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listwar.com tends to disagree. They still outdid their competition in terms of exclusives. #6.1.2
2014 was only bad by Sony's standards. They still did better than their main competition (as in the one they compete with for the same demographic) as listwar.com will show. Can't wait for them to really hate their stride. Can't wait for Zelda to add to a man's WiiU strategy. #1.9
Yes you do! Sony does great CEs. GoW Ascension, TLoU, and now this have all had great value for that $20 extra. Also you can sell everything except the steel book and make the new game $40 basically while getting a collector's item that usually looks awesome. #6.1
A man has his collector's edition preordered! Can't wait for this awesome cinematic journey with solid TPS gameplay to match!

That being said a man wishes SCEA would match the bundling and crazy effort SCEE has put into this gen. Maybe losing the November and most likely December NPD will motivate that division to get to work and stop resting on their laurels. Time to start the bundling! They should have had a LBP3 holiday bundle with a second controller for $350... #3
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not for a man. He bought PS4 and WiiU for games he can't get on other consoles and yes of course some 3rd parties since PS4 is best for those this gen as well. Also great free games. #6.1
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no 2014 was the best and that's why a man bought in (for $200 refurbished) during the Summer. DKCTF, Mario Kart 8, and Smash were great this year (a man also got Wind Waker HD and SM3DW from last year) and Zelda and Star Fox will be great next year but not much else of interest on WiiU.

A man has also greatly enjoyed Infamous, Shadow of Mordor, Sleeping Dogs Definitive, TLoU Remastered, LBP3, FC4, GTA5, First Light, Injustice (for free), and a slew of fun indies like S... #5.1
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September 2015 as was the plan all along most likely #6
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guess you really do see and hear what you want to see and hear. The Xbox fans are being just as unrealistic and unreasonable as Playstation ones in their sales predictions if not more so. #2.1.6
and that one month with crazy deals=tendency

Fact is if you don't outsell the competition the month of a price cut and with crazy bundles that put the value of the console alone down to around $200 once you subtract all the other stuff out in your STRONGEST territory then that would be pathetic. Like did people really think that Xbox would be outsold doing all that? They basically slashed the price in half lol. They needed a price cut in Europe too but a man guesses th... #1.8
That already looks about as good as it can on PS3 but a man really wants Bethesda to get to work on Skyrim Remastered at 1080p 60fps or even a stable 30 considering how it ran and looked on PS3 and 360. Also ME trilogy was obviously hampered by hardware so that would be nice. Let's remake some games that were noticeably not running well on 7th gen. #3.1
there's plenty of new games coming out calm down #2.1
PS4 should surprisingly announce theirs lower at the last minute. #4
Loved Stick it to the man and LOVE having things physically (innuendo intended). A man already got TWD season 1 and 2, Wolf Among Us, and Retro City DX physically. #1
*US gaming market for one month*

Let's not overblow this guys or you'll be setting yourself up for a serving of crow come January. #7
soon the suicide squad will attack! Use Will Smith on them America! #1.14
The pattern will stay. Last gen it happened worldwide now it will happen in the US only. Before the PS3 would outsell 360 the whole year before making up some ground in November and sometimes December. Now the PS4 will always outsell Xbox One the whole year (as we've seen). In the US the pattern of Xbox winning the last 2 months will stay as long as MS keeps losing heaps of money in those months. #24
in 1 month in 1 territory too #67.1.1
eh. So the PS4 lead is down to 600k or so. Do people really believe Sony leading by 1/2m is bad for them? A man seems to remember 360 nearly doubling PS3's sales last gen in that region. Meanwhile the worldwide sales have not had One ahead for ONE week this entire year. Now it's great for MS that they STARTED to get back to EVEN in their strongest market. Like this is some serious moving of the goalposts people. MS SHOULD win the US and UK just to stay competitive. Right now t... #67
PS4 is on pace to sell much better than the 83 million and counting PS3. That means close to 100m at least. That market isn't going to disappear in one gen. Sony will at least wait until the console market shrinks for them to 40m or so to pull the plug and as long as PC tech keeps moving ahead then there will always be a need for at least one console especially with the stable of exclusives that is the primary reason for most to buy Playstation. #1.1.3
If that's their strategy then why have they announced 2016 games already? If they had stuff coming they would have announced it at E3. Instead they announced stuff far off just to say they had X number of games at their conference. It's an illusion as listwar.com shows. #1.1.3
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