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I wish you the best of luck Guardian - fight the good fight #3
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I can see the box label now...

Exclusive to PC "NOW with day 1 Poor Optimization" and with the season pass you'll be sitting pretty as you wait months for updates for crashes and bugs...

ohhhh... I can't staty mad at you... come over here PC I love you #1.1
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if I remember correctly these codes will unlock various entries ("cards") in your Grimoire - dunno if it actually added any in game items #1.1
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only commenting cause I thought that same $hit XD #4.1
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after what I saw in the finals the score seemed a little... off - but seriously if they would add some mode that allowed the players to talk trash and have more drunk people in the stands with "booing" and "chanting" more prevalent this would be the greatest sports game ever #3
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uhh.. that's a hate crime XD

on point.. when can 2k make football games again? #3
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they should make a game where people can control robots to clean the ocean... and it shouldn't be a game :3 #8
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bravo :) #4
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I'll save you a seat on the space ship XD

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #11.1
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Not sure about lore and other galaxies but if you think about how long the reapers were around (although I'm not sure they ever specified exactly). There was the derelict reaper from a battle fought over "39 million years" prior if I remember correctly and they do the whole harvest thing every 50,000 years that gives you an idea of how long they have been around as well as how many harvest there have been. Who is to say that some wouldn't leave the Milky Way and travel to... #2.2
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also depending on which Class you are they come in different colors #5.1.3
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same here - game back up - playing now :3

PS4 - U.S. #4.3.4
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Two codes US PS4:


Enjoy :3

and let people know they have been used if you're feeling generous #9
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got my codes about 15 mins after the start time on bungie - still no email <so people may wish to check bungie instead of email if they haven't received a code yet>

As far as PSN - I got kicked from the Store the first time - got to the redeem code/destiny download area before getting kicked the second time - put in code for second time and was able to download. Got kicked from game first time - restarted and currently downloading #4
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I've always thought that hype is in the eye of the beholder #5
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this didn't make the list? D:

http://anothercastle.files.... #5
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I could be interpreting it wrong but if you pause at time: 3:14

you see 18 games played:

16 story
1 strike
1 explore

and I believe progress bar as well as the "circle" progress bar are only showing progress relative to your player's completed content at that moment

the reason the story is almost full is they have played it 16 times compared to just 1 for the other 2 and 0 for the last one
... #3.4
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Everyone is waiting on alpha dog #5
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early bird gets the worm .... or was it second rat gets the cheese.. hmmm I forget

<gamestop still shows to have them> at least for the moment #1.1
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I personally would like to just give money to the game developers themselves and just cut out the middle man/woman

as far as the whole "exclusive" DLC thing.. as long as the digital items are only cosmetic or a timed exclusive I'm fine with it but this line:

“For example, by offering exclusive content on each major game release, and longer term, future models may include GameStop offering exclusive gameplay.”

I'd like some c... #7
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