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"Dig it. @JapanDudeGirl"


How so? Differs from your opinion? #1.1
FTG! FTW! #1
It very much so has gotten boring. #2
Resistance 3 is a baby game. #1.1
Everyone that I know that has played around with it seems to really like it. My one friend used to pay in bands and what not. Now has a family and don;t have time to keep up with his chops. He was saying not only does it register your notes, it shows you stats on how fast you play. He really digs it. I think it is awesome that games have come this far. #3
Your spelling and grammar is amazing. #17.1
I think reviews depend on the reviewer and not the scale.

That is like saying a 300 pound man is not over weight because he has a scale that goes up to 900 pounds. #1.1
I am a sucker for Thief news. #1
no Nomad? #1
i can dig it #1
w/o opinions the terrorists will surely win #3.1.1
Speedball was an awesome time. The game was good too. #1
awesome #1
I have heard there was a bunch of lag issues and weird stuff with this beta. I will happily what for it to come out to make an opinion. I think I will be pleased. #1
Ico was a boring game then as it is now. #5
awesome icon! #2
Bad ass! #1
I played some of the demo, and I liked the sense of power that the character has. A lower price point I think would make this get into more hands. #2
Everyone likes a podcast! #1
more people need to go into space. #1
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