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"Valar Morghulis"


Here come the people that don't realize it's not about overall resolution it's about being the best on console. So yeah PS4 is better that's what matters in a comparison #10
Haven't tried Fallout 4 but most likely that (getting it Christmas)

The Order

Until Dawn


Those are the ones that are up there right now. Hasn't been a great year but ok and some very unique titles that all felt like new experiences. #22
*in the US #49
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you're always gonna piss someone off. Sony can't be worrying about those stupid whiny people #1.6
AC Syndicate and MGS5 are tempting at that point but a man thinks Amazon or Gamestop will be bringing them lower or equal #3
A man would enjoy VR with your chest Tsunade! #23.2
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Schoolgirl tentacle DLC is included in the Japanese version #16.1.1
A man watched the walk in 3d IMAX and still got breathless during the walking part. It's all about tricking your mind and getting immersed #11.5
it's like the jump from 2d to 3d! #6.2
Chloe is kind of a bitch but a man really liked Cutter. Very wildly entertaining Jason Statham version of Drake #7
There was already Golden PS4 though so it can go beyond God level? #1.2.2
what is this dragonball? Does it need time to go 100% or does it need to absorb Oculus and valve VR to reach its perfect form? #1.4
Sony matches Nintendo in quality and innovates more but a man can respect Nintendo for their commitment to platformers. The only thing more blockbuster about MS is they advertise more but there's nothing bigger about the actual games. #1.2.4
No. Annual franchises need to start becoming bi-annual or tri-annual. The per release sales will increase. The series won't fatigue as fast so better long term prospects. Other IPs can fill those 1 or 2 year gaps be they new or other cycled franchises. This would also be good for the industry overall as there wouldn't be a couple mega franchises hogging all the sales come the highest selling time of the year. #14
nope. Just because you type it in a sentence doesn't make it true. Forza is like the Madden of racers. Same thing every year. MLB and Forza cancel out every year for exclusives. #5.4.1
Time to bury Forza #5
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Quiet cosplay a writer says?

A man is sure the Xbox fanboys (not fans that's why he added the "boy" in there to differentiate) will spin this as somehow counting as a full exclusive just like they did with Forza Horizon 2 despite those same people attempting to discredit games like MLB and LBP3 as not exclusive. #9
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Looks like lots of time and a little difficulty with the companions. Same as Skyrim in that it'll take awhile but you'll kinda want to do them anyway. A man will have 72 platinums when he finishes the Uncharted collection (destroying his perfect 69 right now) but this will most likely be 73 #19
No news here unless Xbox outsells PS4. It's gotten that lopsided. As much as a man thinks Xbox doesn't deserve even these sales it's getting boring for Sony to dominate. It was much more fun last gen when the Xbox fans tried to hold onto their second place till they inevitably lost it #16
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