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This is the most tired and overrated piece of shit franchise in the history of gaming. They release a new Call of Duty every fucking month, and the bottom feeding cellar dwellers go out and spend 60 fucking dollars on it. How fucking stupid do you have to be to drop 60 bucks on what's essentially a substandard expansion pack? I get it, the sports morons buy Madden every year and pay their 60 bucks for roster changes, but seriously? It's the most generic and hold-my-hand-through-ev...

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I wrote this to express my severe doubts about the Wii U, as well as to express a bit of social commentary on the state of the games industry. At this rate, I'm expecting it to crash, and honestly, it'd probably be for the better. I'm considering this to be probably the last console generation I'll be any kind of involved with, because gamers are settling for more and more generic and mediocre games, and consoles are focusing so much on multimedia, that it's just no long...

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I give Sony three more years before they're out of the console market and out of money. The Vita isn't going anywhere fast, despite some popularity in Japan, where the PSP still dominates, and the PS4 - if there is one, will yet again be another overpriced console marketed as a cheap BluRay player. I've asked tons of people what they do with their PS3, and the common response is "Netflix and BluRays." Sony isn't going to last long, Nintendo will survive on handhel...

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I don't know about those prices being "competitive" - the Skylanders bundle is around $69.99, and they were smart with the "Portal Owner's Pack" with the release of Giants. I can see this "Disney Infinity" taking off purely for the fact that children must own things that contain their favorite movie characters, but I don't think it'll spread too much into the adult gaming market like Skylanders did. Very interesting read, gave a good bit of insi...

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Yeah, I tried to make sure to mention the fact that this game really is Final Fantasy: Diet, but still has some redeeming qualities. It's definitely good for those with time constraints - you can knock it out in a relatively short amount of time. I also tried to evaluate each aspect of the game individually, as well as a whole, so that I could come to as objective as a conclusion as possible, though I must admit, I do have some fond memories of this game, even though I'm more hardco...

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Wow thank you all for the very thoughtful and well-written comments! I've been stewing over the possibility of a gaming ceiling for a long time now, and I was curious to see what the gaming community thought of potentially reaching an optimum of what video games can offer.

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