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The news of Xbox doing well sure has some from another fanbase in full on DC mode.

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Michael Pachter works for Wedbush Securities who's job it is to push failing stock or to try and reduce high-value stock by starting trends for Wallstreet. He is not, and has never been a friend of the gamer and gamers shouldn't give him attention.

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JaguarEvolved https://www.windowscentral....

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x1x is more powerful than 94% of all gaming PC's.

Source: Steam Survey.

Have a nice day.

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DarkZane there are various levels of checkerboard quality. It is not fixed and the quality will be lower on weaker hardware. The Pro isn't even a year old so why are you wishing for a PS5 in 2018?

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About 94% higher.

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PS4 Pro CPU vs x1x CPU

Which one has the advantage?

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tyasia0 where are the big games at? PS4 literally has one until Spiderman.

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Meanwhile, PS4 has one 1st party game GT and two DLC's until Spiderman next year, which has no release date. Then, of course, there are PS exclusives heading to PC through PSNow. Where are the PS4's games at?

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Mods haven't always been free. Many are turned into games. Funny how you also ignored the fact that Steam has been doing this for a while now.

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Absolutely. Some entitled gamers forget people put a lot of hours and sometimes years on these mods. Some use original voice work, music, textures, add new code to some of these mods. Bethesda and mod makers who want to get paid are bad guys but Steam doing it is fine. Entitled gamers with a free mentality on other peoples work.

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The agrees in from Sony fanboys :)

I mean trolls

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Odd considering most devs gave the base PS4 more love. That's Sony so it doesn't count right?

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thekhurg, your comment should read "I hope they won't"

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Creation Club is mostly for those creators who put a lot of hard work and time into the mods.

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It's not an insult that you don't know anything, it's a fact.

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Aenea, maybe they can enrol in your school "Don't Know Nothin University".

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PS4 has only one notable title until Spiderman, which has no release date.

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"Cliffy B arguably helped 'father' the arena shooter."

Sorry but that honour goes to id.

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