Valar Morghulis
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The one who tried to take away used games and make people stay online before Sony forced them to change by embarrassing them on a national stage? A man doesn't think so

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At least since pachter said it you know it won't happen. A man is happy for that

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Most of the people aren't as against you as you think. A man remembers everyone thinking horizon wouldn't do as well sales wise as it has but they never said it would do better critically than Zelda. Also switch is yet to be seen lifetime how well it does but not many solid predictions on that. Psvr has done better than Sony predicted.

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E3 2013 was the second Death Star blowing up. Now we see the ensuing Sony victories and collapse of Xbox

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Nope. Andrew house and shuhei yoshida are super beloved and personable. Listen to the cheers shu gets every appearance

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People need to just keep their old system of they want to play old games. A man fired up his ps3 for resistance 3 a couple weeks ago and it was still fun though it does make a man realize what a jump there's been in graphics going back

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After E3 2013 and E3 2015 Sony would be crazy to do away with their press conferences. They changed the gaming landscape in 2013 with their curb stomping of MS's policies and a man still remembers the freakouts for their gaming miracles they were birthing in 2015. Three games nobody thought would ever come and the crowd reaction just added to a man's excitement.

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pretty much any new console. A man sees Nintendo will have a big launch game sometimes but then after not so much.

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he's only 57! A man thinks he's got at least 2 decades of game making ahead of him!

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Sony games usually have a fast turnaround so a man wouldn't be surprised like LBP3 which was announced in 2014 then released the same year or Bloodborne which was announced 2014 and released less than a year later.

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A man does like Sunset, but Ratchet and Clank has always been Insomniac's best work so having Ratchet 2016 is the best for a man.

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If a man said he wasn't comfortable with his species and asked to be made into a dog man that would freak people out right?

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since Sony entered console gaming they have outsold Nintendo by about 215 million consoles. Nintendo has not won sales wise. Add in handhelds since Sony entered and it gets closer but still about a 70 million lead for Sony. So yeah Nintendo hasn't done just as well. A man questions your math

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a man disagrees. New season coming this Summer!

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a man had business to attend to. A girl caused him trouble in Bravos

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a man avoids multiplayer trophies and never gets the platinum in a game with those. These collectibles require some fun climbing sequences so there's some skill involved plus getting past the machines to get there.

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A man thinks more games should offer rewards like or INfamous where a player would get in game power bonuses depending on the trophies they had on previous games.

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this is like if home video had killed off movie theaters. Didn't happen

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No. Sony seems to be providing plenty for a man.

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A man is surprised. After getting a platinum a man felt this was one of the best new IPs since TLoU

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