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Here is how to bypass the reg site


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I hear people say that everyday, yet it keeps getting more popular...strange


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ehh...you know this is a user powered site right? If you think there is so little good news reported on N4G about Sony why haven't you stepped up to the job and reported it yourselves? Yes there have been alot of negative stories on N4G but that has nothing to do with this website, N4G just reflects what other game sites report. Also you will find plenty of good PS3 news on this site, but I guess people only see what they want to see...

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"Those leaked screens are real. First leaked batch were from a really old build which we had to use to make print magazine deadlines. Second batch (the same batch I'll post in the morning) are the official first screens of the game. Oh well. If you think they look awful or whatever, I'm not here to change your mind -- not much I can do about that. The haters will hate, I suppose. All this forum drama is pretty nuts.

Keep in mind that the game is far from finished and many ...

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I will get me a PS3 either way because of games like Motorstorm and MGS4, but this is really bad news for PS3 fans , and good news for Xbox 360 fans I guess.

I don't think most Americans realize just how big a sport Football is. American Football is a really small sport compared to Football and many people in Europe buys game consoles for the sole reason to play FIFA Football games or the Pro Evolution Soccer series.
MS must have paid a big load of money for this deal...

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