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I'm sure it'll get u the attention u crave, for about 20 seconds!!!

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K3 has similar controls to COD which I prefer personally, I didn't like the heavy controls in K2

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Makes a change from mounting Microsoft!!

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The game engine is stuck in the past unfortunately!!

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I've never been charged either, strange!!

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I wish u could turn that awful click sound off every time u press the d pad!!!!

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(If true) They really don't want 360 users to install this game do they? Wonder why!! Mmmmmm

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If it doesn't bother u then why aren't u sure about getting THIS version???????

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Surely they'll use a bit more than whatever the current top end PCs have to 'futureproof' them!! (for about 12 months)

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I'd fully install every PS3 game if I could!

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Love these types of games where u can just get lost on your own for hours, well worth paying full price for imo

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Microsoft released the 360 early with a huge failure rate to get out 1st, Sony expected everybody to wait for PS3 but a lot didn't

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It's funny how the developers who call it a 'challenge' get good results and the ones who call it 'hard work' are the ones who do the bad ports! Since when was working for a living not 'hard work' for most of us!! It's down to laziness!!

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Here come the PSN HACKED AGAIN articles!!

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The last few haven't, they haven't even had manual gears!!

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Just wait till all the VS articles start!

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It means previews which means real info about graphics etc instead of rumours, quite a big deal for people who're hyped for the game!

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I'd rather have Logitech wheel support!!

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Getting an hour or so on GTAV the jammy gets!!!

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You can't review a game from a demo because it's unfinished code!! Some people just don't like anything bad being said about their precious lumps of plastic and wires and will defend their honour like it's their child or something!! Do u have shares in Microsoft?

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