Valar Morghulis
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before they release the new Spider-man game they should put Spider-Man and Spider-Man Enter Electro on PS1 classics on PS4 then release Spider-Man 2 on PS2 classics on PS4.

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a man will buy to mooch off of other's creativity and enjoy the top rated levels whenever he wants for unlimited value like he does with LBP3

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A man always enjoys re-visiting classics (keep all the great single player games and usually get to them at least once a year for an easy mode run through). It's like re-visiting a classic film. Sure you know what's gonna happen but the experience is still fun. Skyrim on 7th gen also had a lot of framerate problems and low resolution so a man will welcome more immersion with better graphics and draw distance and such. A man also hopes for a PSVR mode for full immersion

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a man is addicted to steel books. Every game should have one

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"way better"...yeah no

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A man won't be clickbaited. Where's the price in the summary? Someone comment it here!

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yeah shoulda banged Delilah and told a watcher's crazy wife to eff off

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well a man finds the souls games to be more frustrating than fun so quality isn't there. A man platinumed Demon's Souls and it took him a long time. Doesn't mean it was better than the marvelous 15 hours he spent in Uncharted. Plus with multiplayer games the maps get tired while a great SP game will be great forever and always revistable like a great film vs. a big blockbuster with no heart

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yeah quite a bit. Reminded a man of the Order only not as interesting in setting and not as breath takingly gorgeous

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Ratchet and Clank, Doom, and Uncharted 4 should be top 3. Get Quantum Break outta there.

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They can believe whatever they like. Sony's games drive their sales. They're the more expensive console and they have many lists that prove their superiority in exclusives.

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A man has been saying for years this and Mass Effect are the last gen games most in need of remakes. The PS3 and 360 versions were clearly held back and noticeably so. A man is happy to have a smooth framerate let alone a prettier game. $48 new on Amazon cause a man is in Prime minus whatever he sells PS3 version for on Ebay makes this well worth the price.

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a man was told some would be held. Alas no wait list available

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A man is not surprised. Btw does anyone know how early a man has to show up to get in Playstation Experience in Pittsburgh? A man missed the tickets

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The Order 1886 takes the crown still for a man. Underrated game and a great looking one.

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Doom and Resistance 3. The best FPS games along with Half-Life 2 as they have modern mechanics along side the best of the old school like no 2 weapon limit, no regen health, great wacky weapons, and a player not required to aim down the sights all the time. It's just FUN and not trying to be realistic all the time at the cost of fun.

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Not at this stage because they're saving their big surprises for the big stage, E3 in June.

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While he is one of the few Patriots a man still respects (maybe didn't know about deflategate, spygate, and whatever else we haven't found out about yet) a man doesn't remember Peyton Manning ever being on the cover which seems like an odd omission and this was the perfect opportunity since retired guys can't get the curse and he beat the Pats. Cam Newton was the other natural choice.

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question should be reversed. Can Oculus and Vive compete with the massive Playstation brand name and unified platform?

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huh? A man is simply stating that he makes obvious predictions and wrong predictions. Also a man said nothing of THIS statement.

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