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I've done this a few times. It's pretty easy.

If you're going to grind crash sites in one system you only need repair Launch Thruster and Pulse engine to get the ship up and running, then head to the next crash site and repeat.

To fix those two components I found I only need 6 Carite Sheets (300 iron to make), 200 Heridium, and 20 Zinc

Iron and Heridium is stuff I can get in about 5-10 mins from pretty much every planet, and...

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Did ICO or SotC have the best framerates or controls... Did I care? Have I ever cared in the multiple times I have played both of those games?

ICO was pretty much overlooked when it first came out, and yet here we are getting reading to watch Last Guardian get burned to the ground because of hype.

As long as the game has the soul of ICO / SotC I'll be happy.

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Yeah, two of my old fave titles. Really need a proper sequel to Evil Genius, it was an awesome game.

Prison Architect is one of the best management games I have ever played on PC. The UI looks like it works really well on consoles.

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Whilst Rift will eventually do room scale it looks like it may be just as much 'hassle' as Vive. Jason Rubin stated it will need an additional sensor, which I would imagine will need mounting high up to give a view of the floor (like the Vive).

I set my Vive up today, and although having to mount the two sensors was a bit of a pain, once done it has been trouble free. I was pleasantly surprised that the set up was actually much easier than many reviews made out. ...

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The PS4.5 is just a PS4 hardware refresh - similar to what we see every generation.

It'll have zero impact on gaming.

It will likely add an updated BD drive and be geared toward allowing playback of 4k video content. At best.

Maybe, just maybe it will add a hardware scaler to upscale current gaming content to 4k (not the same as allowing native 4k) - but I think that's unlikely.

Releasing a 'VR focused' PS4 wo...

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I'm bored of the US settings. Move it somewhere else.

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Good spot.

Now you mention it, I recall at the end of the intro it does mention something about Europe.

Yeah, I guess a new area would have been nicer - but if I hadn't seen this article I wouldn't have thought I was playing the same map as FC4.

Ah well. No big deal. The map still feels different to me and the foliage and other geographical changes make it look different too.

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Your loss.

I think it's cool they based the game on the same area and I don't think it's laziness at all.

The intro that counts down from modern day to 10,000BC is a big hint that this is the same place set in a different time.

I'm really enjoying the game. It's definitely Far Cry, but it feels a bit different.

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No one is saying it's the best thing ever. Just that it is underrated.

I preferred the hand to hand combat in Mad Max over Batman. The car combat gets better after a few upgrades. I guess the devs had to make the initial cars handle like boats otherwise the upgrades would not have been significant enough.

I liked the story. It was every bit as interesting as the recent movie reboot. Which is to say that it was simple, stupid fun.

While Ba...

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I did a 40 episode playthrough on YouTube and loved almost every minute.

I think a lot of reviewers saw it was open world and just gave it a generic score without bothering to immerse themselves in it.

The dynamic between Chum and Max is great. There are a few stand-out moments in the story. The combat is never less than ridiculously satisfying. Sure some of the things were tedious if you wanted to 100% the game (like minesweeping), but overall it was a blast...

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Killer app
Developer support

If VR hits any two of those three, then it'll be OK. I have some doubts it will do that, but we shall see, and I hope to be proved wrong.

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I don't think either console had a particularly good year for exclusives.

Bloodborne and Until Dawn were good, and so were Rare Replay and Rise of the Tomb Raider, but I played on my WiiU and PC more than XB1 and PS4.

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You know what the best thing to do is... Sit back, relax, and just wait for the game to launch.

All this speculation, doom-mongering and hyperbole does no good. It changes nothing.

If the game launches and it's a masterpiece - awesome, SquareEnix will get my money. If it's trash then I'll vote with my wallet, and the community can go back to asking for a proper FFVII remake for the next 20 years.

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Click the little + sign under the 'Read Full Story' link above.

Doesn't remove them from the front page but does register a vote for them... No sure what, if anything, N4G does with the negative votes tho!

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Just when people started to think SquareEnix had turned a corner!

We must have all been crazy to think that SE would actually give the fans what they wanted... A Remaster of FFVII.

Now they are confusing things by saying there will be 'Episodes', and each will give a unique experience.

It does not bode well...

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And still no price...

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We all know the saturation point will only come when EA think they have bled every last drop of money from gamers wallets.

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I haven't had chance to play much yet (only around 40mins), but on my PC it seems to OK, hovering around 60 with dips into the high 50's at 1080p.

My rig is...
Asus Strix GTX980
Core i7 4770K @ 4.2GHz

I prefer lower res and higher details. I've only had a quick look at the settings, but all are set to max (Very High), except for LOD which is High.

Once the action ramps up I could see drops into the...

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Guess I should have put the /s tag on! :)

Thought it would be more obvious as Fallout 4 has been released.

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WHAT!? Fallout 4 doesn't have MP??????? That's it! Pre-order cancelled.

Disgusting Bethesda, just disgusting.

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