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Comparing the Dead Space franchise to the RE franchise is honestly ridiculous. Resident Evil lost it's way years ago. Dead Space 2 may not be as scary as the original, but it's a lot more innovative with it's scares to keep it fresh. A talking protagonist is new and takes some of the fear factor away, but they have by no means ruined the franchise like Capcom has with RE. We have yet to see if what you're assuming is true. Why don't we save our judgments until the game com...

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For one, you're comparing an expansion CE to a full game CE. Secondly, this actually includes about twice as much "stuff" as the Heart of the Swarm Expansion CE. $160 is on the high end for CE's but in my opinion, you're getting your money's worth.

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Just bought Hard Reset Extended Edition for $3.75! Deus Ex: Human Revolution is only $6 as well.

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Clint Mansell is amazing.

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I can't get enough of these screenshots. Seriously a beautiful game.

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Me neither, but that's exactly why I'm intrigued.

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Me too! I wouldn't mind seeing an Enslaved: Odyssey to the West/Fallout type-world for a survival horror third-person shooter/RPG....but of course...being able to pull it off is a different story.

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lol, just a leetle bit. ;)

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I'm crying right now. This needs to be seen by everyone.

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I honestly don't mind when unnecessary items cost a few dollars; it's our choice to purchase them. When a company charges you $15 for a map pack for MP, that's just ridiculous. You paid for the game, you should be able to play the game. I think VALVe has it right. Everything they charge for is purely cosmetic. Map packs are yours as long as you have the game.

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I couldn't imagine how amazing this game would have been with a storyline worthy of it's cyberpunk atmosphere.

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