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They sold 150 million PS2's because it was the cheapest DVD player on the market.

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This is insane, yet somehow the Wii U is such an underpowered console according to the haters...

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Pretty much, just look at our disagrees people are so salty lol

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"My point is, not everyone like open world games."

................And my point was that not everyone likes linear games that require very little skill whatsoever.

Please tell me how Zelda is "boring, outdated, and not a story driven" ???

You clearly know nothing about the franchise.

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This comment section is cancer lol

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Exactly and the fact that LOZ on the NES was arguably the first open world game ever made.

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GOW looked like they took Kratos and dropped him into TLoU world.

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And not everyone likes linear games like GOW so what's your point? You just sound salty that a Nintendo game is getting this much praise.

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I'd wait for Neo if I were you.

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IKR? Neo will obviously be better optimized for VR so this statement from Sony really makes them look stupid.

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You had so many flavors to choose from and you chose salt... lol!

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Are you telling me the Witcher series didn't take any inspiration from past Zelda games? GTFO

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Since when has a Zelda game ever been the underdog? LOL!

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Congrats Nintendo! Well deserved! This game is going to be a masterpiece!

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Congrats Nintendo, well deserved! This game is going to be a masterpiece.

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Agree with everything you said besides the last sentence. Skyward Sword was amazing - if you didn't like the motion controls that's fine but you cannot deny that they didn't work. That's what made the game feel fresh and the dungeons were some of the best in the series.

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And Zelda wins! I think everyone is starting to realise this game is going to be special.

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Facebook? LOL

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Serious GOTY contender for 2017.

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Off course Zelda is No.1 - no question.

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