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I once read a study that found that drug dealers actually boost their areas local economy , doesn't make it right though does it?

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I must be special because I haven't ever had any issues whenever these 'articles' are posted!

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Why should they have to do the time if they do the crime? They're exempt from paying for games, morally and lawfully!! They're elite gamers for crying out loud!! They'll whine like spoilt brats if they don't get a version of a game and steal it when they do and god help you if they don't like the ending of your game!! There's nothing elite about theft, however u dress it up!!

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Just makes me want to root it even more!!!

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Not such a pointless release (like a lot of people on here said)after all

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There goes that pot & kettle again!!!

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mmmm pot, kettle!!!

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Next gen probably

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3D didn't catch on due to the expense, plain and simple and it aint going anywhere, look at any new tvs and bluray players if u disagree,NONE of them are 2D. It came too soon after Hd imo but when the price goes down you'll all have it. I love it personally

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You'll still be rewarding them with your money!

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What have they got against their fans? Seems all they do lately is make decisions that they know will annoy the hell out of them, They're well aware of how vocal they can be when angry on the forums, Is it some kind of test or a bet? Or do they just simply NOT CARE? Glad I'm not a fan although I would've considered buying a complete edition when it was cheap to see what all the fuss is about this game

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The cell phone was used well in some missions but could get annoying, I'd rather they altered it than get rid!

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I hate the player agility too, all the RAGE engine games apart from max payne move like they have piles! Just turning around requires a 3 point turn!!

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I remember the sniper rifle zoom being really awkward to use in this, hope they changed it!!

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Fifa started improving when it began copying Pes' gameplay but the shooting always feels off to me

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Max Payne is £20 at Asda

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3D gaming is A LOT better than 2D gaming! People who slate it are normally the ones who can't afford it unfortunately. 3D isn't going away, if it was the latest tvs would be going back to 2D!

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you're trying too hard!

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Your bubble will be going from 1 to 0 haha

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