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No. There is no English option. #8.1
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It's not good number. It looks like game shops stocked only few copy of them and sold out at very early time. #1.13
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Yes. So, MS Japan only had 6000 in their stock... Can you believe?

Actually, Japanese xbots were saying there was shortage everytime xbox 360 didn't sold well although there was a new mega title. I heared execuse like SC4 wasn't sold well in Japan because of shortage few days ago. #36.1
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MGO beta is postponed in Japan either.
Check the URL in the article again. MGO beta in Japan is also postponed until 25th 24:00. #42
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17th is just a first date you can download MGO open beta.

The actual open beta will start from 21st. #3
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Push square button to throw wire and push square button again to cut the wire and jump. This trick made me feel good and fast. #18.1
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My Experience
With PS3 version, I needed to wait a few seconds between movies, but 0 seconds between doors. So, I think the installation really works great for PS3. Especially, compared to an old demo movie. The old DMC4 demo movie showed a few seconds loading for all doors. It seemed not like fun for me. Now, although with 20 min installation time, there is no loading time for all doors.

I don't own 360, so I don't know the experience on it.

Anyway, DMC4 is fun game. Go... #129
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This 11" one is 960x540 (quater size of 1080p). Another one (24" or so) might have 1080p but not aveilable in public. I think we need to wait a few years for the 1080p OLED. I cannot wait! #2.1
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Well, I still believed they would give PS2 backward compatibility to all of US. I mean I believe they are hiering ppl who works to develop software only PS2 emu. And in addition, new feature is the backward compatibility for PSP. #2.1
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The original trailer (better encoding) is here.

Have a fun. #4
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Mine runs fine. What kind of problem are you having? #14.1
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There was no new games for PS3 after GT5P AFAIK in Japan, sadly.

More sadly, there is only one game at Jan 17th. No other game until Jan 31st. However, 5 games will go on the sale at Jan 31st. I think Japanese software company don't know how to sell. Who buy enough number of games if all of them hit the street at the same day? #7.1
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I'm suprised by the XBOX360 sales. It was 4000 few months ago. Now, it's 13000. What magic did Japanese MS use? #6
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I bet
Pioneer will say 1080p is the best once they succeed to make their concept black panel in 1080p.

I remember few years ago another company said 720 was the best... #16
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will be released at Jan 31st. We, Japanese, are all waiting for the day. :) #4.4
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100% agree with unsunghero28.

The N4G articles should not fight against or agree with other site. If one of articles biased, all N4G is looked as biased. I am personally biased, but articles should not be. #1.3
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PR rumor control?
has the damage already been done?

In US, is there any law to protect people/company from someone who spreads rumor w/ the purpose to damage him/her w/o any sources? I totaly don't understand why this kotaku can say that although he spreaded rumors for the purpose first. #61
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Agree with you. It's a long empty article. No need to read. Sufuer girl's 2 line comment was much informative. #1.1
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I love Uncharted AI. Enemies are the best in order to kill me. Especially hard and hardest mode, not only their numbers but also their strategies make them tough enemies. #9.1
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wrong source (not an official site)
The link showed as the source is unofficial fan site. It is just a rumor. Check this official site. There is no XB360 things.

It is believed in Japan that ToV will go multi and SO4 goes PS3 exclusive. Just a rumor tho. #9
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