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Just because Sony isn’t releasing games DURING the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t buy their games that have come out all year like horizon. A man counts all the games as selling points plus they’re cheaper if you’re just getting them now

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a man was very impressed by the beta. The game had a lot better feel than the first and the ship combat was FANTASTIC compared to the first.

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whatever. A man won't be buying anything and if the game isn't fun without it a man will sell it back or just stick to co-op and single player

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did a user play Resident Evil 7? Because that was TOO scary in PSVR even for a man

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not being able to sell physical games is a big one. A man doesn't always keep his games. And don't give a man that digital trade-in BS

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what a man doesn't get is people acting all surprised or acting like the devs lied to them. Like they said from the start that black bars would be there and that it would be more cinematic. Yet when Telltale or Quantic Dream make an interactive drama it's "oh it's fun and I didn't expect hard gameplay." A man just likes cinematic games and this had pretty solid third person shooting and was more interactive than many games. They delivered exactly what they promis...

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A writer should not make this statement as a title. Show a man the controller and he will decide for himself what to call it.

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it's the best controller ever invented. get used to the symmetrical sticks. A user would get used to it after a day just like a man gets used to asymetrical despite not preferring it if he plays Xbox at someone's house.

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use symmetrical sticks for a day and a user will see it's more natural.

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why does a user think Nintendo had symmetrical for 2 gens? They had a downgrade by going Xbox this gen unfortunately.

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it's not a sin to have symmetrical sticks. WiiU had it. PS4 has it and it has the best controller ever. A man is sorry for your disfigured hands.

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ew why would a user want that? are a user's thumbs offset?

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There is no holiday boost when your launch boost is in the same time frame. A man never got why consoles release around the holidays because they would naturally get a boost around then anyway so you're blowing two boosts at once. Should launch in September and get that initial bump out of the way like Nintendo is doing now

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After seeing the Wonder Woman movie a man thinks her combat would work really well in a game.

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A man thought Just Cause 2 was quite repetitive and took too long to reset yourself after a death as well as not being able to get permanent vehicles but will try Just Cause 3

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A man cannot condone putting Yookah Laylee on this list. How does it stand out from other platformers? A man hasn't seen many 3d platformers outside of mario in generations! The mechanics hold up wonderfully and the charm is palpable from the loading screens that say "if cartridges were still popular, this game would've loaded by now" to the characters breaking the 4th wall all the time. The main flaw is a man can't get the platinum trophy because of a damn glitch on...

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golf sucks. Too much time and money unless you own a course or something and takes way too much time

A man gives golf a 1/5

Now back to crash, it's very difficult but Warped is still fun and a man platinumed it. By far the best of the trilogy.

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yeah until you have to do a time trial lol

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Dark Souls is a lot easier. It's just more of a grind. A man literally can't advance in Crash 1 and the time trials aren't even worth trying once a man got to the level where you're scaling the wall. A man platinumed Demon's Souls (which why does everyone default to Dark Souls when that one is the original?) and it was way easier than this!

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thank the many faced god! Such an outdated concept left over from the coin op days. Just let us have a damn checkpoint especially in one shot kill games. It makes NO difference in difficulty if you can start at a later point in the level because it's one shot no matter where you start. Therefore a man should not have to do a bunch of easy stuff to get the part where he always dies. Have a checkpoint right before the hardest parts so a man try those in quick succession without wasting...

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