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Because PG are still a small enough studio, they can't afford to publish their games like the way the bigger companies can (Nintendo, Sony, EA etc.)

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Too bad, you're missing out.

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Day 1 for me. The reboot was much more fun to play than Uncharted 4.

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Uncharted 4 wasn't even that good. The story was lacklustre and some parts were so damn boring especially all the climbing. Felt like a mountain climbing simulator at one point because there was just so much of it. The previous games were much more fun to play.

Tomb Raider reboot was fantastic. Cannot wait to play the sequel.

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Still delusional as ever I see? LOL!

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Nintendo fans DID support GOOD third party games, not rushed ports that were missing content.

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No thanks, start fresh.

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Well he's got a point does he not? Sony have tried mobile games in the past and none of them have been hits.

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Awesome news! Big hit for Nintendo!

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Rip off

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Sorry to break it to you but it's so sad to see how excited you get about these type of articles. Insecure much?


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The article is not even about the Wii U yet you still had to make a comment about it lol insecure much??

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Yup, if it wasn't for PS4's success Sony would have probably gone bankrupt.

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Stopped reading after - "the damn system had only 2 game worth playing--> the stolen from Playstation- Mon Hun 3"

Salty sony fanboy alert! LOL!

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Pikmin 3 might just be my fav Wii U game.

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Nah it's dead.

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That's definitely another viable option. Nintendo might even be doing that with NX (hybrid).

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