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"Valar Morghulis"


A man think of one use for her and it involves a naked snake. Come on Kojima use that M rating well! #2
A man wants to do more than meet her. If there isn't a Naked Snake-Quiet explicit scene a man cannot in good conscience give this game better than a 7 even if it makes him drool with just gameplay. It would be just too much of a glaring omission and of course a waste of a Mature rating to not use it. #3
they both still cost around $30 and both are including the DLC. A man sees little difference except TLoU is $10 less and was exclusive so all the haters came out. #8.1.1
And people were mad over TLoU remastered being $50 lol. A man thinks they're both fine values but laughs at how much less hate a multi-console remaster is getting. Oh well haters gonna hate. #8
a man would be happy with a 1080p version with a stable 30fps on PS4 with all the DLC for $50 #7.3
maybe not an exbox after this gen though #1.12
think GTA with more arcadey driving and more kung fu as opposed to gunplay. The side missions are extremely enjoyable #8.1
Looking forward to platinuming it again on PS4! #7
Destiny is pretty much Halo and Borderlands mixed. It has the gameplay of Halo so if you don't like Destiny's gameplay you don't like Halo's. Xbots are such sour grapes lately (multi-console owner of WiiU and PS4). #2.2
Putin won't let the American product do well there. #1.5
calm down there's plenty of stuff to do. Strikes, Raids, Crucible, collectibles, if there's a lack of content that's because you aren't looking for it. #2.1.2
The Order is NOT being hyped at all. All a man has heard about is how terrible it's going to be. Do people even know what overhyping is? #1.5.1
stop spamming this message which is completely untrue. Destiny was less hyped than Titanfall considering how many cautionary tales we had beforehand while Titanfall was greeted as the second coming. #1.6
funny way of spelling worst there #3.2
opposite actually #2.1
That Bungie is still awesome and the other 2 are mediocre. #9
might wanna wait for reviews instead of blindly following a franchise lol #23.1
You could if you got rid of the Xbox and came to the better side of gaming. Sony and Nintendo combo is always a winner (Nintendo for local MP and Sony for all else) #21.1
PS4. Same online network in a man's experience (not literally but same quality), a man prefers PS4's operating system and UI and controller, don't care about EA access (suddenly EA isn't evil now that they have something exclusive to Xbox?), and Xbox does NOT have more first and 3rd party exclusives (PS4 has twice as many games out already lol). Also Quantic Dream. Also they have waaaaaaay more than those 2 studios (didn't even mention their most successful franchise in... #13.4
people said the same about Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk and Medal of Honor way back. Titans can always fall if you get a man's drift. Though Rockstar is good about spacing out releases to keep people from getting franchise fatigue. #3.1
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