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Wow, that's sad.

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*SuicideGirls* Otherwise known to the rest of humanity as girls with daddy issues.

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Then get a fucking life, seriously. I think there's more terrible shit going on in the world that deserves your concern more than worrying if COD is going to be a quality title on the PS Vita.

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Seriously, "A reason for concern"?? Unless you're a stock holder and have an investment in this games financial success then who gives a sh-t!!?? If the game sucks, it sucks and you don't buy it, not the end of the world.

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Just read the title of this story and now I think I understand why the game play is mostly unchanged over the last few games. I mean if weapon design is f-ing hard then gameplay must be a f-ing nightmare!

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I bought my mint condition 3G/Wifi Vita used from someone on Craigslist with an 8gb memory card, screen protector and case for $165.00

So I for one am happy there are haters or people who don't like the vita. Their loss, my gain!

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Wrong. It boils down to a company pouring (investing) time and money into the product to create interesting features that differentiate it from other competitors and creates value (reasons to buy) in the minds of the potential consumer.

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Regardless of what the 360 does correctly, the first and most important thing it should do is actually work when you press the power button.

On top of that you have morons that are willing to look past that huge problem and still support paying to play online and in some cases pay twice to use services like Netflix.

Xbox 360 fanboys are just geniuses. Stand up and defend a company that doesn't give two sh-ts about you and then defend a console that you p...

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The name of a developer means nothing without a talented group of people behind it.

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Well really at the end of the day that statement is just a reflection on how brainless the consumer masses are as a whole.

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@ cleft5

Yeah because the only way a woman can precieved to be beautiful and powerful is nearly naked. It's called exploitation idiot. You should probably stop watching pornography, you might see woman for more than just sex objects.

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Where on you body did you get your "Microsoft 4 Life" tatoo?

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Even if Sony has the right to sue Kevin, it still negatively affects their image in my opinion.

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Don't know if you're aware or even care, but there are other places to purchase used games than Gamestop that offer a greater cost difference than 2-3 dollars.

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It's really not sad, it's just greed on the publishers part. So if you like having the option to buy a game used then stay away from cloud gaming and complete digital distribution because those two things will kill used games off.

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Guess they never heard of "there's always room for improvement".

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Great point, think I'll be doing the same. Really good call!

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Oh I don't know smarty, maybe because those "Major" sites review's can be bought obviously.

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Oh so sorry David, didn't realize you were an N4G user!!

You are a media whore David, so this time it was twitter. Wow since this time it was twitter I guess I'm completely wrong about all the other times that it isn't. I loved how you failed to address being loud-mouthed, let us also add "douche" to that list while were at it.

That wasn't sarcasm by the way in case you have your head too far up your @$$ to know.

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It looks good, it just doesn't look "$60 good".

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