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*all MS numbers are for the US only

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A man just got Platinum #92 on Rise of the Tomb Raider. Wouldn't recommend it. Took way too long and that game runs out of steam and the gold score crap sucks

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still found it very scary. RE5 really took it in the action direction

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a man thinks he has the same one. Can it hang a headset too? A man's was $35

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Kinda sad. A man owned one for less than a year. He got the big titles (Mario 3d, MK8, Wind Waker HD, Smash) but they just kinda felt samey and a man couldn't keep using it.

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a man would be more surprised at Deep Down

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it's just for accuracy's sake. What if a man doesn't own one of the consoles? they still list it

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A man is interested in
1. Crash
2. Days Gone
3. Death Stranding
4. FF7 Remake
5. GoW
6. Horizon
7. Rime
8. Shenmue 3
9. Spider-Man
10. TLoU Part 2
11. Uncharted: TLL

A man is pretty sure those last 2 aren't coming in 2017 but oh well still way ahead on the Sony end. A man got WiiU and all those exclusives but it just felt stale. Nintendo needs to evolve and innovate on t...

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only some are announced super early. Stuff like Bloodborne and LBP3 were announced less than a year before release.

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Well they've already come out with plenty of exclusives to crush the competition. So yeah delaying a couple by a little bit doesn't hurt. At least their exclusives don't come to other consoles like Rise of Tomb Raider

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The most critically acclaimed Xbox "exclusive" comes to PS4. A man sees more and more reason as to why PS4 is selling more.

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A man predicts 599 US DOLLARS for both! Kaz comes back just for the sequel to his speech

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before they release the new Spider-man game they should put Spider-Man and Spider-Man Enter Electro on PS1 classics on PS4 then release Spider-Man 2 on PS2 classics on PS4.

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a man will buy to mooch off of other's creativity and enjoy the top rated levels whenever he wants for unlimited value like he does with LBP3

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A man always enjoys re-visiting classics (keep all the great single player games and usually get to them at least once a year for an easy mode run through). It's like re-visiting a classic film. Sure you know what's gonna happen but the experience is still fun. Skyrim on 7th gen also had a lot of framerate problems and low resolution so a man will welcome more immersion with better graphics and draw distance and such. A man also hopes for a PSVR mode for full immersion

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a man is addicted to steel books. Every game should have one

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"way better"...yeah no

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A man won't be clickbaited. Where's the price in the summary? Someone comment it here!

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yeah shoulda banged Delilah and told a watcher's crazy wife to eff off

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well a man finds the souls games to be more frustrating than fun so quality isn't there. A man platinumed Demon's Souls and it took him a long time. Doesn't mean it was better than the marvelous 15 hours he spent in Uncharted. Plus with multiplayer games the maps get tired while a great SP game will be great forever and always revistable like a great film vs. a big blockbuster with no heart

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