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I'm not sure about that...the first Injustice didn't have the pros and cons tab either...I'm wondering if that's the silver age justice league game that was rumored by Rocksteady (or something similar anyway). Like an Arkham game with multiple heroes to play. #19.1
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It's not so much the main villains as the henchman. You have to find a way to fill out 10-12 hours of a story and it can't be main villain after main villain. You also need at least two different gameplay situations in my opinion (not a game designed for the record) to change it up similar to combat and predator in the Arkham games. I don't know how you would do that for superman...he's never been a stealthy character. #18.2.1
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Geeze people, read the article and informed comments above. It does not affect the balance of the game in either game mode....people are generally terrible at this point. Idiocracy here we come #28.1
You can earn every one of the items by playing the game. You can not pay an additional dime past the game cost and get fifteen free maps and all content in the game. I don't see the problem here. Let the schmucks buy req packs because it doesn't affect me in the least. #19.1
This is actually pretty cool. I may finally bite on EA Access.

While I love sports games, they've got a good collection of shooters now in BF4, PVZ and Titanfall. I kind of wish they gave you the DLC for BF4 for free but I really can't complain at the price of 30 bucks for a year. #11
It's always fun to see a new multiplayer revealed. I'm interested to see how they can refine the advanced warfare movement as I thought it could be a bit "floaty" at times. Interesting concenpt but I don't think it was fully fleshed out. It turned into a jumping fest everywhere. #3
I'm not interested unless he has a lightsaber....we all know he's better than Yoda. #2.1
Well this is tempting. I've been holding off until E3 to buy a PS4 because I didn't like any of the bundles however this one is very nice. Should I wait until E3 and see if they have any awesome new SKUs or buy this one?

I think I'm still going to wait but it's really really tempting. #5
Only one thing on this list matters to me...Batman: Arkham Knight. And you know what, if the DLC is good I'll even buy that 40 dollar season pass (though not until I get a better idea of what's coming).

Cannot wait. #5
Dream scenario for Bioware here....

1) Mass Effect Major Reveal with release this fall or early next year (by March)
2) Knights of the Old Republic III on Xbox One, PS4 and PC only releasing late 2016 (I know it's likely 2017).
3) Jade Empire remaster with new sequel teased and releasing late next year/early 2017.

The author hit all three of my wants....I'd accept a new RPG IP instead of Jade Empire but the other two are non-negotiable. #5
I hope they announce a good bundle, new colors or a price drop at E3. My launch PS4 croaked last week thanks to storms (yes I had surge protection plugged in) and I need to buy a new one.

I'm waiting until E3 in hopes of a good bundle or cool colored PS4. I'm not anticipating a price drop though. #9
Pretty obvious it's an april fools joke. It wasn't obvious 3 days ago, painfully obvious now. #11
Overreact much? They made a totally optional after fight sequence easier so everyone can enjoy doing the franchise's signature feature. If your upset about little Billy using an easier fatality on you, you ight worry about why you lost and put Billy in that fatality situation in the first place.

Just a thought #1.3
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Yes, it is. Deal with it or don't buy....pretty simple #4.1
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If you can wait that's probably the best plan for netherealm games. #1.1
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To be fair it's a year from release. there may be graphical effects not in yet.

Also that's campaign vs multiplayer.... hard to compare the two as campaign is always better looking. #2.1
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I've heard a lot of good things about this one but I've got too many games to play as it is right now including COD: AW, Halo and even WWE2k15 (yep, play it with friends a lot).

This one and Far cry 4 will go into backlog of games to be purchased when I have time. #10
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It was fun but I've only played 5-6 matches and it's already kind of stale.

Every game is run, run, run....fight the monster, it runs so you run, run, run....fight the monster, rinse and repeat.

This has Titanfall syndrome written all over it. The game is a well made game and even fun minute to minute but I don't know that there's enough depth to really keep it going. #17
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I love that armor but I don't know how I would ever beat all 4 campaigns on legendary to unlock it. I've never beaten one on Legendary as I'm more a multiplayer guy anyway.

I'll give mad props to anyone I see with it though. #10.1
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Yep, sounds like he hated it and it totally had no content.....

", the game is definitely playable, or I wouldn’t have bothered to put in 25 hours."

Right....if I don't enjoy a game, I give it 4 or 5 and then put it aside. I don't suffer through 25 unbearable hours to know I don't like a game. #12
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