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Is Hideo Kojima behind this game? This sounds like one of his genius ideas.


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Ummm I believe that thing would blow my house up.


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Ummm. Ummm. I am actually speechless on this. If I give the bad points and good points from each side someone will be a crybaby, so yeah. It was all over hyped and didn't live up to what everyone was expecting. That is all.


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In the fuck is this shit? It looks like something you can put over a vagina and squeeze the controller inside of the middle. I don't even know what were they thinking with this. I just wanna know how much is it, so I can put in my pre-order :D.


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If you're interested in this I have a gun you can use.


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Glad I didn't spend my 18 bucks today. I thought it was gonna be something mega, unless this isn't all they are announcing. I have all of the games they're giving for free :(. I guess I will use this money to pay off credit card bills. Unless they give us something else tonight.

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The war is over.


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BOOM! I told everyone it would bring BC back.


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The thing is, they've done it for the 3DS and now they're "possibly" using it for their launch console. Sony waited until the release GoW3 to do theirs. That's the difference. Release it around the time of the release of a new Zelda game.


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"New family g"

stopped right there.


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I don't even know.

The Genius Said It

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This is Nintendo's way of saying, "We have nothing that you really want but here are all the Zelda games in Wii graphics quality. We'll release the next Zelda in 2014."

Wait what? Lol at this marketing. I guess all Sony has to do is release a GT collection and the PS4 will sell. While M$ can release a Halo collection. Oh wait, M$ is already doing that. Halo 2 tenth anniversary.

Gaming has become something now.


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This milk tastes so yummy.


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I'm trying to figure out who lost in this situation. All I know is that Sony won.

Sega lost.


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Just read the comic based on Doom and you'll have your answer.

Also Prep time > All


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I just watched the trailer and I came. They better have the original costumes though because that Batman outfit made me go wtf. Hell everyone's armour looks like it came out of the Might Morphing Power Rangers movie.


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If Sony is smart they will buy both companies, so they can work together. That way Microsoft still has some catching up to do. Don't let your opponent get anything. Take what is insight and invest with it.


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Your parents lost.


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Microsoft Lost


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Ah okay thank you

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