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Which HOTAS did you go for?

I want one that's good for Elite and SC, but can't decide #6.2.1
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Hold on hold on... So what's this saying; Azure isn't the silver bullet of cloud gaming? Now we're waiting for DeLorean...... #8
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That is a really awesome feature. I have been considering a 2nd DS4, but the price seems a little prohibitive #1
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I am excited about this game and Elite: Dangerous. But it would be nice if we had more concrete release dates.

I want to buy a HOTAS to play these games!! #6
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What does level cap matter when you're having fun?

I don't get this attitude of 'race to level cap'. If the game gives me value for money and fun I don't care.

I played WoW for years and rarely hit level cap because I was just having fun exploring and rolling new characters. #3.3
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I would highly recommend going in to Destiny assuming that the level cap will be raised at some point. It will probably coincide with later expansions.

It will also be dictated by how fast the community hit level cap. #1.3.1
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I imagine Sony are mildly concerned, because when all the data you have projects that you will sell X amount, and then you sell double that or more, you have to start figuring out how you got your figures so wrong and why.

You also have to look at strategy... Will these numbers continue? If so, will we have to gear up more factories for the holiday period.

What if the console is peaking too early and we produce too much stock?

Do we have the... #12
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That's not even close to what I said.

There's a world of difference between calling someone out, and what is going on here - and if you think what any party is doing is 'just' then you're just as bad.

There's nothing just about one side doxing someone, harassing friends who have nothing to do with the issue, and posting naked pictures, just because someone pasted a broken heart story that made a bunch of claims that someone got benefit... #7.2.1
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No matter how horrible she may be, and guilty of exploiting the system. No one deserves to have their personal details posted online, or naked pictures (no matter how stupid it is to take them in the first place) and be harassed like this.

Also, if this wasn't about sex and her being a woman - then why are we seeing so little vitriol aimed at the people she supposedly influenced?

The act of sex doesn't automatically make someone write good things in... #3.1.2
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I'm not saying we shouldn't debate the ethics of any industry. Gaming, movies, music or otherwise. And at times people should be called out for wrongdoing if there is indisputable proof.

But are you really suggesting the level of reaction she has received is proportionate to the alleged action?

And that all this stemmed from ex-boyfriend with an axe to grind.

It's not right for anyone, male or female to sleep their way to the top... #7.1.1
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Yeah, sad days when most of the gaming news has little to do with games.

Does anyone know any hidden coves of the internet where people actually chat about what makes the games they like great? And can have debate that doesn't devolve in to name calling?

I'm getting tired of the amount of negativity I'm seeing in the name of gaming, but is really just for generating clicks and noise.

Oh, but lets not forget... my gaming platform... #1.2
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It's only journalists that are trying to generate hype.

I'm seeing high-expectation and excitement among my fellow gamers for many of the games listed - but not 'dangerous overhype' #12
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This is hardly unusual for the industry, and many entertainment industries.

How many reviews are biased by marketing money.

How many reviewers / journalists act like they are more interested in being pals with the superstar devs than actually reporting real news

How many developers have switched their publisher based on money exchanging hands.

How many press events are put on by publishers, and attending journalists given loo... #3.1
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I find it interesting that so many issues on the internet, that are deemed 'hostile', get reacted to in an equally hostile way.

One side cannot see that what they are doing is just as bad as the original action.

Should Zoe's dirty laundry be aired in public... No. There's no public interest angle here.

Is the reaction of the internet to these claims against Zoe right.. No

Is the reaction of the people reactin... #7
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With the fickle console market Bungie will definitely need to keep things fresh.

However, we shouldn't underestimate the power of collecting pointless loot with almost negligible stat improvements :) - The amount of time I have sunk in to Diablo 3 on PC for no reason is ridiculous.

I also put a stupid amount of time in to the Alpha and Beta - and that had one area (until they opened the moon at the end), a low level cap and barely any loot. #3.2
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Excellent... We pay almost double the price for next-gen games, and get less features.

At least the graphics are shiny to validate that high price eh!? <cough> PC games look better and are cheaper <cough>

This gen is starting to annoy me...

I got bored of Forza 5 quickly as so much was DLC, and there was a lack of tracks / cars. It was just HD graphics and nothing new.

inFamous was good for one play through as th... #10
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Yep, same here. EA have gained £19.99 out of me for these games, whereas they would otherwise have got zero. #34.1
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"I think we are more comprehensive than any other console on the market right now"

Very true, they are being comprehensively beaten by Sony

/jk #4
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Not surprising.. How many games do Valve actually release... I imagine their devs spend the afternoons sipping cocktails and swimming in their vast pools of DoTA money :) #1
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£19.99 for unlimited access to 4 games I have never played!

Yeah, Thanks for NOTHING EA!!


I've already got £19.99 worth of value out of those games, and I only signed up a few days ago. #31
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