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Nice experience piece here, and a beautiful site.

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I still claim Geometry Wars 2 as my favorite XBLA game too.

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Pretty nice visit there, Michael. Jealous.

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They were great shooters. I'd really like to see one on an HD console.

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I'm taking a wait and see approach. AC3 was the most disappointing game of the year for me last year, and yes, I remember that Mass Effect 3 and Resident Evil 6 were 2012 titles.

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I definitely agree that it's a bummer when you're not playing with Sly. I think it's time to take the series back to its fundamentals with the next release.

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I feel this way too, though I sometimes have to resist the urge to redo things.

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Parental responsibility can't be stressed hard enough. I have a 3 year-old boy and he doesn't get to watch me play anything but Super Mario Bros., Rock Band, The Pinball Arcade, and Rayman.

He's just not mature enough to watch me play a shooter or a violent action game. When I think he might be, we can play them together, and I'll carefully see how he responds.

Just as my parents never let me watch R-rated films growing up, we need to be care...

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Nice review of the DLC. Makes me want to check it out, especially since I wasn't a fan of the game's ending at all.

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I agree fully. The Vita needs to get on track in 2013 or it's going to die off. Sony needs to rally the Vita or else they'll be launching one system as another dies a very early death.

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I agree with the premise of the article, and it needed to be said. In the specific case of Mass Effect 3, I feel it was a failure overall, but nowhere near as terrible as it was made out to be.

Good stuff!

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I think the world needs less drugs in schools and more 1 More Podcastle.

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Heh, nice roundup of Easter eggs there. I'm sure lots more will come out as people dissect the video, but this is a good start!

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I have a can of this from E3 2006. Haven't ever opened it, and I probably never will.

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Nice. A lot of people probably aren't even aware that they can do this.

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I just love how in the know the grandma was about games. She's like, "oh yeeeeaaahhhh, Atari!"

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