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I don't understand the negativity about the whole intentionaly cut content in MGSV.

A developer has X amount of budget and Y amount of time to make a game. MGSV was already delayed. It seems much more likely that any content that was cut was due to limitations of X and / or Y.

If MGSV was an 8 hour game with no replayability, then yeah, lets rip Konami / Kojima a new one. But I finished Chapter 1 after putting in about 30+ hours and was satisified with th... #8
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The important question is not how does it compare - but is it fun?

Is it a good game? Will it be value for money?

If you don't find it fun, that's fair enough - but judging how good a game is by comparing it to something 10 years old seems pointless to me. #11.2.2
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You can tell that just from the beta? Does it really have so little content and so many problems that an article titled 'Star Wars Battlefront will be a disaster' is justified and true?

It may not have everything that the old Battlefront had, but that's no reason to call it a disaster. It's narrow-minded to make such a ridiculous comparison. I measure games in how much fun I get from them - not how they stack up to a game I haven't played in many many year... #11.1.2
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I remember the good old days when new games were greeted by excitement and anticipation.

What with all the pixel counting, pissing contests, click-bait, naysayers and trolls it can be hard to remember this is supposed to be an enjoyable, fun, hobby. #11
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So what you're basically saying jmc8888 is there's been a tonne of scope creep. That goes back to my original statement that it appears this is turning into an auteur project with little control in place.

It doesn't really matter if the vision has grown 5-10x - someone needs to control the milestones, the project and the budget. You mention that games like this should take 4-5 years. I don't dispute that - what I dispute is that people like you and I have to... #6.1.3
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As a backer of Star Citizen, who has so far played nothing but a glorified and underwhelming demo - I'd like to know what the money is being spent on.

It seems like this may be yet another 'auteur project' where the guy at the top answers to no one but himself, and as a result, is not making best use of the money or listening to advice.

The game is delayed. The goalposts have been moved and changed. So far there's nothing to counter what these... #6.1
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I don't understand why they didn't do HD versions or remasters of the old games.

Why waste money creating this junk, when they could have slapped HD textures on THPS2 and called it a day while watching the money roll in! #3
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What a ridiculous comment.

Do you only watch a movie once because the experience is tarnished cus you know what happens?

The great thing about Until Dawn is that the experience changes on multiple play-throughs. Knowing that some characters are more integral to the story does not diminish the experience for me.

I've played through the game twice, and enjoyed it just as much both times. Will definitely be playing it again #2.1
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Same here. I'm on my second playthrough of Until Dawn, and will probably go through it a third time (need to see if I can save all the characters) before getting MGSV. #28.2
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Same here. I'm on my second playthrough of Until Dawn, and will probably go through it a third time (need to see if I can save all the charcaters) before getting MGSV. #28.1
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I've already said I really liked this game, but I agree with woutervanjel.

The writers seemed to throw the kitchen sink at the story to try and cater to as many horror fans as possible... Slasher / Psycho that veered into Torture Porn, supernatural, and ended up at 'The Descent'.

I felt that if it focused more on the relationships of the characters and stuck with the slasher / psycho story I would have liked it even more. #14.1.2
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I just started my second playthrough.

I'm intentionally making different choices to see who survives this time. I'm already seeing a few different things happen.

Really enjoying this game. I hope we see Supermassive make another in this genre / style. #1.1.1
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I am really enjoying it, but glad I didn't pay full price. It is a bit repetitive.

Slightly off-topic - I wonder how Mad Max sales have been hit by the people claiming they will never buy another Warner Bros game after the Batman AK fiasco on PC???

I always assume it's a lot of hot air when people say stuff like that. Hope the game does well enough for a sequel. #14
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I always thought it would be sensible to have different versions of CoD represent different eras.

CoD Advanced Warfare... Future combat (50+ years from present day)

Modern Warfare... 2000 to present day

Plus a historical series going back to WWI and specific wars such as Vietnam, Cold War etc.

Unfortunately everything seems to be gravitating towards future / near future in CoD - I assume because focus groups told them that... #3
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Congrats to CDPR.

And I hope the industry learns a lesson that if you create a good quality game with no DRM or cynical DLC, gamers WILL reward them with a purchase.

WarnerBros could do with taking a long hard look at how they handled Arkham Knight in comparison to Witcher 3. #12
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Hmm, let's see. Rare Replay, Halo MCC and Dead Rising 3 to name only three games that came on disk but needed huge downloads to get the most out of them (or even be playable).

Most games come with Day 1 patches now, and some are huge.

I don't see the problem in Nintendo going digital only, or cart based + download for the next console.

People are getting used to large downloads. Some iPad / Phone games are well over a GB. Plus, if... #1.16
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I take the opposite view... With most sites racing to be the first out the gate with half-assed reviews, I would prefer a site to take their time.

The article (in the very first paragraph) makes it clear why they have not posted a review... They wanted to check the multiplayer side under real conditions.

The more interesting question is... If IGN are holding back the Gears review because of testing multiplayer, why didn't they do the same for MGSV's o... #1.1.1
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It's interesting that Gamespot praise the story and the telling of it so highly while IGN say it is lacking.

Both gave it a 10/10, but I wonder where the reality lies when it comes to story.

Something I've not seen addressed is how tight the micro-transactions are. How quickly does in-game money accumulate versus paying to open stuff up. Also, what disadvantage might I be at if I don't spend money on my FOB and it gets raided. Are we basically ta... #25
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No, it doesn't highlight an issue with company culture.

Anyone who has worked in a corporate environment, especially for a large well known company, knows to keep their mouth shut.

He screwed up.

Just because entitled video game fans think every move of a company should be transparent, that's not the reality. Some stuff needs to be, and should be kept behind closed doors. #2
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It's more of a tragedy that I received an email this morning (release day!) from Amazon UK telling me that there had been an 'unexpected delay' and I won't get a copy until the 10th!

If they ran out of stock I suspect they would have known a few days ago. To not inform me until release day is crap. I preordered as soon as Rare Replay was announced.

I cancelled my order. Will get it from another retailer. No trust in Amazon any more, it's n... #9
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