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This is about a potential LEGO toy set. Not about a video game.

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I have the game. There is only story mode where you face only two or three people and that's it. No difficulty mode in story either.

There is NO traditional arcade mode with player vs CPU. The only alternative is the Survival mode where you face off against many AI opponents, but it's only one round per match.

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Mr Anderson said he recorded at "Warner Brothers Studios Back Lot". Might not be Conker.

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There is an Assassin's Creed coming in 2016. The movie lol!

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Is this really for the remake or the port? The listing says "Final Fantasy VII" only and not Final Fantasy VII Remake". Isn't it too early for ESRB to rate a game that's not even fully developed yet?

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Agreed. I wonder how far PS4 can go during its lifetime?

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You are correct. IGN posted the exact same story back in April. They forgot and posted about it again...

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I don't own this game, but I know how annoying it feels. Hopefully they fix things soon.

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wasn't there rumors of the first news of PES 2016 being revealed during the UEFA Champions League too? Maybe game is delayed, but not cancelled.

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Not sure about it being cancelled. Community Manager answered me on Twitter. He laughed about the thought of it being cancelled.

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Agreed. Hopefully Konami doesn't oversaturate the MGS series like other publisher do with their games.

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I know. I had to double check my Facebook feed. It really was EB Games Australia...

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Errr but people want some new. Cena's been blasted in our faces so many times since 2005.

Roman Reigns is a guy that's new and fresh. A guy who has never been Champion, never been on a cover for a game before and only main evented Money in the Bank with 7 other people.

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Why John Cena for the millionth time? First he wins the title for the 15th time and now this? I don't hate the guy, just sick of seeing him all the time!

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Seems like the new WWE Network logo will be taking over the whole company soon. I heard SummerSlam onwards is when the new logo will be used everywhere.

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It's not censored in North America.

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How come a game with good graphics like this is free to play, but a game like NBA Live 14 is full price?

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I don't think hardcore fans would like voice acting if it ends up like this...

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I loved how you put Ilo and Milo in the list. I loved that game.

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Our prices are pretty high in New Zealand too.

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