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Hmm. So Nvidia apparently 'sabotage' AMD performance... But an AMD driver update magically negates some (or all) of that 'sabotage'...

Must be magic! #5
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Yeah, you're most likely right. Doesn't say much about developers integrity tho.

Not saying I'd turn down the money to support a particular manufacturer, but it still comes down to devs accepting the money or signing up for GameWorks. #6.1.1
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So Nvidia is the evil giant who is stopping AMD GPU owners having more / better detail or optimisation...

That may be so but I see one problem here...

Developers are CHOOSING to partner in the Gameworks programme.

CDProjekt Red could have used TressFX or Hairworks or something else... But chose Hairworks. I assume that was due to ease of implementation and that AMD GPU's have such a small market share at the moment that it probably made... #6
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"We might not be so easily rid of the Wii U"

Why would we want to be rid of it? Easily or otherwise!

Fantastic console.

Shame it's not selling as well as it deserves. Mainly Nintendo's fault for bad marketing and screwing the pooch towards the end of the Wii's life cycle. But if consumers want to miss out on the best version of Mario Kart to date (even considering the crappy Battle Mode), and a load of other great ga... #9
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People really need to un-bunch their underwear over this non-issue. #7
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Looks to me like Destiny finally has enough content to match what it should have launched with.

Just a shame that it cost us, the players, two expansions packs to get it there.

Now... If we could just have some story added I'd be much happier. #2
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I'll be happy with an announcement and a teaser.

20-30 mins of gameplay... No way! I'll have my eyes closed and fingers in my ears. I'm not spoiling anything!! :) #19
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I sort of agree...

I remember when I was growing up there was only excitement for new game announcements. No one whined about 'Should we be worried about game X', or 'Is game Y overhyped'.

There was a genuine enthusiasm and excitement. I think a large part of that was due to each console generation bringing something radically different...

The leap from 8bit to 16bit graphics. The monumental leap to CD's and 3D games. A... #8
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Win what? Legendary 1? Then yeah, you need a lot of cards, and will need to spend some money.

Pay 2 Be Competitive at your skill level?

Pay 2 Have Fun?

Both of those can be done for free.

Spending money will allow you to build competitive decks and more closely follow the meta - but it doesn't automatically make you a better player, and won't guarantee you wins.

It's... #3
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Great. But I'm still pissed that my Logitech G27 isn't supported by either PS4 or XB1... #1
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All the things you list are bandwagon BS. #1.1.5
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One thing we know for sure is that EA and DICE have set themselves up for a million 'downgrade' comparison articles.

I guess they should be commended for keeping the burgeoning video game journalism industry employed. #9
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Maybe in a (console) generation or two there will be a radical shift. But considering the XB1 is selling better than the 360 did. And the PS4 is selling at incredible levels, the signs are there that console gaming has a lot of life left.

I think it's incorrect to see iPad / PC cannibalising console sales. I think they can live alongside each other for the most part. I have an iPad, and I game on it a lot, but it doesn't replace my PC or PS4 or XB1 oe WiiU - they... #4
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Yeah, bit confused by this as well.

Maybe he has a complex AV set up? Or maybe having the kids login / out of various accounts could be easier on PS4? #2.1
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And yet you clicked the link and took the effort to post and call people faggots.

That's pathetic. #17.1
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In interviews I have never seen him come across as egotistical.. Although I'm not a fan of slapping the name across the box. Same with Sid Meier. I think Richard Garriott used to do it as well.

In most movie posters there are the names of many people, director, producer, actors and others. But there are some directors who take it to the next level like 'M Night Shyamalm's Piece of Crap Movie' etc.

Edit, on topic: This is very... #1.5
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Yup, you're right. Which is exciting as it means we've seen a snowy 'Hoth' style location from the original teaser. And this could indicate a desert style 'Tattooine' battlefield is also going to be included. #16.1
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Brain surgery. I can remove a blood clot with one hand tied behind my back... But can I win in Surgeon Sim 2013? No.

Stacking boxes.... Once I'm done with brain surgery I like to kick back on my pimped out forklift and stack boxes until the job is DONE... But can I finish the job in Shenmue? No, not unless I take a very specific route through the warehouse! #1
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Star Ocean 5 - YES!

Cross-gen - Eurghhh!

Publishers are still looking to wring every penny out of the last gen. Slightly disappointed by that. #59
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As long as it's cosmetic and not Pay to Win DLC, and as long as there are some free unlocks through playing the game I don't mind. #18.1
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