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Lol why would Capcom do that? MH sells like hotcakes on 3DS.

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Still not gone on this game.. we'll see what the reviews say.

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There is no competition here, the Classic NES wins on all fronts. SEGA don't even make this mega drive and the quality is terrible.

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We are getting a sequel: http://www.polygon.com/2016...

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Wow.. Nintendo have done nothing? Nintendo is the only company that try new things. The others just make the same console with more power. OMG so innovative! The same technology that has been on PC for years.

And don't get me started with Mario. Please do your research before you spew nonsense.

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Haha the amount of times Sony has copied Nintendo is beyond hilarious at this stage. Just look at the PS Move for starters - BLATANT rip off from the Wii Remote.

Nintendo are VERY smart for not announcing it too soon.

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You obviously don't know anything about cartridges. For starters they are much faster than bluray discs. Do some research before you talk nonsense.

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How was it amazing? No one wanted to buy it.

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Yup, games like Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion 2, Kid Icarus, A Link Between Worlds just to name a few would have been great to play on a large screen. If they now have both their console and handheld developers working on games together that could mean more games for us pushed out at a faster rate.

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I read your last sentence wrong my bad.

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I would love to hear what you would call innovation then? I'll be waiting.

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I hope they keep the NX name.

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Are you for real? This cos player has half her chest out yet you're saying the Suicide Squad version is the one that looks like a stripper? Right...

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Every console has gimmicks, why do you want Nintendo to release another console just like PS4 or X1? There's already 2 of them, a third would be suicide for Nintendo.

Nintendo have always been king in the handheld market so this makes perfect sense.

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"the only thing that I find negative is that there are no plans for BC but won't stop me from getting it."

You do realize that neither the PS4 and X1 have native BC?

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