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You could replace Halo, 343 and MS with any combo of manufacturers devs and IP's.

People defended DriveClub / Evolution / Sony just as strongly.

People defended Nintendo's use of friend codes on the Wii

I'm pretty sure I saw some people defending Assassins Creed Unity.

This is not exclusive behaviour to XBox fans, it's universal fanboy behaviour. #1.1.3
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Performance? Really?

For me it's games.

Both consoles have a bright future. But if people are taking a really short term view, then yeah I'd agree XB1 is good for Xmas - but PS4 looks stronger in the early part of next year #1.2
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What a load of rubbish.

I own both - they are equally as good fun.

If you like counting pixels then yeah, PS4 'blows' the XB1 out of the water.

If you like playing games - then both are decent, and will get better in 2015. #1.1.1
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Take that common sense elsewhere. You're not welcome here!

It's OBVIOUSLY that only four people and a dog are still playing Destiny. Bungie are desperate. I heard their next step is to completely redefine the Pay to Play business model by giving us players money to log in.

/jk (in case it isn't clear to some people)

I think a PC port has always been on the road map for Destiny. #1.1.3
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I got my PS4 on Day 1, and had no intention of buying an XB1 until MS turned things around.

I think they've done that. Bought an XB1 a few months ago and have been playing it more than PS4 recently, and that looks to continue until early next year at least.

MS screwed up hugely, but they have at least delivered solid games this year. Sony delivered a fantastic console, but that's it. A console. I buy PlayStation for the exclusives - always have an... #7
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It's not about being 'better', it's about how the game made the player feel at that point in time versus how similar games make you feel now. Some of that is down to those old games giving us new game play types or genres or whatever, but some of it is more than just nostalgia.

For example... Super Mario 64 on the N64... I tried playing it recently and whilst it is still good, there are many aspects that are clunky and have been surpassed by other games in th... #2
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As as soon as I saw 'locked' I was sceptical.

Surely they must mean capped.

Either way - what's the point!?!

If it's capped then why deny the people with high end rigs and screens that could enjoy higher fps? And if it's locked then why deny people who have lower end rigs who would prefer to sacrifice fps for increased detail / resolution #2.3
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A beta test for DriveClub would have thrown up these issues long before they took peoples money on Day 1.

Destiny's servers had almost zero issues (some login queues that were quickly fixed, but nothing broken).

It seems like common sense that for a network heavy game, you have to do more than synthetic tests. #3.1.1
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Yours is a very sensible strategy.

It's a real shame that many gamers now feel we can't trust Publishers enough dive in on Day 1 and get a) a complete game as promised, or b) a fully working game.

It's becoming far too common now to get a buggy game, or a title that has been gutted to be sold as DLC later. #3.1
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Welcome to the next-gen! :)

Where games can be shipped half finished and Day 1 patches and months of fire-fighting rule the world.

When that sweet sweet holiday money is on the line, Publishers shovel the stuff out the door and deal with the problems once the money is in the bank.

Unfortunately most gamers have short memories and are hugely forgiving when The Next Big Thing comes along.

Really, how many people are going to bo... #2.2
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That's an old and tired argument.

Last gen the PS3 was millions behind the 360 when it launched - but barring a few titles there was pretty much parity in the number of titles launched from 3rd parties. In fact even while the PS3 was catching up it was still getting a lot of Japanese exclusives (Demons Souls, Disgaea, Persona etc)

Conversely the Wii spanked 360 and PS3 but lacked third party support.

With PC, PS4... #14.1.5
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You are an idiot.

'Gays for Gold'... Seriously, that's the best you can do!

What are you, 11 years old or something? Grow up. #16.1
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I'm happier when my console of choice releases a good game. Sales figures mean nothing as long as my console of choice has sold enough to ensure 3rd party support.

Getting excited about sales figures is nothing more than vacuous validation and mob behaviour.

I own a PS4, XB1 and WiiU... Out of the three I play XB1 and WiiU FAR more than PS4 at the moment - and I was a helluva lot happier and excited when I bought Forza Horizon 2... #14.1.3
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The DLC / microtransation debate is an interesting one.

I've been gaming close to 35 years and I think we have to forget about those 'good ol days'. Where outfits and content could be unlocked with a cheat code; where DLC was non-existent and we just waited with baited breath for a sequel to get announced. Games were relatively cheap to make, there was less on the line - so you can't blame some devs for going aggressive with DLC / micro-transactions when the... #1
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I agree. The Abstergo narrative is the thin glue used to paste the Assassins Creed name on another game. #1.1
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It's been clear for some time that the 'Assassins Creed' name is being slapped on games for brand recognition, not because they are truly part of the series.

For me the proper Assassins Creed line ended with #2. Since then it's been a case of crowbarring in some semi-relevance to the original storyline whilst actually making games that really have little in common and should have been new IP or spin-offs.

Not to say they are bad games, I thou... #2
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Considering how many years I've been a huge fan of Blizz, it's only now with Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm that I realise just how unoriginal Blizz actually are as a developer.

Almost every major IP they have developed has been a refinement of, or inspired by, something that others have created and made successful.

This may sound negative, but it's really not meant to be - there's nothing wrong with trying to create the definitive version... #1
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I'm not a fan of 3D in games or movies - but I'm glad these tech things come along now and again. It's good when a company tries to be disruptive and change the market for the better. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. #4
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By the sounds of it, it is lucky for UbiSoft that they don't have a similar system to EA where games bought through Origin can be 'returned' for a full refund!

We as consumers should not be demanding apologies, they are meaningless and empty. The best thing we gamers can do is be vocal about the bugs, and vote with our wallets on future Ubisoft titles.

We shouldn't support developers / publishers who screw us over.

It seems o... #27
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