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"Valar Morghulis"


yes name calling very mature

A man thinks both departments have plenty of funding. No games will be cut if Sony decides to make a slim. #13.1.3
they already have USB 3.0 but a man agrees Xbox will get one sooner. For one they need the sales spike more, for two they need the size reduction more, for three they have the space inside to reduce size as it has a wonky interior with lots of unused space #12.1
cause the same people work on hardware and software at Sony

/s #13.1
that's what sold separately stands are for! #5.1.1
when they drop to $199 in 2017 they will use the slim to cut costs on shipping and manufacturing and such. A man wishes they had a 4 USB model for a little more though #2.2
A man's launch PS4 is rather silent. At least not loud enough to be heard over the game as a man has never noticed it #1.2.6
don't like focus on online. Always preffered single player narrative driven games and that's what a man buys. Trophies are nice but unnecessary and Sony already improved it so they can go away now #63.1.1
A man demands that they give up and stick to PC. They'll never be what Sony or Nintendo is #63
Does this really qualify as news anymore? Just say PS4's winning streak continues #41
Now this is a true remake not just reskin with better graphics like Halo, Gears, TLoU, and the such and a man honestly can't believe they're only charging $40 for it! #13
A man already has it on disc so yeah you are #2.1
well to be fair it has killed mobile gaming. The 3ds is WAY under the DS and Vita is dead outside Japan. A man isn't sure why "experts" thought the cheap mobile tablet gaming experience would replace home console play #20.1
but WiiU is already dead with Vita :(

Handhelds really are dying. #9.1
A man always thought consoles were dying analysts. Well at least one could fit in the Xbox One and die in there. #7.2
But Pachter predicted it! #1.4
PSN was down? A man playing Fallout 4 #27
you just don't get it. Let a man explain

1. Indies don't count and only Playstation indies are indies. The Xbox ones are legit artistic endeavors that count the same as AAA

2. All Playstation exclusives suck. The ones that are rated less than 75 on meta are automatically not fun for anyone and the ones that are rated higher than that are overrated

4. Playstation 4 games that are on PS3 like LBP3 don't count as exclusives but ga... #10.2
The freedom that Sony gives its devs and the wacky stuff they put big bucks behind to even unproven studios (LBP1 anyone?) combined with Kojima's creativity seems like a match made in heaven #43
A man is almost sure Sam is evil. Remember in the first teaser for the game? The dialogue matches "17 years you left me rotting in that hellhole" "you owe me" and bringing up the past? Sure Sam is being nice in this conversation but a man is sure he's also the guy in the first trailer as the rotting in prison and someone leaving him stories match up. It probably won't come out that way until they're at an emotional high #6
exactly what a man is thinking. Plus they'll have a good portion of the year to sell it most likely and if it impresses the holidays will have a hot item that attaches easily to an item millions of them already have. This is not going to take nearly as much technical expertise as the PC based ones it'll be much more plug in and play if you have a PS4 which over 50% of gamers do. #1.10.2
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