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Yeah, I had to read that line a couple of times to work out what the hell it meant. :)

To be fair though - it is just a typo for spine, and auto-correct wouldn't pick it up... But that's no excuse for not proof-reading. Especially as the entire 'article' is no more than 5 sentences. #1.1
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For me, I was expecting more of the power of the consoles to be put in to providing better AI, more destructible or changing environments, better physics, and not just prettier graphics. Next gen game play is enabling the designers to do stuff the previous generation couldn't do - so things like map destruction / deformation on a huge scale and in real time.

What we've ended up with is a decent graphics jump and little else. AI still seems fairly dumb, environment... #2.2
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No arguments from me. Great game #2
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I doubt Sony are too bothered. This has generated massive publicity for them just before Christmas.

I've barely heard anything in the mainstream press about the XBox1.

There's no way Sony could have avoided scalpers, but if they had wanted a fairer system, they would have allowed people to register interest a week or so before - then drew names out of a hat. #12
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Glimmer farming in the exclusion zone...

https://www.reddit.com/r/De... #1.1.2
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Retailers price gouging is disgusting. It may be the basic laws of supply and demand, but it still feels wrong for some major retailers to be adding 50%+ on to the RRP. #2
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Critics have been telling devs to go fuck themselves and harsher stuff for years. I have no problem with devs fighting back.

Similar with this whole Tekken issue. A load of people start whining and the dev cuts the character from the US version. Perfect response.

There's a difference between destructive and constructive criticism. Devs need to be big enough to take both sides of criticism - but their response to constructive criticism should be more m... #18.3
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I had that exact same thought. I don't know about the latest units. I got my XB1 about 5-6 months back, and it needed the patch

Day 1 patches plus DDoS of certain servers could be a disaster. #4.1.1
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I get the feeling a lot of kids will be unwrapping their XB1's and PS4's this Xmas holiday, excitedly plugging them in and finding online gaming unavailable...

Seems the frequency of these DDoS attacks is increasing in the lead up to the holidays, and Lizard Squad have no agenda other than trolling for their own amusement.

Along with GamerGate, broken games, delayed games, mediocre over-hyped games, lack of AAA titles, and DDoS attacks - 2014 has been... #4
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I get what you're saying, and I largely agree. The bar should be high.

But the problem I see with this, is that Bungie give us very few useful tools to forge the alliances with other people who really want to complete Raids.

For example, I can play basic Strikes and get grouped up. And if at the end of it there's someone who played well I could add them, but it doesn't feel right to me - I don't like the idea of clogging up my... #4.2
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There's a large dollop of hyperbole in my statement for sure. :)

Yeah,the memories will be there, but it's more how the reimaginings become the norm. So if you talk to some kids about Transformers, their relationship with it started with the Michael Bay films, not the original comics from way back or the 80's cartoon movie. And it's even worse when you show them the older / original stuff and they say they are rubbish and prefer the new :) It may not destroy... #3.1.2
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Hmmm, 'reimagining'. Normally those words would strike dread in to me! Reimagining Transformers. Reimagining Ninja Turtles.

Normally I equate reimagining with destroying the good memories from when I was young!

Fingers crossed Ratchet and Clank will survive the reimagining unscathed. I could handle a fresh take on the story. But I'd hate to see an edgier, or more child-friendly take on the duo. #3
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I dunno if Bungie are trolling us by doing this.

They omit to put LFG functionality in the game, but acknowledge a website dedicated to providing that service.

I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, considering that we need to exit the game to experience the story... Why not exit the game to find a group. May as well strip out a load of other stuff too... Exit the game to read the stats of your weapon / armour. Exit the game to choose a mission....
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Xenoblade Chronicles looks like it'll scratch the JRPG itch for a while.

Also, wasn't there (yet another) rumour about an Earthbound for Wii U. Something like this months GameInformer stating Eathbound Forever will come in 2016

We know StarFox is coming as well, and before Zelda.

I kinda miss the old style Nintendo games, but for me they still provide enough 'traditional' games compared to their rvials to not dismiss them. I... #10.1
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Yeah. I was on the fence about the Wii U for a long time. But as soon as Mario Kart 8 arrived I bought one. Going through the back catalogue has been great. ZombiU, Mario 3D, Pikmin, Bayonetta 2... All really great stuff. #9.1
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Even with the botched Battle Mode, it's still better than the mediocre stuff we've seen for the most part of 2014.

I played the free weekend of Sunset Overdrive, and am intending to buy it soon - but what I saw was not GoTY material.

LBP3... Not tried it and no intention to until it's budget priced. I played 1 and 2 on PS3 to death and built tonnes of levels and machines - I loved it. I played a fair bit on Vita too. It doesn't seem to me l... #1.1.2
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Mario Kart 8 should easily be a contender for a GoTY.

Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 are both extremely solid.

My Wii U is currently getting a lot more use than my PS4 or XB1. I wouldn't put a single exclusive game from either of those consoles in the top 5 of any GoTY contender list #1.1
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I am a big fan of this game, and have been playing at least once or twice a week. Probably clocked up 75+ hours.

I know it has huge flaws, and terrible storytelling - but I like the game play, and the repetition doesn't bother me (I also play MMORPG's, and Diablo 3 - so grinding for gear is nothing new) - but I was hopeful the DLC would start to flesh the story out, and address some of the criticisms.

But this DLC is a joke. In fact, it's an ins... #1.4
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"Repetition is not necessarily a diminishment of fun"

The fun in the repetition comes from having better gear or doing things more efficiently.

If I do a Strike the first time I have little clue what to do, and I may be too low level so wipe a lot. But I get better, I level up, I find new gear.

I do the Strike again. I get killed less. I play more efficiently. My team coordinates better. I get better gear and rewards.
... #6.6
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I'm not a hater. I still play destiny at least once a week.

The truth (for me) is that the game is not exactly boring - but it is repetitive.

It's a grind, and one that is almost pointless, except to get slightly fancier looking gear with slightly higher stats.

But I still play it and enjoy it.

If people don't like that repetition, then they are well justified to call the game boring.... #5.3
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