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Dam, still no fix for the level 4 merchants who are almost all bugged and won't come back to your settlements.

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Not to mention rehashing the same content with a different skin.

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It never hit me til now, but anyone else fucking tired of seeing the Japanese school girl outfit look?

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And still no news on US/EU release. Don't even see the point in looking at something we won't even get at this point.

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You can say the same about Tomb Raider going on Xbone first and then PS4 later. I am going to wait for the PS4 version, instead of running out to buy a Xbone just to play it first. I would do the same for FF7 going to PS4 first and then Xbone. If I only had a Xbone then I would wait, instead of running out to buy a PS4 to play it first.

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Tbh, you don't HAVE to buy remakes nor DLC, it's optional. And when it comes to games, (if you have the service), you can rent them from Gamefly/Redbox, which I highly recommend. Everything else is right tho.

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Kinda off topic a bit, but I wish that in general that more Anime would adapt to having the main cast be of the 23+ aged range instead of the typical story revolving around 15/16 year old, second year high school character.

Like, I get the whole appealing to your audience and all, but me personally, I feel that I take the stories a little bit more serious when it's an adult instead of a teenager.

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I wanna say the "If you have a life" part was more meant to poke at gamers as a whole since it's assumed by some that people who online game don't have a "life". Like a way to get your attention to check out the article.

Either way it's silly.

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Panzer Dragoon Orta

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Dam, same day as 2.4 on XIV too.

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This game is no different then something like GTA, it just doesn't hide what it's message is. Funny how something like Gears of War chainsawing people in half and the gore-filled finishers weren't bad, but switch those Locust/COG with innocent people and all the sudden god forbid!

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So first it was in Dragon Age: Origins you had healing spells and potions (stackable) that you could just spam at will. Dragon Age 2, you still had healing spells but couldn't spam them since healing spells, along with potions (stackable), had a pretty annoying cooldown length to them. Now with Dragon Age 3 they all but take it out of the game, lol.

I'll wait to play before I raise hell or w/e.

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That's crazy man. I always watched these guys games back when Gears 1 was still going. I hope his family will be well.

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They basically made M. Prime to where instead of instantly priming all enemies in the range of the attack, it now has a wave that slowly expands (based on your duration % from mods) to prime enemies.

Instead of explaining in detail to full length, I'd rather just link this video that shows it all:

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I get more the feeling that they are doing that because of what's going on in the news. Basically they're just doing it to get a kick out of it.

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I can't agree this E3 on that. Sony was pretty weak if you ask me. Would have been better if there was more live gameplay instead of trailers, which could be said about everyone. Pretty clear that these companies didn't have most of their stuff ready for E3 this year and put stuff together last second for E3.

I'm starting to think the Live letter for XIV will be the winner of E3 IMO.

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Day one!

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I will say that I kinda prefer having 1080p/30fps with extra power going into graphics/AI over just extra going into 'trying' to reach 60fps. We still haven't seen a game on PS4 that can run a *solid* 60fps locked that's an actual $60 title, nor am I a fan of games constantly going dropping from 60fps (Tomb Raider: DE, FFXIV beta, BF4 (during Conquest), Warframe, etc...

Unless they can have a guaranteed 60-50fps lock, they should only lock at 30fps and use ...

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If you're talking about this one:

The first footage that says 2012 is from the very first reveal, which was running on PC. PS4/Xbone wasn't even announced at that time. The second is PS3 though.

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Dam good find, thank you for the information.

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