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if I was Drake I would have chosen Chloe without hesitation

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I have to admit.. by the time he has committed murder and his wife leaves him I'm laughing my ass off

<edit> he was she

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now if the would just release the next one :D

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the game is mostly built around open world PVP from what I've seen - for the first beta (CB1) you could PVP once you hit lvl 20 but for the full game I'm not sure if they have made a final decision on what lvl it starts.

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I've had the PS4 since launch.. just picked up the xbone elite on nov 3 and got the extra elite controller today.. It's really well made - hope to use it on PC and PS4 too.. lookin in to the PS4 converter if one exist for it

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just picked up the scout rifle Hung Jury SR4 - really solid weapon

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can't wait - would have loved some MP or Co-Op from original series but I'm hoping UC4's MP and Co-Op is even better

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I've just completed my first playthrough

i7-2600k @3.4
GTX 770 4GB edition

Have all settings on high, disable 30 fps, fog, nvidia smoke/debris off.. light/rain on.. 60fps most of the time

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The anime this is based on is pretty good - time travel, asteroid colliding with the earth, supernatural, and of course panties aplenty

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can't say that I'll "gladly" shell out 150 but I'll be picking it up either way :D

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same :D

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I've used the "H Wireless" set for the last couple years - next set will definitely be Steel Series as well

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dunno why - but made me think of this

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life can be hard enough without having to dodge bullets - nice that there is a way to provide a distraction for those it helps

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first thing I thought was... is this a Futurama rip off??

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the movie "Stay Tuned".. always thought they should remake that movie but with video games

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the name generators are pretty funny.. I got:

Ted Elwood & Cinder Salvatore

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my copy will be here in a couple hours - looking forward to checking it out

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you had me at "Lego dickbat" XD

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yup.. this list pretty much includes my normal loadout(s)

<1st> Vision of Confluence - Ice Breaker - Hezen Vengeance
<2nd> Vex Mythoclast - Murmur - Hunger of Crota
<3rd> Athe's Epilogue - Black Hammer - Gjallarhorn

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On the "Fist of Crota" the Blades do always spawn - a lot of people use this mission to try and get the husk of the pit and the "blade related bounties"

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