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Gaming media needs to stop giving this guy attention.

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Are you drunk?

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My policy has been to never preorder anything. I don't see the point in it.

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DX12 is pushing PC's
The cloud has been in use since Titanfall
Scorpio will still be the most powerful console

These are facts.

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"Internet tough guy or a keyboard warrior?" but first comment is about punching someone in the face.

Jeez the comments today.

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Meanwhile in reality the native 4k experience is still there, because... well... it's still in 4k.


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Nothing wrong with dynamic 4k

LOL "best Souls-like game" Dark Souls is nothing more than Enclave by Starbreeze Studios.

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My god dude! Even the title tells you no.

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How did you get that from this? "Meanwhile in the real world MS is releasing new hardware this year."

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XiNatsuDragnel Meanwhile in the real world MS is releasing new hardware this year.

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You must have the make believe version of Netflix because downplay is downplay than I guess that's something!!?

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^^^ that is what happens when you comment without reading everything. I bet you looked at the pic and ignored everything else.

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This fraud is not the real DealerGaming

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$499 and you still get almost twice the power as the nearest competitor for $100 more.


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Odd I own 197 X1 games and 80 BC 360 games.

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Ciporta1980 So you can buy a game on the PS4 and get a free PC version? PS4 has digital refunds? PS4 has Game pass and digital game share? How long did it take to get external HDD support? How many HDD's can you use? Does PSN+ give more AAA games than GWG?

Does Sony ask it's community for ideas and make it happen? <--- Why can't Sony do that one simple thing? Again... Where's is Sony's equivalent to that?

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Micheal Pachter couldn't predict his mourning alarm clock.

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Then you have Xbox Communities where ideas are created and voted on by the community.

Where's is Sony's equivalent of any of that?

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That's it really"

You clearly couldn't think of anything. Refunds alone top anything, then you have crossbuy, free BC, digital game share, GWG, Game Pass, external HDD support by demand, more updates, and more features.

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Why so many people and articles talking about the PS5? People were talking about it right after the specs for the Pro were announced. Funny because I don't see anyone talking about Xbox 4, just Scorpio.

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