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The Order 1886 takes the crown still for a man. Underrated game and a great looking one.

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Doom and Resistance 3. The best FPS games along with Half-Life 2 as they have modern mechanics along side the best of the old school like no 2 weapon limit, no regen health, great wacky weapons, and a player not required to aim down the sights all the time. It's just FUN and not trying to be realistic all the time at the cost of fun.

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Not at this stage because they're saving their big surprises for the big stage, E3 in June.

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While he is one of the few Patriots a man still respects (maybe didn't know about deflategate, spygate, and whatever else we haven't found out about yet) a man doesn't remember Peyton Manning ever being on the cover which seems like an odd omission and this was the perfect opportunity since retired guys can't get the curse and he beat the Pats. Cam Newton was the other natural choice.

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question should be reversed. Can Oculus and Vive compete with the massive Playstation brand name and unified platform?

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huh? A man is simply stating that he makes obvious predictions and wrong predictions. Also a man said nothing of THIS statement.

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A man played on hard and it really wasn't even that difficult.

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basically any telltale game. A man has gotten platinums for TWAU, TWD season 1, Tales from the Borderlands, and finally GoT. They all just involve playing through a game where the only way to not progress is to fail a quicktime event.

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Ah Pachter. The man who either makes ridiculously obvious predictions or wrong ones. It's a wonder how he continues to get paid for analysis for stock holders.

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they only buy dudebro shooters and don't care about creativity

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that's actually true about Xbots. Well that and apps

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A man needs an FPS with no 2 weapon limit, a fast moving character, no regen health, and no reloading. The shooters of today care too much about realism. Time for THIS! It's filling a void that has been empty for 15 years save Resistance 3.

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correction. It failed because it was on Xbox One only. Xbox gamers don't appreciate the genius of Ratchet and Clank developers Insomniac

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3d platformers are an untapped market recently. They were oversaturated for awhile but now they're so scarce. Ratchet and Mario are the two big holdouts. A man wants Naughty Dog to return to that in some way (Crash, Jak, or a new series) as they are some of the best at 3d platformers yet have gotten so sucked up with cinematic games (which a man has loved but one team for each would be better) that they don't look like they'll be back soon

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just put a co-op mode in there!

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can't believe they scored ACiT so low. A man will take that game over ToD any day (love them all other than A4O and FFA though)

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new continuity. New protagonist. No matter how you try to connect these two stories it will be sloppy

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here's what a man doesn't get. There are always new things. New weapons, new scenarios, new story, new set pieces. So some mechanics are old but if they can charge $15 for 2 hour DLC then $60 for 12 hours more of story sounds pretty good!

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A man doesn't play the multiplayer anyway so that adds no value and takes away focus from the part he does play. If you make a great single player then it's like a great film. You can watch/play it over and over and it will still be great. As opposed to online where it always gets boring after not too long for a man. A man only keeps games that he can go back and replay at least once a year like The Order 1886, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and man...

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you'll forget you're playing the game and starve it'll be so immersive! Kinda like that surrogates movie with Bruce Willis except this will be good

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