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Before video games it was movies and music that got the blame. People even blame YouTube. This kind of news should stay front page, it affects everyone.

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Ape is 100% correct

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Errorist that's more like a wish list. Are you saying the power diffrence between Scorpio and Neo is smaller than PS4 and X1? Because that would be untrue.

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Is it me or do some of you sound really desperate hoping Sony will add some extra gravy before Neo comes out?

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Yet PC modders don't seem to have a problem with the cell, or the devs/pubs selling all those remasters on PS4. The cell is a tired argument and is not correct.

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Or he just picked Alienware due to the name and actually doesn't own one,

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Nothing new, they do it all the time. Angry Joe did it for Witcher 3.

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By the sound of it maybe you shouldn't be putting anything together.

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Let's be honest Phil hasn't been clear to a select group of gamers and nothing more. It's what Fox News does to Obama. Make something simple confusing. Only it's not working.

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Red Dead on X1 also gets a boost due to the hardware.

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Funny how they all only play new games but sure comment day 1 on those remasters.

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To be fair it's the only next gen console it's available on. LOL so it's kind o definitive by default.

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lol many new games require online to play.

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GrubsterBeater release dates are dates. 4 of the games shown at E3 are coming soon and those games didn't say "under development". How is that games with dates are somehow worse than trailers for games 3 to 5 years off? Some of the people on one side say "where are the games?" when they were clearly shown on X1 Wn 10. Meanwhile they keep ignoring the fact that none of the games mentioned on their side are coming out anytime soon. Somehow the promise of tomorrow is be...

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Actually some have. This is a simple case of jealousy over Red Dead and BC. Because there's nothing negative about this, unless you don't have it.

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Yet they gave release dates of many games coming out this year. Did you just magically forget about those?

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"I was referring to people that have one," What's the point of your comment then?

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Lonnie played any remasters? Praised any remasters?

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Comment of the week

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Small percentage yet it was the number one most requested feature, and game sales boost every time one is added.

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