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Zelda is going to be AMAZING! That leaked artwork looked stunning.

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Lol no. All the VR gimmicks ruined the show.

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Since when was Nintendo trying to make the most powerful console?

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Yeah.. I'm not gonna keep my hopes up. A lot of Geoff's "surprises" in the past have been mediocre at best.

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Never said you couldn't. Where exactly did I say that in my comment?

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If sony focus mainly on the PSVR gimmick this will be sony's worst E3 in years.

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Yeah I could tell I hit a nerve. You do realize the vita is a massive flop do you not? Sony doesn't even recognize it as a platform any longer yet you die-hard blind fanboys will defend it to kingdom come.

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Hit a nerve did I? Okay, second biggest failure in handheld history. Happy?

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Of course it is. Only the haters and people who haven't played the top quality/rated games will say otherwise.

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I'd love a SMG and Skyward Sword remaster.. and a Bioshock trilogy remaster.

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Agreed. And what about vita?

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Tuesday for UK but Monday for US

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That's how I feel about sony, I mean just look at the vita? Biggest failure in handheld history.

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Nah, Mario Kart is king when it comes to racers.

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Look at your disagrees, N4G cracks me up sometimes lol! Haters keep hatin'!

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Zelda will be E3 game of the show!

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Nintendo do not have much to show this E3 because they CHOSE to not reveal the NX yet? Understand?

Nintendo SAID they want the launch line up of NX to be great, where there will be a constant flow of games and plenty to play on the system, hence the March 2017 release and not holiday 2016.

If you actually did your research you wouldn't have to make yourself look silly in all of your comments. Understand? Good boy.

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3DS is killing it in Japan like usual.

MH was a fantastic pick up by Nintendo.

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I wish they went with real dinosaurs and not transformers.

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