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Obviously! 5/5 is 100% don't be a fool

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You can jerk me off on the way..

Nar I'm joking...

You can suck me off

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You should try alter bridge, better than all the bands u listed..

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I can't see the step from this to next gen will be as big as last to this gen. Console gaming can only go so far...

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The whole of mgs3. I just love mgs3!!!!

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Maybe.... Where else can they go? Goggle gaming will be the next big thing

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Stick it in the fridge after a half hours of play

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Tomb raider great reboot fantastic game

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The ps3 is like DVD's, will be around for a while ps4 is like Blu ray..

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Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but it is FACT that this game is better than 8

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I'm 89% in I don't want it to end!!!

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I think this to next gen consoles is gonna be like DVD to Blu ray, Blu ray is best but DVDs are sticking around...

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I always thought game favoured the x-box...

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What a great video after watching this I now believe it

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Am I a fool being I've had the game for two days and still haven't played it yet

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No the cutscenes were long enough in mgs4..... All mgs4 needed IMO to be a perfect game is more gameplay. MgsV will be awesome :)

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What about the other characters? I hope the guy who voiced ocelot in mgs3 is in 5 aswel... And maybe Eva etc...

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Mw1, mw2, mw3.... Who can even imagine what is coming next..

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What a stupid offer its rewarding people not loyal to the franchise.....

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Looking through buildings to see enemy's was a great feature especially when taking over bases, it's not a perfect game but its dam close!

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