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They cry like children when they don't get a version of a game yet steal it when they do!! There's nothing superior about being a thief!!

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Will u repeat yourself? Probably!!

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He/She's just craving attention, poor thing must be lonely or something!

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The demo that was shown was running on PS3 so that's probably what the lead platform is, but u probably already knew that!!!

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The PS3 super slim

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I'm sure Sonys gaming division is secretly owned by Microsoft going by some of the idiotic decisions they keep making!! Why spend the next gen playing catch up again? Get out 1st and get everyone using PS4 as lead platform instead of the other way around, no more dodgy ports of multiplatform games!!

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WOW is this the best exclusive Microsoft can get these days?, with all their money!!

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They are PS3, from the demo

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Are u new to gaming? (or planet earth?)

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It's good but I was expecting something special

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mafia 2 was a HUGE disappointment to me personally

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Why would dodgy hardware stop them?, this is Microsoft after all!!

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I don't listen, I hit mute straight away!!

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Couldn't agree with you LESS!!! When they're showing the game running to the world for the 1st time they're obviously going to show it the best way they can ie on the lead platform, to show a weaker version would be idiotic!!!

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If true that makes sense, both console versions will be near identical!

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This is my ideal game!!

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I'd call it common rather than popular as it's a pain in the arse!!

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No shit Sherlock!!!

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