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News from Nintendo directs are reported by the media. Nintendo are cheap? They have rented the largest space at E3 for years. Do your research before you troll kid.

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If you son't like Nintendo why do I see you spend way more time on Nintendo articles commenting than sony articles? Obsessed much? Or just a troll?

Speaking of products that failed miserably, how's the vita doing? How did ps tv do?

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LOL no.

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Sounds like sony fanboys to me in relation to PS4.5

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I never mentioned the vita in my comment. You are just like the rest of the ponies on this site.

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Lol then why are games like Mario Kart 8, Splatoon and Smash Bros outselling PS4 and X1 exclusives? Try harder next time.

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Lol here we go again:

- Nintendo releases some info
- Doom and gloom articles release
- These articles get to the top of N4G
- Nintendo proves the haters wrong once again
- These articles barely get any movement on N4G
- Rinse, repeat

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You can't beat Nintendo when it comes to handhelds, end of story.

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Cool story bruh.

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Same was said about the GBA when the DS launched - it all depends on how successful NX is.

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Colin is right here, for once.

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Wii U price drop incoming.

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Was a big fan of the original on gamecube, might have to pick it up again!

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Lol Smash Bros. would like to have a word with you.

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Terrible move by amazon :(

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OOT for sure.

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Why are people comparing the PS4 NEO to the NX? Nintendo HAS to release a new console soon since the Wii U is selling badly. The NX is a brand new console with a new concept. The NEO is still a PS4 just marginally better and its because of this I can see devs and PS4 owners getting upset. This also drives development costs up for devs and could result in even longer delayed games.

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It will probably fail again like Vita.

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Off Topic: Can somebody tell me how to change N4G back to what it used to look like? I can't stand the new format! Thanks in advance!

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