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Oh dear. Put away the console war gloves.

There are, of course, going to be limitations with a game this big on current gen consoles. But playing before they can release any updates, capture cards, and YouTube can also contribute to it not looking as good.

Wacky idea, try waiting and playing it yourself before pre-judging?

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Good lord. Using ATM's and having a debit card in game? I wonder if we have to stand in the bank queuing for hours on end, filling out the paperwork to open the bank account?

Seriously this game looks so detailed and brilliant. Can not wait for launch day. Rockstar look as though they have truly outdone themselves with this game.

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I don't know, I think Mario or Zelda on an iPhone just wouldn't work for me somehow.

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I am sure that Zenimax and indeed Bethesda are watching this all very closely. But, that's not to say they should be compared. Final Fantasy has a huge Japanese following, willing to plough money into it, while Elder Scrolls appeals more to the western audience. Comparison is futile with regards to these two titles.

I'm certainly going to be playing Elder Scrolls Online. I have no desire to play FF XIV and I'm a huge RPG nerd and a fan of both series. It is indee...

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Greatly looking forward to getting my hands on this. Hopefully this will mark the start of Blizzard doing more console stuff. Yes, they are primarily a PC developer, but - it would be nice to see them spread their wings a bit more.

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I fail to see how this will be different from any of the other AC titles they release each year. With GTA V, Diablo III, Arkham Origins and Watch Dogs coming, I don't think this'll get a look in. Especially after the glitch filled and not impressive at all AC III.

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