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I knew this was old but forgot it was 2013 old.

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That's not true even in the slightest. A for effort though.

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saint_seya do you know what the word hypocrite means?

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Just watch the shadows and the light.

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The Start Menu becomes unusable when it needs to be updated. Try restarting your PC.


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moldybread the ironic part is while they are talking about privacy issues while they're using Chrome, Firefox, Google, Facebook, YouTube. Instagram, Messenger, Yahoo, Android, iOS, MAC's, Steam, with installed plugins which all use your data.

It's simply a convienant target. Chances are they're doing it from a Windows device.

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Beat me to it. The decrease and gain percentage just reeks of desperation and obviously meant for people like NewMonday.

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The irony of this 950° opinion piece with 152 comments.

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Because it's not a new gen. Why is it that the x1x has to have a launch game but the Pro didn't? HZD was not a launch title for the Pro. The rest of it is just a rant, nothing more than an extended comment.

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"The downvoting thing is obvious"

So is the upvoting.

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Yeah, some are multiplats.


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Thanks for listing some of the cool features and advantages the Xbox One has over the PS4.

Thoughtful of you. :-)

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Well, they sure as heck aren't coming for the PS4 anytime soon. GTS, Knack 2, 2 DLC's til Spider-Man sometime next year.

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Not.yet anyway

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Yeah but Xbox updates actually add things. What does the PS updates add? Took 11 years just to allow name changes.

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over 40% more powerful than the nearest competitor.

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Has zero to do with Xbox Live. That's just an excuse you PS fans came up with to deflect from the poor reason Sony gave. "for the children" when in reality Live is far more secure than PSN.

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