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Agreed, As good as this story was to read, I can't help but feel the game is just providing him a temporary form of escape. Once that game is done and over, you're right back to square one. And even then, it's not doing anything good for you in the long run, despite how harmless it may feel.

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Yeah, truth be told though it was being abused. I co-op'd a lot and dam near everyone I came across on WotN would start the mission with critical HP with like 21312312312312312312 different buffs on. Needless to say, it was kinda overpowered.

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Surprised Nioh isn't that on that list. Especially if they put Souls and Bloodborne on there

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Online friends are real friends, IMO. Only thing that I would say you can't establish online is a legit relationship since (for me at least) it has to be both physical and emotional together to make it happen and being strictly online prevents the physical. Again, that's just my view on it. I've come across a lot of people who start being boyfriend/girlfriend strictly online, so it does happen.

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Weird, I was nostalging (new word?) to this game last night listening to Pilot Wings 64 OST - Birdman. Always loved that song.

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Nice article and well written man. I've recently went back and started replaying Mass Effect 1 and it's interesting how even though I know how the entire trilogy comes to a closer, I still find myself loving every second of it and being immersed into the game's atmosphere. Wish there were more articles like these on N4G.

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How else are they going to make a story on a "sensitive subject"

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Not to say it isn't bad but this has been happening since online gaming first started. Racist, sexist, w/e you could think of, it's been in online gaming. I remember playing Mech Assault on XBL (think it was the first XBL game, could be wrong) and you heard it there. Was the same with SOCOM 1 back on PS2 online. Definitely wasn't as big as it is now but naturally that's because online gaming in general is bigger now so it's more noticeable. I've never played Over...

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I have a feeling the 60fps mode will basically be PS4 Pro boost mode that we have now, which is pretty much 50-55ish+ fps IMO. Would be interesting to see a framerate test from Digital Foundry or someone on XIV to really see.

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It would get shutdown/not supported long term just like PSU did back then.

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Would be better news if they made the game like the first Splinter Cell games (Splinter Cell 1/Pandora Tomorrow/Chaos Theory). If that was true, then I would be very excited to see it.

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Dam, still no fix for the level 4 merchants who are almost all bugged and won't come back to your settlements.

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Not to mention rehashing the same content with a different skin.

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It never hit me til now, but anyone else fucking tired of seeing the Japanese school girl outfit look?

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And still no news on US/EU release. Don't even see the point in looking at something we won't even get at this point.

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You can say the same about Tomb Raider going on Xbone first and then PS4 later. I am going to wait for the PS4 version, instead of running out to buy a Xbone just to play it first. I would do the same for FF7 going to PS4 first and then Xbone. If I only had a Xbone then I would wait, instead of running out to buy a PS4 to play it first.

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Tbh, you don't HAVE to buy remakes nor DLC, it's optional. And when it comes to games, (if you have the service), you can rent them from Gamefly/Redbox, which I highly recommend. Everything else is right tho.

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Kinda off topic a bit, but I wish that in general that more Anime would adapt to having the main cast be of the 23+ aged range instead of the typical story revolving around 15/16 year old, second year high school character.

Like, I get the whole appealing to your audience and all, but me personally, I feel that I take the stories a little bit more serious when it's an adult instead of a teenager.

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I wanna say the "If you have a life" part was more meant to poke at gamers as a whole since it's assumed by some that people who online game don't have a "life". Like a way to get your attention to check out the article.

Either way it's silly.

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Panzer Dragoon Orta

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