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I always thought it would be sensible to have different versions of CoD represent different eras.

CoD Advanced Warfare... Future combat (50+ years from present day)

Modern Warfare... 2000 to present day

Plus a historical series going back to WWI and specific wars such as Vietnam, Cold War etc.

Unfortunately everything seems to be gravitating towards future / near future in CoD - I assume because focus groups told them that... #3
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Congrats to CDPR.

And I hope the industry learns a lesson that if you create a good quality game with no DRM or cynical DLC, gamers WILL reward them with a purchase.

WarnerBros could do with taking a long hard look at how they handled Arkham Knight in comparison to Witcher 3. #12
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Hmm, let's see. Rare Replay, Halo MCC and Dead Rising 3 to name only three games that came on disk but needed huge downloads to get the most out of them (or even be playable).

Most games come with Day 1 patches now, and some are huge.

I don't see the problem in Nintendo going digital only, or cart based + download for the next console.

People are getting used to large downloads. Some iPad / Phone games are well over a GB. Plus, if... #1.16
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I take the opposite view... With most sites racing to be the first out the gate with half-assed reviews, I would prefer a site to take their time.

The article (in the very first paragraph) makes it clear why they have not posted a review... They wanted to check the multiplayer side under real conditions.

The more interesting question is... If IGN are holding back the Gears review because of testing multiplayer, why didn't they do the same for MGSV's o... #1.1.1
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It's interesting that Gamespot praise the story and the telling of it so highly while IGN say it is lacking.

Both gave it a 10/10, but I wonder where the reality lies when it comes to story.

Something I've not seen addressed is how tight the micro-transactions are. How quickly does in-game money accumulate versus paying to open stuff up. Also, what disadvantage might I be at if I don't spend money on my FOB and it gets raided. Are we basically ta... #25
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No, it doesn't highlight an issue with company culture.

Anyone who has worked in a corporate environment, especially for a large well known company, knows to keep their mouth shut.

He screwed up.

Just because entitled video game fans think every move of a company should be transparent, that's not the reality. Some stuff needs to be, and should be kept behind closed doors. #2
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It's more of a tragedy that I received an email this morning (release day!) from Amazon UK telling me that there had been an 'unexpected delay' and I won't get a copy until the 10th!

If they ran out of stock I suspect they would have known a few days ago. To not inform me until release day is crap. I preordered as soon as Rare Replay was announced.

I cancelled my order. Will get it from another retailer. No trust in Amazon any more, it's n... #9
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I hope it's better than the Witcher Board game that launched. Not the worst board game I have played - but close. Totally missed the theme and tone of the books / games #2
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A beta should be a period where people report minor problems and stress test the game.

Why someone would want to pay full price to be a QA tester is beyond me.

I suppose it's because no one actually treats the beta as a 'beta test'. It's just an opportunity to play the game a bit earlier and be on the receiving end of the bugs that people who wait to purchase won't encounter.

It makes me laugh when I see people criticisin... #2
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If you're really into sim or sim/arcade games then a wheel is a brilliant device and totally worth the money. As a long term purchase that is cross gen then I have to question worth.

Considering how Logitech are not releasing next-gen drivers for the older G27 wheel then yeah, it's a gamble buying a wheel if you intend to keep it for a long time.

Other manufacturers have got their older wheels working with the PS4 so it seems Logitech are intentional... #4
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Tenure for CEO positions in large corps averages about 8 years, but is shorter in the tech world.

It says he is off to pursue a new professional venture. If he were joining MS or any other competitor he would most likely be on 6 months gardening leave - however in this case he is staying on to oversee the handover, so I think it's unlikely he'll join MS. #4.1.3
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XBox Live, as with any online service, is not immune to hacking. It simply means it hasn't happened yet.

Also, with Xbox Live coming to Windows 10, we have no idea if that could introduce some sort of vulnerabilities to the network. I am on XBox Live (and PSN) but I am not naive enough to think that either service couldn't be hacked.

I've been on Steam for 10 years, and this is the first time I can recall hearing of anything like this since Stea... #9.5
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You really need to have played (and liked!) the Danganronpa series to get where the VR demo is coming from; or what the hell is going on!

I'd really like to see a full VR Danganronpa game - it's one of my favourite series. It could be amazing. #1.1.1
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It's kinda a sad reflection of the industry right now that I'm more excited about this release than any other 'next gen' title being launched for the rest of this year #7
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The article is slightly incorrect as although crowdfunding is not a pre-order service, there are a growing number of examples of legal action being taken against non-delivery... And not by individuals but by organisations such as the FTC in the US.

The FTC recently brought a successful case against a board game developer who took the money, lied about how the game was progressing, then cancelled the project. He ended up owing $112,000 in fines. Crowdfunding is no longer a &#... #7
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90% of the article talks about the fantastic tech job Naughty Dog are doing.

10% talks about a 'step back' in the AA implementation and 30fps cap

Get ready for an endless stream of 'downgrade' / Uncharted 4 can't handle 60fps articles to hit N4G!!! #2
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Not worth it for me.

In all the years I've been console gaming, I've only had one controller break - and that was due to spilling some drink on it.

And I don't believe that having an Elite controller is going to drastically improve my lacklustre gaming skills! #7
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Having been to MineCon I think Minecraft / Mojang are going to be fine. MS kept a very low profile at the event and it seems what they are looking to do is expand into other areas / markets while keeping the core game in the hands of Mojang. There was a huge focus on modding Minecraft and on streamers / YouTubers at the event, so all the worry that MS would clamp down in these areas appears unfounded.

So, it looks like the things that MS are looking into are educational uses... #4
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The Taken King digital upgrade is £39.99 in the UK, which is $63

Even factoring in VAT the price is still absurd. #2
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The weird thing is, I thought the whole idea of Bungie leaving MS was they would become independent and retain more control over their IP.

But it seems clear Bungie did a deal with the devil, and that 500mill over ten years spend that Activision promised comes with a LOT of strings attached.

Bungie should have known this up front - so I blame them as much as Activision. They'd have to be stupid to think that Activision was not a money grubbing company.... #21.2
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