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Guess I should have put the /s tag on! :)

Thought it would be more obvious as Fallout 4 has been released. #16.1.2
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WHAT!? Fallout 4 doesn't have MP??????? That's it! Pre-order cancelled.

Disgusting Bethesda, just disgusting. #16
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This was my most anticipated game on the original XBox. Such a shame it was canned.

I hope WiLD is kinda the spiritual successor. #1
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I think this game is much more in the vein of Minecraft. People set their own objectives and goals. And if they see some cool and mysterious stuff as they fly / walk around that will add to the immersion.

I can understand people wanting more of a narrative and it wouldn't surprise me if there are some things in the game that drive players to discover more about the game universe (like monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey) #8.1
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As excited as I am for this game I am also keeping my expectations grounded. It's impossible to tell if it has enough gameplay to keep me engaged long term. #9
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There are plenty of movies that have slightly different cuts for different markets. And that often means stuff is removed.

There are tonnes of anime where changes are made to the scripts when brought over to the West so that they are a better cultural fit.

No one wails and gnashes their teeth for the most part.

And yet somehow when it comes to games it's a case of 'Oh won't you think of the poor tor... #1.2.3
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No worries. I wasn't criticising

It's a well written article even if I don't agree with it all :) #3.1
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Censorship has been going on in gaming for years. Long before SJW's (whatever that actually is) became the go-to reason to blame for anything getting changed in a game.

Suggesting boycotting a game because of the removal of a butt-slap by a character wearing next to nothing is utterly ridiculous.

This seems more likely to me that the Western video game market has started to mature beyond pointless titillation in some games.

Also, this who... #1.2
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I can see where Fireseed is coming from. The title suggests there's an official response.

If the title was 'An Opinion on the "Do not censor... butt-slap"' it would remove the ambiguity. #2.1.1
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"We'll really wait and see how big the market is going to be"

That's got to be the worst sentence anyone coming to market with VR hardware wants to hear.

It's a self-defeating argument... If the big players don't come to the market (because they're waiting to see how big it gets), then the market doesn't get big enough and the hardware dies a slow lingering death.

I'm not saying VR is going to suffer this... #2
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Shame so many missed out on it. It's a fantastic game.

As soon as I finish it I'll be moving on to Fallout 4 on PC.

I can understand that MS wanted a title to give XB1 gamers a title like Uncharted, but Tomb Raider has always been a game I associate with PlayStation. #21
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It's a weird situation. Obviously publishers want us to buy the games - but many have review embargoes that are same-day as launch.

That strikes me as odd, as word of mouth for a good review can only help sales.

There are only two reasons to have embargoes; to stop spoilers and to ensure pre-orders and Day 1 sales are still cashed-in if the game turns out to get horrid reviews. Most likely the latter in many cases unfortunately.

I reme... #7
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Lol. Someone cut and paste from the first response from a Google search!

FMV, in relation to video-game cutscenes is simply that they use pre-recorded actors rather than mo-cap. #1.1
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Chris Roberts has already said that the studio has additional investors other than the crowdfunding, but won't go into who they are or how much it adds (which is not unusual for a company).

So we don't actually know the total budget beyond the 93+million.

As for accounting for every dollar... The devs have already stated that every ship in the game costs them between $35,000 - $150,000 to produce, which seems ridiculous to... #2.1.5
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Fallout Shelter was never the best mobile game of the year. Not by a long way.

It has the whimsy of Fallout, but it's a very mediocre mobile game. #21
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I agree. At some point they need to stop selling yet more new spaceships for over $100 and campaigning for more money and lock down the requirements / features. #2.1.3
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I agree that because of Kickstarter the development progress needs to be a bit more transparent. But I honestly think that no one at CIG has a clue when the game will be done.

I'm already sensing feature creep.

Also, Chris Roberts is a bit of an auteur, and with no publisher looming over him with deadlines there is a chance that his 'vision' will continue to grow. #13.1
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Chris Roberts, the designer, is a bit of a legend when it comes to space games.

Back in the day he made genre-defining games that had knock-on impact on the whole industry.

Part of the problem why some may think this looks like a generic space game is because so little has been shown in 3+ years. We know there are grand ambitions and a passion to release something a bit different (if you closely follow the development) - but as a backer I am concerned that th... #9.1
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The line is different (or non-existent) in every one of the situations you list.

You seem to be alluding to Nintendo setting the Western world on some slippery slope of censorship. Which is ridiculous.

In this specific situation, Nintendo has decided to ask the dev to change the outfit because of a reason we do not know.

It could be (as I suggested) that it is less hassle to have one build for the West rather than specific for territories th... #6.1.3
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I think you're overblowing this.

Nintendo can make any changes they want to a game. As far as I know there was no pressure on them to do so. They are acting according to a set of corporate values they have in the West.

Chances are they asked for the change because some territories where they sell the game has more strict laws on depicting kids in a sexualised way, so instead of creating multiple versions for the West they went with one standardised buil... #6.1.1
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