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Garbage article.

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It is definitely something nice to have. Similar to the "family share thing" Microsoft said they had planned but never went into detail.

Not necessarily a game changer, but something great to have nonetheless.

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This story is awesome.

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I read a story this week that the Chinese overwhelmingly prefer the PS4 when asked. It's not going to get better for Xbox.

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You answered your own question. EA doesn't like Nintendo.

Now it could all change if the Wii U continues to do better.

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How is Europe "Up in the air"?

PS4 is destroying Xbox One there.

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Bungie is doing a lot of promotions and commercials with Sony to promote Destiny.

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Don't get him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

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Agreed. Would be nice if this reaches the funding goal.

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Hadn't heard of this before but it has potential.

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EA is disgusting. Especially how they boasted that their games would include more micro-transactions.

Never bought DS3. The first time I became annoyed with micro-transactions was in Gears of War 3 with all the different colored guns and BS. Most of my friends were buying all this additional BS and I still don't understand why.

Also when Xbox live started charging for new outfits for people's avatars disgusted me. I knew people who were broke and...

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I like that it looks different and fresh. It has potential to be something special. Only time will tell.

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No Man's Sky looks incredible.

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Well, the virtual boy was part of that.

I'm thinking more how VR was in everything including movies and Aerosmith videos. Various systems in the 90's promised it.

There was even that cheesy VR game at Dave and Busters that was fun even though it had very primitive graphics and limited gameplay.

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Hoping it becomes successful. Been wanting good VR since the 90's teased it.

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I agree with most of what you wrote. People choose to frame it as a contest because it makes the conferences more entertaining.

The media wouldn't report it this way if there wasn't demand.

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Gonna be a Great E3!

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E5 is even more "betterer".

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