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Day 1 buy for me.

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Instead of wasting time replying to your pathetic comment, take a look at this image it pretty much sums it all up. Nintendo INNOVATES their franchises, Sony and Microsoft DO NOT. Why else do you think Nintendo IP's have been around for decades?


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Sony fanboys are raging! Too bad Shokio is right. Nintendo INNOVATES its franchises. Sony and Microsoft DO NOT.

Nintendo has always lead the way, while Sony and Microsoft just follow.

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Are you blind? Nintendo are the only company that innovates! Nintendo has always lead the way, while sony and microsoft always follow. The gaming industry would be s*** without Nintendo.

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I thought the PS4 reveal was meh as well. Nothing new, just marginally better graphics...big deal. Where's the innovation Sony?

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Can't wait for this game!

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I still don't understand why people wants trophies? What good are they? To show proof that you beat something? Come on dude just play games and enjoy them.

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Whatever it is, it will be epic. Retro never disappoints.

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Hidden potential??? LOL you sony fanboys are hilarious!!

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These sonydrones are hilarious haha! They swear the little blue light on the ps4 controller is the second coming jesus christ! LOL

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Grow up child.

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LOL more like poor Sony. Remember PSN no?

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I just checked on my Wii U, there's nothing wrong with online. This article is bullshit.

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Looks like a stretched Wii.

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Very cool.

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No. The real model is Shelby Welinder.

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Wii U is next gen you complete retard. Wii won last gen. Now go play your call of duty troll.

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I don't want this game on Wii U. This and COD are ruining the industry.

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This is good news, now I want them to remove the 5min. wait limit between posting messages on Miiverse.

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I'm surprised the entire Playstation All Stars roster isn't on here.

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