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Who is this 'we' you talk of? Most people seem to be looking forward to it, but no one is 'too excited'. #4
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Yeah, this has been my biggest concern about the XB1.

I got a 360 on Day1, and bought my last game for it in early 2009. After that it was completely redundant to me.

I also disliked MS ditching the original XB after only 4 years. #11.1
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Don't give up your day job. #4.2
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Journey would beg to differ.

As would Demon's Souls.

Both had other players dropping in / out of the world seamlessly.

There are plenty more examples.

You appear to have swallowed the MS PR BS around the cloud. Care to explain exactly why it's so hard to do on Sony platforms? Or link devs who have said it?

Or is this just a case of MS told you, and you actually have little knowledge of how hard / ea... #7.1
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"To be honest though, why does everything need to be 60? Games are perfectly playable at 30 with no real lag."

It depends on the game. In fast moving games like driving or FPS, 60fps does make a difference to me. In most other games / genres it doesn't matter so much. #5.2
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You're kidding.. Someone should step in and stop that sort of behaviour... I thought only MS was allowed to improve their tools!!

/s /jk #9
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A console version relies on two things...

1. The PC version of Star Citizen ever gets finished

2. The dev team don't drown swimming in their pools of money #13
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You can't tell me that they can tell me but can't make me do something! :) #10.1.1
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Single player / co-op mash-ups are going to be the new 'thing' this gen.

Very much looking forward to this game. The original is still one of my favourite open world games. #6
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I was hoping for better AI, more innovative game play and experiences... So far all I've got is a pissing contest about 1080p / 60fps #7
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It's where people pay to test someone else's game... With no guarantee the game will ever be finished or improve. #1
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You can't tell me what to do!! #10
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Cool, I'm very much hoping for a BBC Micro version :) #1
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The author may be the only person in the world who will miss this. #6
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The number of times I have been leading in a close race, heard the Blue Shell approach, slammed on the brakes and let an opponent take the hit... I wouldn't change a thing about the Blue Shell. :)

People who complain about Blue Shell tend to be those (in my opinion) who expect to be able to get out front and just win. Mario Kart is a great balance of skill and luck. Outright skill won't allow you to win every time. #5
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I think DOTA2 would have higher viewing figures if they changed the format.

LoL is much more accessible and professionally done. It's easier to follow on Twitch. There's also much more focus on the personalities in the teams, which helps drive support and competition among fans

I tend to find I miss matches for DOTA2, and really only tune in for the TI every year, and watch other bits adhoc. It feels a bit like Valve can't decide if they want t... #6.2.1
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Not really.

I absolutely suck as MOBA's, and have never played an online match. I don't have the commitment to become good at it. Same for League and Smite.

But I like watching them from a skill, and competitive point of view. I still lose track of what the hell is going on at times :) - but I have found that certain play styles of teams appeal to me, so I support them, which adds more enjoyment. #4.1
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IMHO Sennheiser produces the best headsets for gaming. Forget Turtle Beach and Astros... I've tried them all and always come back to Sennheisers.

I'm currently using the PC360's and they are fantastic, and basically the same model as the G4ME ONE's reviewed here.

One thing the article doesn't clearly point out is that the G4ME ONE are intentionally open backed to let noise out / in (and in my opinion give superior sound quality).
... #1
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When journalists ran out of real news and needed to make up stories. #17
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Pointless argument. Author has added 2+2 and got 5 #6
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