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Console versions, innit.

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It's a shame they've screwed with the replay system, seems like they want more micro-transactions.

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Farm the wave survival missions for muchos dollars - well, providing you survive enough rounds.

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Needs moar exclusives.

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G-Police is Sony's, I think.

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"A Garrus game" +1

Perhaps if it was a digital release, the non-human thing wouldn't be a problem, because they'd be selling to people who already "get" Mass Effect not mainstream consumers

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HMV sold more than just games, so not sure that's a valid comparison, and GAME has bounced back.

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As the article points out, the industry's efforts to lock out pre-owned PC gamers are far from a success, and a console armed with a unilateral pre-owned block would face a huge, huge disadvantage at launch.

You're right, Microsoft exists to make money. This would be a terrible way of going about that.

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Dungeon Keeper.

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How would they justify things like the player shooting random civilians in the storyline, though?

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Everybody seems to like Skyrim, Battlefield and Minecraft.

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Does MW really need destruction? I know it's "teh real next gen" and all, but I can't see it gelling with the pace. You'd probably have massive balancing issues, and Call of Duty's got plenty of those already ;)

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Bad idea. Apple already have that market hugely cornered, Xbox should stick to doing what it does best.

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It's more of a Resi rip-off than a Gears rip-off.

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/waits six months
/picks up Witcher 2 PS3 Enhanced Enhanced Edition

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Grinding's fine as long as the combat's fun.

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Just a bit pathetic really. It's not like rebooting Devil May Cry wipes all the previous Devil May Cry games from existence. If you don't like the new one, play the f***ing old ones!

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I think it's development time that makes the difference myself. Though I can see how the world design stuff makes it easier for MA.

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As a Metal Gear fan, I'm deeply worried. As a Platinum Games fan, I'm utterly thrilled.

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