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Own any remasters?

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Gr8b8m8 What generation of games are played on PSNow?

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'DX12 was supposed power up the xbox one enough to surpass the PS4'

Said no one ever. The voices in your head don't count.

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generic-user-name Thank you for proving my point

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Silly gameAr Sony fans did it for years until the Scorpio was announced. Then there was the magical extra TF and RAM in The Pro Sony fans claimed made it more powerful.

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Wrong spot

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mikeslemonade half aren't on PC and none are on PS4 so I can see why you don't care

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Yeah but MS published Ninja Gaiden 2. They also published Mass Effect and it's up.

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Well they did add Bully and RDR.

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Your jealousy is showing :-) and PSNow says hi!

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They need to get on the ball with Ninja Gaiden and Dead Space 2&3.

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MS fans hype it the same way Sony fans hype the PS4. Only thing different is PS4 will no longer have the power advantage.

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See now you're resorting to crystal ball wishes. You are obviously one of those nervous about what's coming. $20 says you're guilty of calling it "next gen" and will be first in line crying foul.

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That's because it is current gen like the PS4 Pro. Most people don't live in fantasy camp and wish for things to be called by another name due to tiny egos.

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This only matters mostly to one particular group of people and they're not Nintendo gamers.

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Or these articles are troll articles which are typical from your fanbase on this site.

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Some people want it to be called next gen so they can cry foul when the comparisons start rolling out.

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With so many of these popping up only on this site, I doubt any of these people owned Xbox's to begin with.

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PSVR $99 and Sony would have a hit.

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You PS fans are so nervous over Scorpio

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