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honestly, if you do your job as a PARENT - none of this should even matter. That's what it really just comes down to. You (not your specifically) teaching your kids what is right/wrong, real/fake.

I been playing M rated games since I could remember, being very underaged. But never once did I feel like doing something I saw in a videogame in real life. Because that, is just stupid.

Nothing else matters if you the parent do what you are supposed to do. TEAC...

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Boy, you are on the INTERNET. You are being spied on right now! Cut the paranoia it's looking silly for you Sony fans. I'm sure when the NSA infiltrates Sony's servers without them knowing, you also are waving your arms around being vocal too huh? Of course not.

If little hackers can repediately break into PSN, you think the NSA hasn't/isn't doing the same with they way they infiltrated Xbox Live and World of Warcraft without the owners even knowing?

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Major has always talked good about Sony and Playstation - even on his own personal podcast. So what are you saying? You Sony fans are truly some weird ass people. It was a compliment and you act like he's a politician who just said he's out to "really" help the lower class...

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sweet definitely watching this

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Yeah. i was thinking about getting an SSD but doesn't seem like there's much point from IGN's comparison

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I don't think Blaze was taking away from the fact that Sony has amazing PS4 games coming up - but more so the fact people are saying this is the best launch lineup of games ever. Even more than the Xbox One. To where that, I would even have to disagree on.

Besides Killzone, what IS coming out at launch on PS4 exclusively? Talking full fledged $59.99 experiences not 14 indie games.

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you get this: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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@SaffronCurse then lock your door and shut up.

Anyway, thanks for that link Blaze. that is indeed new info right there - sounds like a feature I would've never even begun to think about for Kinect and hardcore games.

The fact that Kinect 2 can see your heart rate and pulse now too, they could beat Nintendo to the punch with that little Vitality Sensor..that they failed on.

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you expect to see that technology implemented in launch games? I guess you also expect to see 4K Gaming day 1 huh?

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Probably cost 2k+

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Where do I pre order

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I remember playing SAMP, OMG that was the pre GTA Online we're about to receive October 1

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when is it supposed to launch? I didn't know it was separate - only reason I did midnight launch tbh lol. Been busy with school

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Visuals look slighty better. I wonder if PC version footage has been shown yet

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Oh I'm going to have too much fun with this on PC...*mischievous laugh*

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Good episode

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I always thought these games were kinda gimmicky, but I guess thats all of AR Gaming isn't it.

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It's a pretty good and solid DLC.

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Fix the tags.

Also I think this review is kind of unfair.

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