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iv tryed my best at getting a perfect good time lap over and over again 100s of times and its near impossible to get into the top 40,000...

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in an AMG or something that would be sick!

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He's Mac Compatible ;) not anymore!!!!!!

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you cant believe everything you read on the internet" ;) KB

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theres nothing mind blowing or anything at all even the 360 fans admit there disappointed!

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i remember a time where you just bought a game and that was it you would spend hours having fun with it GTA San Andreas is a good example but now you have to pay for dlc this dlc that

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Gran Turismo 5 will have a MAZZIVE IMPACT on ps3 sales will go through the roof and GT5 will sell millions very possibly claiming the number one most sold exclusive ps3 game

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i totally agree a party system also would make online on the ps3 a better experience come on sony!

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over psn in voice chat, but we also like to play the same game online or differant games i wanna be able to talk to them while playing GT5p or some game while there doing what ever they want its a great idea and is much needed imo

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reasons been it would be expensive cos these hard drives ant just your average laptop hard drives for your ps3 etc these cost quite a bit of money for microsoft to make and its getting hard to fit more and more space in that size hard drive that microsoft make for the 360 microsoft wont admit it but sonys hard drive method for the ps3 is way better but microsoft make wayyyy more money on these bloody things thats why they stick with it... its all about the money

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is because if theres no halo? what will xbox 360 come to yes its got gears and that but it needs to keep those titles coming

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i even got the receipt out just now i spent £490 ps3 60gb resistance fall of man and a extra controller on launch night best investment i ever made.

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will be revolutionary.

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as that no controllers are used its just movements of your body only with natal " no controllers required and can work with any experience" thats what they keep banging on about its what they have been sayin since they showed it at E3

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i cant think of anything of the top of my head

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sony have so many exclusives now and so many rumoured exclusives in the works you just cant keep up they own so many first party studios.

when sony saw that 3rd party exclusive games where going multiplat AKA FF13 for example sony new the best thing to do is to get more first party devs there for they grantee quality games and they are alot of titles the problem with microsoft as people say they buy content AKA GTA 4 for 50 million that could have made a full game. and the worse ...

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ps3's know what there talking about unlike people who own 360's it has to be said.

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