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"Valar Morghulis"


nope sorry they're pretty great. A man likes both SP experiences. KZ has some nice open environments compared to its competition and some fun gadgets and Infamous has a very fun city to play around with with those awesome super powers. #3.1.4
smaller chipset and larger capacity GDDR5 cards. A man would honestly rather they implement those things, keep it the same size, and add 2 more USB to it (1 side, 1 back) #6.1.2
look at Playstation history (as far as time from release and slim releases) and you'll realize there is no slim coming this year. At the earliest it'll be Fall 2016. Probably a price cut coming in September though. #6.2
So many games waste their time and development money on MP. If they could all focus on SP we would get more great SP games. Uncharted series, TLoU, Tomb Raider, Resistance 3, and many more have great SPs that a man goes back to time and again to give them unlimited value but he never plays their MP. People need to realize a SP is worth just as much as a MP game and it's not all about quantity of hours. #15.1
A man isn't forced to replay them because Uncharted and all that have MP but he never touches it for more than a week at launch. It takes a great SP that a man will go back to at least annually to make a game truly have value and last forever. A man only keeps great SP games in his permanent collection. #3.3.3
How about both? The Order has plenty of visceral, impactful combat. There's no reason to trash on the numerous long and fun gunfights in the Order. Also the characters are deep and have many hidden motives. The only one that's cliche really is the Lord Chancellor as the annoying authority figure. Still even he gets some pretty nice development as the story goes on. Lots of emotional moments especially towards the end. #2.2.3
Funny a man had plenty of fun playing the Order. There were plenty of long fight scenes where he had complete control. #2.3
Good. How about include it for those who bought the PS3 and PS4 version? A man will have spent $110 on this game by the time he's bought the PS4 version (waiting till $30 on next gen since he bought CE for $80). #25
sony usually has about a 3:1 advantage in Europe which is why MS gave up there and didn't even slash prices on X1 there like they did in the US #4
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there are exceptions to be sure but recent trends favor quicker turnarounds on ps4. xbox is forced to announce farther out to keep up on listwars but through sheer numbers they dont have the number of devs to keep up. #20.1.1
jak 2 is great and it has plenty of platforming. other than that good list #1
Forza and MLB pretty much cancel out at this point. They're both like Madden they just release every year slightly improved.

Also interesting to see how far out MS announces their exclusives. Crackdown, Phantom Dust, and Scalebound are most likely 2016 while Sony does quick turn arounds on games like LBP3 and Bloodborne releasing less than a year after announcement. Most likely we'll get another big one we don't know about in 2015 from them just like LBP3 las... #20
Tearaway unfolded is a new game. They said it's over 50% new content with the rest obviously improved. #15.1.3
Oh look another chance to crap on the excellent game at #12 by putting it last on list. Honestly people need to move on. A man feels like Bloodborne is going to come out and they'll just keep talking about the Order while PS4 owners enjoy yet another AAA exclusive awesome game. #1
that was a not-so-subtle way of praising Naughty Dog. http://i125.photobucket.com... #6.1.1
On PS4 they're already here. The Order, Infamous, and Killzone all had fun single players. Platform exclusives and console exclusives eliminate the question entirely. Even if you don't wanna count those PS4 has come to play and it just keeps getting better with Bloodborne in a month (not a man's thing but he can appreciate a game that looks to be great). Can't wait for Ratchet Reboot, Until Dawn, and Uncharted 4 this year as well as some quick turnaround announcements that... #6
This article has a misleading title. "worst" implies that they actually make bad games. How about "Naughty Dog Games-The Best and The Least Awesome"

That being said, Jak II is awesome but a man doesn't see how TLoU is unfinished when it has a longer campaign and better ending than any Uncharted game. Now a man has platinumed every one of their games that offer trophies and Crash 3 is his favorite PS1 title, BUT Crash 1 and 2 have not aged gracefully... #6
Just don't act surprised when it's announced. We all know it's coming. Then the year after that. Then the year after that. A man wishes it would go back to bi-annual since this and the Show have become the Madden/COD of exclusives. #45
hopefully more like ME3 than 1. A man really enjoyed 3 and its versatile gameplay where you could do a cinematic mode or a hardcore RPG mode #1.3
It has less first party studios (quality is subjective but a man prefers Sony's studios), gives less games with their subscription, and offers less power for not much less money. Those are the 3 big things that sell a console nowadays (the power effects how third parties look and run) so there is really no chance. #5
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