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To answer that I think it's because no one knows who this 'peaceful majority' really is.

If the BBC wanted to get the counter opinion, who would they approach?

No one has stood up as the voice or face of GG. No one has become the identifiable centre of the organisation.

So it's easy for news sites to go to people like Quinn etc, they are a phone call and tearful interview away.

Even as a gamer who believes th... #12.1
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Yes it does discredit it. If any individual - whether they agree with Gamergate or not - has to REALLY look at what it stands for, and to do so wade through news of rape and death threats to get to the beating heart of what Gamergate thinks it stands for then you're probably doing something wrong and are discredited.

If Gamergate had an individual willing to stand up as the face of the campaign, and was promoting more discussion on topics such as ethics etc, then fair en... #1.2.5
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I'm not expecting much! :) But I am hoping what's there is more than brief cut-scenes this time.

There was another article somewhere from a dev stating they are going for a different kinda take on the story telling for the DLC. Who knows what that might mean. #4.1.1
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I really hope the story driven parts are more meaty than the base game provided.

Overall for the amount of content £19.99 price point seems expensive.

I expected at least 3 more Strikes as these appear to be the main thing to do once hitting level cap.

Despite being a supporter of Destiny and loving the game, I expected more of Bungie for this DLC. Not sure if it's the Activision influence.

The recent article where... #4
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I know where you're coming from, and I enjoy technical articles as well.

But I don't find DF providing the level of tech analysis I am interested in. In fact I think their analysis is less technical now that in previous years as it seems to all boil down to little more than frame rate graphs.

The entire last gen these DF head to head technical articles would assigns 'wins' to platforms for marginal differences that are... #1.1.4
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1. Everything

/end list #1
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Never really seen the point of DF doing a tech analysis of an exclusive game. I can use my eyes pretty well to see the game looks nice!! And I would imagine reviews would mention it if the frame rate was bad etc and it would be obvious from the hundreds of videos and play-throughs appearing..

All this really does is provide ammo to continue the 1080p/60 argument from detractors who are unlikely to play the game. #1
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I don't normally like this style of game... but after trying the demo I picked this up. it's a lot of fun. Probably one of my top games of the year.

Good to see the WiiU have a strong entry in the charts. It was a bold move for Nintendo to save Bayonetta and I'm glad it paid off. #1
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"Will Ubisofts Graphics Parity Effect What Games You Buy This Holiday Season?"

No #21
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Sony get criticised for having no games...

Sony get criticised for releasing two games in one month...

<sigh> #25
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I can see your point. I'd be happy to see a mash-up adventure game with the JetForce Gemini trio, BK, Conker, and other non-Rare characters like Blink. Throw in some Blast Corps elements and I'm sold.

Having said that. I'd also have no problem with another BK game in the style of the original two on N64... IF MS could find a dev or rebuild Rare to have the talent and the humour of the originals. It's 15 years since Banjo Tooie, and 6 since Nuts and Bolts -... #40.1
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@Knushwood Butt

Same here.

I was a subscriber for years. I liked their strict review policy. But eventually the writing style of some of their journalists got more and more self inflated and pompous. I think it was one of their older Mario Kart reviews that finally made me cancel... It said nothing about the game, and was just a load of hotair.

They may have changed for the better since, but I don't bother reading it any more. #5.1.3
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If only the WiiU was cool enough for me to buy and enjoy hours and hours of Mario Kart 8.

Damn. What a shame I only buy products based on how cool they are and not how fun they are.

/s #3.1.2
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Surprised Horizon 2 got a 7. It's probably the best driving game I've played in a long time and I would give it an 8.

Not tried Driveclub yet.

An 8 for Destiny seems right to me. #3
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Classic case of someone who should have walked away from their computer, got some fresh air, calmed down, and then decided whether or not threatening the founder of the platform you make most of your livelihood through would be a good professional or personal move!!

Especially as it was all over what amounts to an admin error that could have been easily corrected.

I have no sympathy for this dev, his company or his future prospects in the industry. The open... #6
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I wouldn't touch Beats. They are a piece of crap compared to a good set of Sennheisers. #1.1
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I much prefer it to Forza 5. Never played Horizon 1 though - but the festival idea in Horizon 2 is very good. #1.1.1
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I was pleasantly surprised how good this game was. Would have overlooked it normally, but it was bundled in with my XB1.

At a low price it's well worth the money. The single player is great value, compared ot other recent FPS games the single player is really long. #2
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4.3 out of 5! What a fail. I ONLY buy games that score 4.5 out of 5 or higher! That 0.2 extra makes ALL the difference!


On topic. I bought this game after seeing so many rabid comments from N4G'ers saying it was excellent. And they were right, it is very good. I still don't like the DLC model they use, but the driving is a lot of fun. And the Kinect integration for the Sat Nav is brilliant and useful. #1
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But every franchise has to start somewhere. Look at ND's history. They have always taken risks by launching new IP. Then they normally do a couple of sequels and move on.

You argue that Uncharted is the ND cash-cow... But ND took the risk of launching Uncharted ion PS3 as a new IP. Why wouldn't they do the same on PS4.

For me, I'd have liked them to end Uncharted with #3 on the PS3. Fresh start on PS4 with something new. It would still sell..... #9.2
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