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I have to admit.. by the time he has committed murder and his wife leaves him I'm laughing my ass off

<edit> he was she

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now if the would just release the next one :D

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the game is mostly built around open world PVP from what I've seen - for the first beta (CB1) you could PVP once you hit lvl 20 but for the full game I'm not sure if they have made a final decision on what lvl it starts.

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I've had the PS4 since launch.. just picked up the xbone elite on nov 3 and got the extra elite controller today.. It's really well made - hope to use it on PC and PS4 too.. lookin in to the PS4 converter if one exist for it

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just picked up the scout rifle Hung Jury SR4 - really solid weapon

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can't wait - would have loved some MP or Co-Op from original series but I'm hoping UC4's MP and Co-Op is even better

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I've just completed my first playthrough

i7-2600k @3.4
GTX 770 4GB edition

Have all settings on high, disable 30 fps, fog, nvidia smoke/debris off.. light/rain on.. 60fps most of the time

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The anime this is based on is pretty good - time travel, asteroid colliding with the earth, supernatural, and of course panties aplenty

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can't say that I'll "gladly" shell out 150 but I'll be picking it up either way :D

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same :D

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I've used the "H Wireless" set for the last couple years - next set will definitely be Steel Series as well

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dunno why - but made me think of this

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life can be hard enough without having to dodge bullets - nice that there is a way to provide a distraction for those it helps

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first thing I thought was... is this a Futurama rip off??

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the movie "Stay Tuned".. always thought they should remake that movie but with video games

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the name generators are pretty funny.. I got:

Ted Elwood & Cinder Salvatore

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my copy will be here in a couple hours - looking forward to checking it out

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you had me at "Lego dickbat" XD

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yup.. this list pretty much includes my normal loadout(s)

<1st> Vision of Confluence - Ice Breaker - Hezen Vengeance
<2nd> Vex Mythoclast - Murmur - Hunger of Crota
<3rd> Athe's Epilogue - Black Hammer - Gjallarhorn

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On the "Fist of Crota" the Blades do always spawn - a lot of people use this mission to try and get the husk of the pit and the "blade related bounties"

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Long story shot go to link at 3:23 to see a good spot

<edit> just wanted to note: immediately take out knight - then you will see two waves of thrall - take them out - finish off other hive but keep distance from stairs and this will prevent the 4-6 waves of thrall from spawning till you are ready.. once other hive on lower level are taken care of go to bottom of stairs and waves of thrall will spawn at top of stairs in a nice line <edit over>