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Not it doesnt

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cfc83 so true. A lot of opinions will miraculously change.

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OMG people! smh they will just develop the games like they do on PC. There are thousands of different hardware variations on PC, this is just 4. There is no difference here considering all modern consoles are built like PC's. Since MS has been in the PC market since the BEGINING! Pretty sure they know what they're doing.

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Kiwi66 It's like they put fingers in their ears and refuse to listen every time MS denies the rumors.

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Another article similar to this failed, twice.

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Most indie games are terrible. Most are just clones with only a handful worth playing.

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Yeah it is. Just as desperate as posting random GAF forum rumor post.

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Even though I'm a PC and Xbox gamer I have to agree here. I know I might get some heat for this from the Xbox side but I don't care. I don't know what goes through peoples minds when they write articles like this other than quick cash.

Sony would need a foothold or at least a a horse in the PC race first before they could even make a dent. Sony has no platform there, and has even sold off some of their PC developers.

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NewMonday I didn't say it was. i just pointed out how you praise the weaker console and downplay the other.

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So you're saying the Neo which is not nearly as powerful as the Scorpio will do that, but in your previous comment you said the Scorpio "will not be a monster" What will the Neo be then with half the power?

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Yet they have 5 releasing this year. How about those Sony release dates?

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annoyedgamer "When somebody gets run over by a car on purpose I hope we try to restrict who can use cars too." They do. License suspended and jail. Hello?

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It sure seems to be a threat too you Overload. With the amount of time you spend downplaying it. The death threats and hate speeches being tweeted at Xbox employees doesn't help your case.

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Kinect is an accessory not a console. Your downplay of everything Scorpio is getting rather sad. Windows 10 and Xbox exclusive is still a Microsoft exclusive.

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What... seriously what?

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Who in their right mind would think MS is leaving the console business after announcing two new consoles? Example: Apple announces two new iPhone's "OMG Apple is leaving the phone business!" See how stupid that sounds?

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Haru fail. He has updated since then, and also Eurogamer smh. Keep trying.

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Most Xbox fans said framerate was more important than res, and it still is. Check the old articles for proof.

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lol Scorpio had the most buz at E3 and that trend is continuing.

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I would like to see anyone build a PC with the same specs as a PS4/X1 for less than $300.

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