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"Looking forward to posting some reviews"


Yeah, I was planning to play this today...so this sucks lol. #1.1
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I don't dislike The Order, I just don't love it to death. I have no reason to try and start a flame war on a game (I express within the write up) that I'd actually love to see expanded on in a sequel. #6.1
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That's actually one of the reasons I express in the write up. I think the unique weapons were a high point in the game, but for some reason they are barely seen in comparison to the generic handguns and assault weapons. #1.1.1
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Seems he more based the score on the gaming being too hard, than actually being functional. I'd hate to see the review for Bloodborne. #13
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I think a lot of the bigger sites had the advantage of getting coaching sessions from Evolve's developers and also were able to join with multiple players who actually wanted to work as a team.

Personally after 20 hours of gameplay, I barely have met players wanting to work as a team and nobody on my friends list is playing. Evolve is fun when everything aligns, but that isn't often. #12
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I am all about the single player, but I think hardcore fans barely touch it. Almost every COD player I know goes straight to multiplayer or zombies, the campaign doesn't interest.

Either way COD has more to offer than single player, and a lot of people tend yo favour those modes. #3.2.1
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I remember reading about the Alien Isolation Trophy completion rates the other week, and like with that I don't think these statistics can be used to correctly judge compeltition rates.

Sure they do showcase a percentage, but this also ignores those who don't sync their trophies and for some, completing a game isn't a priority to simply playing and enjoying it.

How many hours could one out in DAI and never earn the Game Complete trophy, when they... #3
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Hopefully the rest of the episodes are as good as this one. #1.1
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Isn't this...really old news? I hate to be that guy, but we were told about Ciri awhile ago. #1
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As an avid trophy hunter, this isn’t that surprising. Most games only have a small percentage of the total number actually complete them, the number above would also be even smaller due to those who either didn’t play online or never synced their trophies.

I remember only last year a few developers revealed how little the amount of players who actually complete the entire game actually was, so in this case for a game that was mainly criticised for how long it actually was, th... #49
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To be fair, 2K are the ones who still own the Bioshock IP. So though Irrational may not be working on remastered titles, 2K have shown (from today's Borderlands announcement) that they are more than willing to do so.

For reference.
http://www.vg247.com/2014/0... #2.1
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They've said it is a timed exclusive. So it will most likely come to PS4 and PC. Nobody will talk about it because they want the Xbox version to sell. #4
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Thank you, saves me from pointing it out. #7.2
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Our reviewer held his review as long as possible, if anything we are one of the later reviews to go live due to the problems. Sadly, there wasn't much change after all these updates for his experience. Sure it may have fixed some issues for some people, but after speaking with the reviewer in question, he didn't receive a better experience post-patch.

Either way, it's not the best for a review to be delayed this long in hopes of a game working. Its seemed to be a... #1.2
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Our reviewer is a HARDCORE Halo fan and has had the game since before launch putting in an extensive amount of time. He also told me how sad he was to have to give it the score he did.

You can call clickbait, you'd be wrong, but you certainly can call it. Hopefully you read the review and saw his concerns. #1.1
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Thanks for the chuckle :P #1.1
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Well this update fixed me, seems to have now been resolved :) #5.2.1
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Well I have 2.01 installed and that actually caused the problem. Maybe I am just a small percentage that the fix actually caused the problem. #5.1.1
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Just curious, is anyone else only experiencing the Rest Mode error after update 2.01? I had no troubles after 2.0 and now it happens every time. #5
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That must be it. Not sure how this article got as much steam as it has, since the user can't even use the correct image. #79.1.1
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