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explain why steam was emailing me for a password reset when I never asked?

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3 days ago I got a email for a password reset. I never asked for a password reset.

This explains it.

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Not gonna even read this fanboy article.

Also Sony & Microsoft both release games on mobile with there console ips.

Little Big Planet, Uncharted , Halo. All for example have had a mobile game.

A new low cause they wanna me on a new platform like everyone els? What a crock of shit

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They forgot 1 important thing

Lock your doors when home alone

Don't wanna get robbed & didn't know it cause you had VR Glasses on.

Funny thing is I can see a article 1 day saying Gamer Robbed while playing VR Game.

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Maybe cause people don't wanna pay for a game that requires a online connection even tho it can be played single player.

To top that off UBISoft is known for shitty servers so when that goes down so does the game.

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how about radeon 7870?

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Sorry to sound stupid but do all dx11 cards upgrade to dx12?

Me no so good when it comes to pc tech talk.

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How does one play mario galaxy with a gamepad smarty pants?

Have you played Galaxy?

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All I ask for is Underground 3

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How about they fix the online lag 1st. Kicking out can be a pain with the ass.

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Driveclub got delayed , look at how buggy that is.

A game delay doesn't always = bug free

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I will lol when it's a Yoshi Yarn Trailer or a Mario Party Trailer.

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I say compatibility for the wii u?

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when can u pre-download gta?

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Are people really gonna complain that Sony is giving people a option that lets you play your friends games for free even tho it's 720p?

If so, here's a message for them.

Grow the fuck up , Sony didn't have to give you this feature at all. Don't like it then go out & buy the damn game you assholes.

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Not finished, care to explain those 2 leaked location videos?

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If dead rising was 1st person it would be named dead island.

That being said I say Dying Light looks better.

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Not Nintendo fans

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Wait till Smash , bigger line.

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Didn't you hear, the game really starts after level 30.

Hopefully someone gets what I'm talking about.

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