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IF Bethesda's next game is a TES game then I'm excited but I'm also sad because that means there won't be a Fallout 4.....but at the moment I'd rather a new Fallout. There are enough mods to keep Skyrim alive for a few more years. #26
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Not mention it's a whatculture article meaning we need to view each of the 12 items on different web pages. #1.1
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Sleeping Dogs was a great game but there are definitely better games that came out on the PS3. GTA4, GTA5, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, even Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Assassins Creed, InFamous just to name a few. #8
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This information should be taken with a grain of salt. I personally don't think any of this info is real but I could be wrong.

Reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/Des...

4Chan post: https://boards.4chan.org/v/... #7
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That's exactly the same vibe I got from those pictures. Looks to be very interesting. #3.2
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Same here. I haven't played multiplayer first person shooters for nearly 2 years now and I'd like to get back into it. Especially Destiny, can't wait for it and CoDAW looks pretty cool. Just hope it turns out good. #4.1
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I finished it for the first time recently and I have to say it's a great game. If you've enjoyed any other Bethesda titles then this game will be great for you. #3.2
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Does it worry anyone that since DICE don't even know why we love Bad Company what are the chances BC3 will be good. Will BC3 be another BF3 and BF4? If they don't understand the core values of BC how are they going to make BC3 similar to BC and BC2? #29
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BF4 is already a DLC for BF3..... #1.2.2
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Holy shit, this is true next gen, high res textures, good animation, realistic cloth simulation, detailed models and a colour palette and filter system that makes it look like CGI at all times. Can't wait for this release. #51
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Why do douchebags exist? #21
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Probably the ugliest looking CGI movie of 2014 or whenever it comes out.... #13
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I read the first few paragraphs and this author just bashes on Birth By Sleep for having issues upon issues from camera angles to combat. I reckon BBS is the best Kingdom Hearts at the moment.
And the reason I think FFXV will succeed is because Tetsuya Nomura is directing it, most if not all the games directed by him have been good. #1.1
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I'm seeing this as becoming more common in the video game industry of games either releasing unfinished and broken or having their release date cancelled and delayed for further "polish".
How much polish needed can vary but more and more games are being delayed or come out half assed.
Battlefield 4 is a prime example of releasing on time but broken as heck. #2.2
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I think the title is incorrect in that the list contains more games that are disappointing but it does contain games that are just down right should be in "the worst games of".

Disappointing to me means that the game had promise before release and a few of the games had no promise to begin with, Infestation Suvivor Stories (WarZ) and Ride to Hell Retribution fit the worst games of. #1
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Coming from a PC elitist, the PS4 definitely looks better from the general texture improvements to better lighting and shadows especially around the pagoda buildings you linked.

I hope Square Enix don't leave PC for dead and hopefully they offer an upgrade as well or something. I want to experience next gen Lara on PC as well. #1.1.15
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The "Apple" trademark works somewhat as it's a business or corporate name stopping other business' from using the name "Apple" in their name but the way King is doing this trademark is by practically disallowing the use of the words "Candy" and "Saga" in any game title.

It's like trademarking the name John and saying you can't name your children John anymore. #4.1
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What about Dishonored? #10.1
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AC2 - Brotherhood - AC4

If AC2 had the smoothness and great controls of AC4 then it'll be unbeatable. #11
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I'm still holding off getting this game until I can assure myself that this game will definitely be worth my money. Considering this is alpha footage, the AI are really weak, the movement looks great but if the game will be filled by bad AI by the time of release, I don't think this game will do that well. #3
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