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Now that I think about it, it'd be difficult to use The Boss for the same reasons that it'd be difficult to use anyone other than Big Boss/Solid Snake: the father-son dynamic.
Though I just realized that, if you look at it in a certain way, one could view Solid Snake as Raiden's "father", since he did so much to develop Raiden, which would add credibility to the idea of Raiden and his son continuing that.

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The Boss would be a very interesting choice. I'm not sure how much they'd be able to go into her backstory, but she was a great character, so I think Kojima could do well with her.

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Well, I think Raiden (after MGS4) is in the position where I don't think he should be brought back; he's finally gained a place in the world, and he's finally reached the goal he was searching for all along.

Like I said in the article, part of why I'm not big on MGS5 is because the same thing happened to pretty much everyone in Metal Gear Solid 4; almost everything was resolved, the few things left unresolved being so minor that they're not worth digging ...

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I just find it somewhat disheartening that sexuality is considered so analogous to the nature of being a "strong character".
Yes, there's value to being open about sexuality, but the fact that so many "strong female characters" are so focused on being beautiful/sexually attractive in their designs annoys me. The same thing applies to male characters. It's the same thing that's screwing over the DC reboot; everyone's a "strong, liberated charac...

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Yeah, not sure how to respond to that

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