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Better than Bethesda who want u to BUY them!!!

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Why should they when Microsoft do all they can to make sure 360 has exclusive content, If u want to play a Naughty Dog game, BUY A PS3 I say

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1080p and 60fps as standard, better textures and AI. Basically I expect the E3 Watchdogs gameplay footage at a minimum! BRING IT ON!!

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Have u never heard about the boy who cried wolf Mr CryWolf?

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You and people like you are why developers will continue to get away with this kind of thing!! WELL DONE!!

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Don't get attached to that last bubble! lol

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Most people will rent this if anything with Assassins creed 3, Far Cry 3 and NFS Most Wanted due out!

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How many more chances do Capcom think they're going to get? Even fanboys have a limit!!!

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It's attention seeking tripe whatever console it's on about!! (I'd like to call it worse but people are easily offended on this site for some reason)

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Who approves this attention seeking tripe?

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What's your obsession with butts? Oh sorry you can't reply can you as you've run out of bubbles!!! HAHAHA

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It's easier than doing real journalism I suppose!!

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More than 1 BILLION DOLLARS spent on a problem that the 360 fanboys still reckon never really existed?

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Sorry but I won't get into a debate with a child who uses words like 'butthurt' RUN ALONG

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Pointless title no.352!!

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It's ludicrous that Microsoft released the 360 with a massive failure rate just so they could get it out before PS3 and ripped off A LOT of parents who bought them for their kids and those same kids aggressively defend Microsoft like it's their child or something!! It's laughable!!

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Satan himself could be running it but the fanboys will still defend it like it's their child!!

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I wish I liked baseball as these games always look very well made

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Getting your tits out?

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