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I like it but it doesn't have that "hook" to me yet like I got with a game like halo. Just loot doesn't do it for me without a great story and what ive played in the beta is decidedly average and somewhat repetitive. The full game could be better of course.

I like the multiplayer but that's not enough for me. I may wait a bit to see how the full game shakes out before buying. #7
Imo, this list is no list without Halo. That universe is so deep and amazing #2.1
You had me at Bungie....the alpha didn't hurt either.

I'm looking forward to the beta on the 17th and the full game in september for sure. #8
He will "take a salary of $1 a year until the studio can turn a profit."

I think this is really cool and shows that he really does have a passion for this kind of stuff. #6
Nope Rockstar development pace dictates it won't be out until at least 2020. #8
I trust them a lot too but I also know you have to put or shut up at some point. I'll definitley wait until reviews are out and some 60fp gameplay is out to make a decision.

I know it's not the same level of graphics but the Halo Collection has showed multiplayer and single player gameplay 5 months out from release while we haven't seen anything from TLOU #4.1.2
I hope that's true, I just hadn't heard that news.

Thanks for the update.

I still hope they know what they're doing if superman is in the game. #7.1.1
Well, I did do that. I still will probably pass with all the great games coming out this fall.

This is a must buy if you did not play the ps3 version. #20.1.1
I think it's her daughter Cassie Cage. #1.2
It's not a slap in the face at all but I won't be getting since Destiny and NHL 15 (yep, sports game) is only a couple weeks from the release date.

If you haven't played the game, you must play that game. Top 5 game of last generation for me up there with Halo 3, Gears of War, Uncharted 2/3. #20
so stop telling us and show us. I love Naughty Dog but I feel like I'm being sold snake oil right now when the game comes out in 23 days #4
Some of those could easily be mulitplayer characters if that mode is in the game but I kinda wish they didn't shoehorn Superman in there. If they do it right, that's awesome but I've been immersed in the Arkham games as they are.

Either way, I can't wait for the game and want a date I know it will come out. #7
Hardline doesn't interest me in topic and I was also burned with BF4 at launch so I'll probably skip this. It's between COD and Evolve this year for my multiplayer game to go along with Halo. #8
I want to see if next gen is anything to write home about. I still remember playing the 2007 game with friends. I'm not too fond of the actual product but the games are quite fun. #6
Is Far Cry 3 good? From what I've heard, you either love it or hate it but if you love it, it's one of the best games last generation.

I've got too many games as it is and won't be buying anything until Destiny in September but this one is tempting. #20
The concept sounds interesting but the demo at E3 left me completely uninterested. Here's hoping they've got some time to spice it up a bit. The beta could help calm some of my fears too. #2
Yep E3 jumped this game over Dragon Age for my October purchase.

Really looking forward to it. #2
Well if this is true, no chance I buy it as I'll be headlong into Destiny and Shadow of Mordor with Far Cry 4 and a shooter coming.

Remasters are perfect for the summer months when there's nothing so this is a bit of a disappointment if true.

Although according to rumors, this game should release sometime between Friday and the end of time. #8
To be fair, it's one guy running around a map by himself.

It does look awful similar but let's wait until we see it in action rather than rush to judgement. #13.1
Ironic, isn't it?

Hopefully they both bring new takes to the FPS and especially the tired modern war FPS (remember when we were saying this about WW2 games) #7.1
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