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Really? So it's not because Microsoft pay them millions of pounds then? Microsoft started this whole exclusive/ timed exclusive thing off so if 360 fanboys are angry it's their beloved Microsoft they should be angry with!

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Probably just another thing that slipped through the net!

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Never mind the death and destruction people have endured, they're a credit to their parents and their upbringing!!!

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Certain people on here are so busy disagreeing that they've no idea what they're disagreeing about!!!

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It isn't even redeemable from your Playstation or Android, PC only!!

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Free if u give them your bank details up front!!

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No point making it more powerful than Xbox720 unless everyones going to use it as lead platform, which I can't see happening, just a waste of power which will cost us more!!

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Things are set out a little better than in our eu and u got a little welcome video too but that's too be expected as our store is run by lazier people it seems!!

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It's not user friendly at all, takes ages to go into it and come out of it, searching is worse and u have to press way too many times to download something!! But as long as it looks nice I suppose eh Sony? Wish they'd add more than 4 videos a week that have already been on youtube too!!

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I hope Sony get out of the handheld market after this and focus all their time and money on 1 console!

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It won't be anywhere near the size of JC2

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U obviously can't appreciate a well written drama series!

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Sopranos overrated? Couldn't agree with u LESS!!

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When u attack everyones sexuality and use words like 'butt hurt'

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I got stuck in a doorway and had to quit game!!

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@blaze929, errr yes I am, its called Midnight Club LA!! HAHAHAHA

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I'd disagree but I don't want to make u angry, I don't like u very much when you're angry!!

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Fix what issues? Have u played the game then?

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I wish they'd start adding some videos for things, only adding 3-4 videos a week that have already been on youtube is a total waste of effort!! This weeks Access episode isn't even in HD for some reason!!! They brag about this new store then don't even bother putting certain things in it!!!

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It's a city not a race track!! There should be more cars and have people on the pavements too imo!

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