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All this is is the option to buy credits instead of earning them, no biggie!! I've been playing this since yesterday and it's something special!!

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It aint the crown jewels, chill out!!!

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RUMOUR, GTAV released in 2012, RUMOUR, GTAV released in 2013, RUMOUR, GTAV next gen title!!

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I loved the old Tomb Raider, loved Uncharted and will probably love this!

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Been playing new one today, it's something special!!

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I'd fully install every PS3 game if I could!

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Got my despatch email earlier today:)

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I haven't played a perfect game free from any issues yet and doubt I ever will so these things don't concern me at all!!

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My copy was despatched today so I should be playing this tomorrow or Monday!

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Sony would've advertised cross buy for a fact, the fact that they didn't means that it obviously wasn't happening!! U should be angry at the people who posted the rumours if anybody!!

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No they didn't!!

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Can't believe people actually thought EA would give them a free new release £35 game! Hahaha

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If it was cross buy Sony would've been shouting it from the rooftops, like they have with AC3s extra 60 mins of content!

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People have read cross play to mean cross buy , I think the cross buy scheme Sony are bringing out is only on Sony exclusive games

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AC 1 was repetitive!!

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They will both be on sale for around £35 so why would there be cross buy? EA aren't going to just give u a full priced new release for free!!

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Don't forget the ludicrous mario kart f1 thing theyre making!!! Who the hell wants that game?

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I'll pass, i wasted £38 on it when it came out and sold it within a week, AI is rubbish, the weapons feel like pea shooters and the story is dull!! As for MP the cloaking ruins it!!

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Revolted? Like they do against COD every year...until they buy it day 1!!

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I want to be able to stop clicking on these awful GTAV 'articles'!!! But I can't!! STOP APPROVING RUBBISH WHOEVER KEEPS DOING IT!!!!

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