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The Taken King digital upgrade is £39.99 in the UK, which is $63

Even factoring in VAT the price is still absurd. #2
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The weird thing is, I thought the whole idea of Bungie leaving MS was they would become independent and retain more control over their IP.

But it seems clear Bungie did a deal with the devil, and that 500mill over ten years spend that Activision promised comes with a LOT of strings attached.

Bungie should have known this up front - so I blame them as much as Activision. They'd have to be stupid to think that Activision was not a money grubbing company.... #21.2
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I think Bungie are in for a surprise when the digital edition of Taken King launches.

I bought the original two expansion deal as a pre-order when Destiny launched. Many people I've spoken to did the same - we all had faith in Bungie. So no matter how disappointed we were with those 2 expansions - we were locked in.

But after many months of defending the game, I am done with it. $40 is too much - but as I'm in the UK they are charging us £39 -... #19
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Yup, same here. Crazy pricing. #8.1
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I was one of those that liked the game a lot.

But I'm done with it.

As cool as parts of this expansion look, I won't pay the high price, or put up with content locked behind marketing agreements and Collectors Editions.

Bungie are being arrogant, and Activision are being greedy. #2.1.3
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This is ridiculous.

We're getting a game we've wanted for a long time

They're using KickStarter as nothing more than a marketing gimmick to raise awareness and gauge interest

All this 'shady'crap, all these conspiracies. Find something better to do than create negativity... like y'know, play games #83
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Makes sense. Gaming journalism is so negative and toxic these days that any small answer they give would be blown out of all proportion.

Also means we don't have to wade through a hundred articles as sites write one article per answer given!! #13
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Ah, so the negative Shenmue III articles started to seep out like puss from a septic wound!

Let's wait and see before we start complaining about the lack of transparency on the budget.

It's already been confirmed that there's some Sony backing behind this game, who knows what other investors are in place.

We should also remember that the original budget for Shenmue was high because there had never been a game like it. It was open... #3
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Not sure if trolling or just didn't watch the demo properly

The demo showed about three or four techniques for taking down the enemy. Shooting arrows. Blowing a weapon off the back of the dino so that it could be used by the player. Shooting ropes to tether the dino to the ground causing it to fall over...

Even from the short demo, it was clear this is quite a tactical combat game. It reminded me of Monster Hunter in the way the player needs to watch fo... #9.1
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What a kill joy!

Gaming is supposed to be a fun and exciting activity.

"Let's be reasonable, rationale (sic), logical"


The way I see it, we have awesome games to play now, and E3 confirmed we'll have awesome games to play over the next 1 to 3+ years.

We finally saw Last Guardian, and it appears to have everything that made ICO and Colossus great. And it will be out within 18 months.
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I loved that after the announcement KickStarter went down under the load. :)

Having played both Shenmue I and II when they released, it'll be nice to close out the story.

For those who never got to play the originals, I hope the Stretch Goal for the Shenmue I and II cinema shorts really capture everything about the story.

EDIT: The Kickstarter FAQ page states Shenmue I and II rights are still held by Sega. If Sega are smart they will see... #22
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Considering Shenmue I and II were known to have cost a fortune for Sega (and was one of the reasons Shenmue III was never made on Dreamcast) I too thought 2million seemed low.

However, we don't know if Sony or other investors are also fronting some money behind the scenes.

There's a bit of public perception and marketing at work here - 2million is a realistic amount, so if they blow past it, they can use it as a positive marketing tool 'We'... #14.1
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How to fix Ark low FPS??

Simple.. Wait until the devs optimise the game!

Getting less than 30FPS at Med/High settings on a GTX980 needs more than a few end user tweaks in the settings #1
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Yeah. Dragging out Pele and spending so much time on incremental changes to their annual sports titles was really boring.

It was such a corporate show. Full of boring suits.

NFS looked fun though. And Star Wars Battlefront lived up to expectations. #1.1
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Before the XB1 launched no average consumer knew there was a performance difference. And most still don't know or care.

The reason PS4 is outselling XB1 to the majority of average gamers is about the strength of the PlayStation brand.

MS are trying to stop the bleeding in any way they can, and one way is by competing with PSNow (just look at their move to VR with Oculus, and HoloLens, and an Elite controller for the harcore... They are betting on everyth... #12.1.2
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I think in this case it's far more likely that MS are desperate for people to move from Xbox360 to XB1 rather than PS4 (as the trend seems to indicate), and to have a marketing bullet point that is lower priced than an similar service by a competitor. #12.1
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What! Today was like the relaunch of XB1.

Overall I was impressed and glad I own an XB1. Now I'm looking forward to what Sony bring later for my PS4 #4
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Both PSNow and Xbox BC have their advantages, but where MS really hit it out of the park is with the price difference.

No matter how good PSNow is (and I am on the beta, so I know it's a solid service), I won't pay those prices - especially as I'm in the UK. #9
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Fallout Shelter was a nice surprise. Not a biggie, but no one expected it at all.

(Although having played it, it's a pretty ordinary casual game)

The scale of base building and crafting were surprising additions for Fallout 4.

The only way Bethesda could have really surprised everyone would have been if they announced a new Elder Scrolls game - but that was never going to happen. #2.1.2
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It was undoubtedly a great presentation. Well focused and packed with what the fans wanted to see.

To declare them 'the winner' is premature and pointless though. #2
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