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This has been rumoured for ages now, just bring it out already!

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The Wii and DS would like to have a word with you LOL!

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...yeah another gimmick inbound, therefore another gimmick comment from foxy.

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How many times does Nintendo have to prove to you people that they do not follow the crowd? They have always done their own thing since day 1. Stop wishing for a NinStation or SonyTendo it's not going to happen.

When Nintendo actually do reveal the NX I bet ya anything you will be in the comments with "Another gimmick! Will they ever learn!?" When it's actually you guys who will never learn.

Nintendo innovates - Sony and Microsoft imita...

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"Kind of arrogant of them to think that. Nobody copied the Wii U"

Yeah.. no kidding maybe that's because it didn't sell well? And what does the Wii U have to do with Miyamoto's comments?

Companies have been copying Nintendo for decades now in both hardware and software. Don't try and deny it.

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Agreed.. for once.. lawl!

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Calm down. Not everyone thought the game was great.

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I agree with the article. Uncharted 4 was just missing something the previous games had. Didn't really enjoy it. Some parts felt like a chore.

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I agree with the article though. Uncharted 4 was just missing something the previous games had.

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The Last of Us: Kratos Edition

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Little late for that lol

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N4G: Where people like Hoffmann still don't get it.

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Of course it will because it has no competition.

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Yep, BoTW GOTS without a doubt.

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Does look great, I still need to finish the remaster.

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These "save Nintendo" articles are getting old. Since when did Nintendo need saving? lol

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WTF are you on about? Nintendo didn't make Devil's Third and Nintnedo are known to make the best games ever. Just look at Metacritic.

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You seem very concerned by my comment.

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Cartridges would be awesome!

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I hope it's great but I'm worried for this game.

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