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"Valar Morghulis"


A man expects it during the Summer then or perhaps Persona 5 time. Oh well a man already has his but hopefully this helps this wonderful system get in more people's hands. Also buy more WiiUs people a man promises it won't burn your house down (yes a man knows that was a basic Wii) #10
A man hopes for an E3 announcement #11
Really have enjoyed this gen so far. Can't wait for all that's coming this year! Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, GoW3 Remastered, MGS5, Star Fox, Naruto UNS4, Until Dawn, and of course RATCHET REBOOT! #7
For a man and excluding remasters he'd go
1. Far Cry 4
2. Infamous Second Son
3. Resogun
4. The Order 1886
5. Shadow of Mordor #1.2.6
If you can't play Bloodborne sure. Seriously a man has had plenty of fun this gen especially with the consoles being so young. This is the year that equates to 2008 last gen. Compare where we were then to where we are now and you'll see this gen doing just fine. #1
and they haven't been able to replicate for some reason! #11.1.1
Just make a Spiderman game as good as 2! #11
which is more than Daredevil can say... #6.1.1
They've been installing in the middle of the night automatically. So no a man hasn't even noticed any. #24
A man disagrees that Xbox exclusives are better #3.6
what exactly would constitute a bad system? A man never understands what people's expectations are when they say "they're both good systems" #2.2.2
Single player and Galactic Conquest were the best parts of BF2! How is this surprising? Playing those battles made a man like a prequel story which is damn hard to do lol #10
Tarantino would do great with the quick witted Uncharted dialogue but of course they could never get him into an Uncharted film. This isn't that hard guys just copy indie only use Uncharted set pieces like that train helicopter chase and you're golden. Imagine that or the plane in U3 in 4k on the big screen in live action! #11
remake to better match up with the film #8.1.1
Ratchet Deadlocked for $2? Time to earn the final plat available for Ratchet and Clank until the movie game comes out! #8
The title says this is a spoiler. A man disagrees based on what he wrote. #1.1.1
The manga has been over for months #1
well a man bought the Order CE and is skipping Bloodborne. A man can appreciate them both for what they are which is high quality games in their genre #3.6
you'll come over eventually. They all come eventually #1.5.3
a man admires your artistry #1.2.1
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