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Shadowrun 360 had console and PC in 2006

Nice try though.

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For the first year the internet was riddled with articles and comment about how it was dead, you can find those articles right here

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They said this when launching the first game. What's sad is PS gamers still don't get to experience Titanfall since Titanfall 2 is nothing like the first.

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Watchdogs for me is one the most underappreciated games of the past 5 years.

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Looks cool but I don't think it will pull me away from Elite Dangerous.

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For me this should have been in the game at launch. The game is fun but the lack of content at launch really pissed me off.

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I love the city, story, guns but that's it. Stopped playing this 1 month after purchase. This game and Battleborne were a huge turning point for me. Because of those two games I will no longer pre order games.

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Q1 2017 would be too soon imo.

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It's what he/she gets paid to do.

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That's why I normally take a wait and see approach to gaming news.

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10% boy that's a mighty big number and sure represents the whole.

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Some gamers want Windows and Xbox separate even though both are MS. They don't want MS taking any credit on their own platforms for some reason. So when they make list they can say "that don't count" when convenient.

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Congrats! But unfortunately I cant get this at launch due to spending too much on games this year. I'll get it next year which brings up the hard choice of platform.

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DAEMONIFEAR Some PS fans want the Scorpio to be called next gen so it can't be compared to the PS Pro.

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ziggurca haven't you heard?t upscaled is ok now

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I haven't seen this much irony in a long time.

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Battleborn and The Division are money I wont ever get back.

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Every time I see the word "Analyst" in a title all I can think of is just some random person on the net making wish list, or damage controlling something.

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