's j... #4
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It's pretty clear that Ubisoft are going for the plan of pissing off the end user to scare them off G2A, rather than tackle G2A etc directly... Probably because they know they wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on if they challenged them, and that it would cost them a fortune in legal fees.

It's a scummy move. #2.1.1
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So somewhere along this process the publisher got some money... Unless the keys really were stolen, which seems fairly unlikely.

And yet the Publishers decide that the best way to tackle this 'problem' is to go after the end user rather than the site itself, or find a way to better protect their keys.

Great! Punish the people who may have bought in good faith and had no clue G2A etc are not an authorised reseller.
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I know the article you're referring to, and I can't find it either!

But I do recall thinking that it may have a big impact on services like Steam operating in Europe - maybe... one day... If we're lucky.

Globally we need some big decisions made that are pro-consumer when it comes to intangible goods / services ownership and transfer of rights. Unfortunately it seems like every decision is anti-consumer and is dictated by those with money and influ... #1.1.1
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Well written and researched article, and even statements from those parties involved... Makes a change!

On topic...

I think it's a mistake for Ubi and other publishers to start deactivating the keys. It creates bad will. I've bought games through G2A and other key sites, and if they get deactivated I will not buy the game again from elsewhere.

I also think Publishers are on rocky legal ground here. Quite a few countries are serio... #1
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Blast Corps (either new version or an HD remake)

A new Banjo Kazooie (platformer, not another Nuts n Bolts)

Jet Force Gemini with local and online co-op

I'd even take a new Viva Pinata, and Kameo

Wouldn't say no to some modern updates of their old pre-Rare name change stuff too. A top down racer like Tranz-Am, or isometric puzzler like Alien 8 #6
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Early 2015 is probably the right time to get a PS4 I'd say.

Bloodborne looks to be a great title.

There's no word on when the PS+ freebie version of DriveClub will be out, but if you see it for cheap then it's probably worth getting.

Also if you are getting a PS+ subscription, you can buy the download version of DriveClub for cheap anyway if you can't find a used copy. I paid £17.99 for i... #2.1.3
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Not often on N4G you see a considered non-judgemental response!

Maybe people who like driving like maniacs in games are just a better class of gamer! :) #2.2.1
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Such a shame Star wars Galaxies was shut down. Also a huge shame the devs made every bad decision they could to drive away the loyal player base... #1
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"Do Remakes Render the Originals Obsolete?"

No #1
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Same here, control and feedback is the #1 priority in a racing game. And I'm a big fan of racing games :)

It definitely isn't shonky. It's just the physics model they have chosen. It's more biased toward arcadey, but doesn't hit the sweet spot between arcade and sim (in my opinion).

Unfortunately I don't have a wheel yet for my PS4. So I can only comment on the controller and it's a little hard to explain. What seems to be miss... #2.1.1
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I bought the PSN upgrade over the weekend. With the 10% discount Sony are giving at the moment it seemed worth a go.

For that money I cannot be disappointed.

For £14.99 it is absolutely worth buying without hesitation if you like driving games.

For me it's a solid 7/10 at the moment. Definitely not the best racing game I've played, but it looks phenomenal and is providing a good distraction.

It seems to get bet... #2
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For me...

Star Wars 1313, looked like it had promise.

B.C. on the original Xbox. That looked like an incredible game

I'm sure there was also a FPS Warhammer 40k game that sounded cool but was cancelled.

Shame about Starcraft Ghost.

Would have been intrigued by Eight Days, although there was too little info to really judge it - looked incredible though. #14
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I suspect someone is trolling the auction unfortunately.

Unless Notch or Bill Gates are trying to get his hands on it maybe :) #7.1
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I'm fine with them doing the 12,300 limited edition boxes... I just think they could also have done something for the masses.

Even if it were something as small as putting the grey controllers on sale for the year - so at least people who have almost zero chance of owning the full console could feel they took part in the celebration. #6.1.1
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Whilst it's a cool what Sony are doing with this 00001 edition (as money goes to charity), I think overall it's a bit crap how they limited the Anniversary Edition so much.

They could have sold a 'Standard' Anniversary Edition in grey for a few months this year at the normal price, and then had a more Limited Edition that added a few extra bonuses which they put out in competitions or auctioned off for those with the money.

Kinda feels a bit l... #6
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Not knowing what to expect is exactly why I'll wait and see.

Not a Day 1 for me, but maybe a Day 2 if all the buzz is positive, and it turns out the hate was unfounded. #15
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