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The vita is probably sony's biggest flop in company history. 3DS destroys it in every possible way. Sony should go third party and put their handheld IPs on Nintendo handhelds. They would make money that way.

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Off topic much or just insecure much?

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Why would I buy a second one?

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Unfortunately not.

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You missed out a couple of gimmicks on the PS4:

- Touchpad
- Remote play
- Camera
- PS Move

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Uhm.. PS4 doesn't have BC and X1's BC is not true BC. Wii U is the only current console out now with true BC.

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Lol what does it matter whether BoTW is out now or not? My point still stands. Nice side stepping though kid.

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Unfortunately you couldn't be more wrong. A game like BoTW could not run on PS3 or 360. But I wouldn't expect a troll to understand that.

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It's 2016 and you still think the Wii U is a last gen console? LMAO!

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Gimmick confirmed.

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These are awesome, wouldn't mind getting some of these blown up and framed.

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Agreed, Oculus Rift is already out yet we don't hear anything about it. I haven't seen one Oculus Rift commercial or any game adverts for it.

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Another E3 GOTS award for Zelda. This game is going to be epic.

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Nah Okami was a Zelda rip off. His best is Bayonetta franchise.

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The Order was one of the worst games I ever bought. Such a waste of money.

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Agreed, god awful game.

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The graphics are so ugly lol

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Yeah I have a PS4 hack, it's great will I send you on the link?


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This has been rumoured for ages now, just bring it out already!

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