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GT5 couldn't even take down Forza 3 Forza 4 is just going to up the ante. The GT series needs alot of work, or they can just try and copy Forza. Fully customized and actual HD cars FTW. #11
1594d ago by JasonPC360PS3Wii | View comment | Trolling
How many SOCOMS are there (10)? How about Singstar (32 games) or GT (13)? and remove Halo 5 and 6 because we don't even have 4 yet. Nice try, but all fail. #12.1.1
lol Jaffe is pissed #11
Who the hell said MW3 looks better than BF3? Stop shaking the magic 8 ball for answers. #2.1.3
Remember when Bioware made RPG's? EA + Bioware = sellout. #8
What the hell is a disc? #6
13.7 Million? Nice... MS is killing WW too. I know some hate that fact. #9
At least it doesn't look like a PS2 game after 5 years like GT5. #7.3
bee boop bee bee boop bee bee 010101000101010001010100011110 #8
Android or Apple iOS vs console? Next up television vs stereo. #12
EA is only showing PC because they know the console versions wont look much better than Call of Duty BO. #12
In other words Jeffe is a "smart guy" because he works on the PS3. CliffyB is a douche because he works on 360. Does that just about sum it up? #1.1.5
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10 million and still climbing in less than a year, and setting Guinness records isn't fail. Move, now that's fail. #1.2
Too bad Move failed #1.2
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You don't want to pay for Live and you're pro PSN Pass? #2.3
No, MS will go the Nintendo way, leaving Sony the only one using Blu-ray... kinda like now. #7.1.1
Well... one of the two hasn't been hacked yet. LOL one of these networks communicates using text chat. #12
At least Live is secure, and at least MS doesn't remove features we pay for. They must have done something right, they beat last gens king. #3.2
MS is doing a good job with both the core and casual. They still sell more core games than anyone and their gaining on Nintendo. For the past few months they been the best selling console worldwide. Kinect is hot, and we still have Halo remake, Gears, and Forza to look forward to. Not bad for a console that sold only 25 million last gen. They doubled the install base and are now at 55 million. That's a lot better than going from 120 million to 50 in just one gen. #4
Nah nah nah
hey hey hey

This should have never made it to court in the first place. Free speech is something americans fight hard for. #5
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