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Off topic... I wonder what MS are going to do about the hundreds of obvious rip-offs that have emerged over the years. Notch loved some of them, but I doubt MS will take such lenient view. #24
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So spoiling info from games is now 'news'.

Original title appeared in my RSS feed.

Thanks, twats

Oh, and so, yeah, well done changing title and marking comments as spam... Maybe the picture on the article is a bit of a give-away though! #11
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Everyone is free to form their own opinions, but I think a lot of people have missed the point of Destiny - or at the very least went in to it with expectations the game was not intended to deliver.

A large part of that problem falls squarely on to Bungie / Activision for their confused, vague messages

But I agree with you that, the Loot process is awesome. Every time I see a new piece of loot pop from an enemy. Every time I finish a mission and wait for th... #8.2.2
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Most of the hype is generated by the media - not the gamers.

Destiny was not over-hyped - An alpha and a beta allowed people to see exactly what they would get, and word of mouth was generally good. People were more excited than hyping it to be the best FPS ever.

Destiny is not a disappointment to the millions of players online, the many I encounter on a daily basis still playing, and those Friends who I still game with online regularly.

Th... #12
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I'm glad I tried the Alpha / Beta and got to form my own opinions. The only review I really agreed with was Eurogamer.

I really hope ALL games this gen are going to be held up to the same level of scrutiny and criticism.

Loving the game, and can't wait for expansions. Definitely an 8/10 game for me. #8
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Lets just hope these harsh criticisms are applied fairly and consistently across every game...

I think Destiny has been unfairly criticised. I have no objection to pointing out what a game does badly - but I've seen games with story telling just as bad, and others with much less content get praised. #7.2
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I've played a few Dynasty Warriors games over the years, and they've always been solid games, worth a play and worth a 7/10 rating.

Good to see they didn't do anything stupid with this Zelda skinning of DW.

I hope the score doesn't put people off, and that it can attract some new gamers to this interesting genre. #3
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It would have been nice as I never played ODST or Reach (or Halo 4 for that matter), but I am happy with having the main numbered versions only in the MCC - so I don't feel short changed by not having those two games - it's still amazing value.

I was never really a fan of Halo 2, or 3 but for some reason I am really looking forward to playing through from Halo CE to 4 - maybe nostalgia, or just to ensure I am up to date on the story before '#5. #7
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Whilst the story is a bit weak at the moment, the potential is huge...

If it turns out that The Traveller is really manipulating humanity for it's own ends, and that the Guardians are actually the bad guys like some are suggesting... the story could really take some interesting turns.

Are the Guardians guarding humanity / the last city - or Guarding the Traveller

Why is The Traveller resurrecting dead people rather than recruiting living... #7.2
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If we look at Wow, Everquest 2 and just about any other MMO, they were almost empty shells when launched compared to the games they are today.

I see exactly the same happening with Destiny.

I'm just hoping Bungie find a good balance between free content, and paid for DLC, Expansions and sequels.

Some of the detractors are looking at Destiny as if it's the finished, final game. This is just the start. #1.2.1
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I think the story is well nailed down and defined for the long term. And I think it'll get a lot more interesting.

What we've got in-game from Destiny so far is a bit like reading the synopsis on the back of a book.

I agree that it is poorly told and seems flimsy at the moment and I'd prefer a couple of Chapters instead of a synopsis, but the amount of additional info on the Grimoire cards suggests lots more going on. (Although why the cards have... #8.1.1
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On one hand you could say that if Notch wanted to get out for 'sanity' reasons, then he could have put someone else in control and simply left. (After all, Mojang was making 100 million dollars profit per year, and he owned the majority stake - he would have been set for life anyway)

On the other hand, if MS are dumb enough to pay 2.5billion... Who is going to turn that money down!

It's not selling out, it's just the same as what 99.9% of peop... #12.1
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The Jak and Daxter trilogy will probably always be my favourite ND games. #12
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There's lots of little tweaks, but if I was going for big changes...

- Every Race / Class gets a different starting area. It gets boring to do the same starting zones for every character (especially if they add more character slots later). Also as the article states, there needs to be some deviation of story / character responses depending on Race. The Awoken example given is a good one.

- The UI / HUD needs changing to show timers / cool-downs for con... #2
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I've been hearing that photorealistic graphics are only 5 years away for at least the last 10 years #16
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The great thing for him, is that he's now in a position where he can make exactly what he wants.

I agree, he could launch games under dummy names / company's so no one would know it was him - like authors who write under a pseudonym. He could finance a thousand failures and be happy!

His life just became one long Game Jam! #3.1.1
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It depends on what angle you look at it (although I believe 2.5billion is ridiculous).


The positive advantage:
- MS have just bought the single most popular game on XBox Live. So if they can tap in to that and somehow monetise it, that's good for them (skins, tools, could be microtransactions, new realms as DLC)

- Minecraft is more than just a game. It's a bunch of marketing deals. They have toys, such as LEGO, plush... #40.1
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Well, not saying I agree with Paprika, but you could use Rare as a measure.

After Perfect Dark on the 360 how many of Rare's old IP have they developed?

Rare had tonnes of AAA IP when MS bought them, and not only have Rare not developed those, but the new IP they did create (Viva Pinata, Kameo, Ghoulies) have disappeared too. Instead they have been making mostly Kinect shovelware

So I don't think there is any guarantee that Mojang wi... #2.1.1
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Resource dedicated to the long promised modding API would be top of my list!!

Having all mods play together nicely would be epic. #32.1
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Seems weird to pay that much.

Is Minecraft worth 2.5billion?

It may have sold 100 million on PC, but would Minecraft 2 do the same sort of numbers? I'm not sure as, Minecraft + mods is more than enough for most people.

So what else might Mojang have up their sleeve? Their track record is not great. Canned games and a mediocre card game is about it - no indication that lightning will strike twice and Mojang will have another Minecraft si... #33
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