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Surely that would be a reason why it would get funded?

Or can he do it against your will? In which case fair enough.

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Somebody has been watching Cracked videos.

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Nice but I want to play the original Legacy of Kain, I've played all the other ones.

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As much as I enjoyed running around London I would prefer the sequel to be placed in a different location. Hasn't London had enough zombie apocalypses over the years? Madrid or just somewhere that hasn't been done to death.

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If I remember correctly the first Silent Hill movie was voted most popular movie-videogame adaptation by people at LoveFilm. So I have high expectations for this one too.

Then again that Mario film was in that list too, so shows what great an honour topping that list was.

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Interesting but wouldn't you need a Japanese Saturn, or a modded Saturn, to play the disks in the first place?

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I would buy any console, three times to finish, Shining Force III in English!

I didn't know it was meant to be a trilogy when I first completed it, just thought it was a rubbish ending. When I found out, well I'm still annoyed I never got to see the end to the story.

Reading translated scripts about where all the forces join together to fight off the vandals just isn't the same as playing through it.

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An interesting list. You seem to be a fan of only the older games in the series though. Which is fine but a bit of a shame when you've missed out everything post 1996.

Also I never really liked Sonic CD, Stardust Speedway was great, but everything else was just forgettable to me.

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Really hope they do as well as previous bundles.

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Fanboyism is a simple case of cost and the feeling of community. We don't get the same level in other media because films aren't restricted to different types of expensive DVD players (sure there is Blu Ray but you can still pick up standard DVDs) and films don't cost the price of a new game.

We do however see Fanboyism in hardware. Mac vs PC seems to have been around forever and then there are those devices that start with a lower case i that garner a rabid loyal...

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Nice ideas but all the titles need to be flipped. There will be no more X:Total War only Total War:X to "increase brand recognition".

Something set in China would be a nice change. Qin's wars of unification would be a good start. Or maybe following the Mongol's conquests outside of Europe and the Middle East. Outside of Japan we've see precious little of the East.

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I've been playing Double Fine's Iron Legion XBLA game and the font they've used makes they letters smush together and is so small I've given up on reading most of descriptions.

Well it was either that or sit up and my laziness won the day.

So yeah this is a really annoying thing devs do.

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You're definitely missing just plain old 'Spider-Man', I own it on the Dreamcast. It would be in the avoid section.

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I never realised just how many Spiderman games have been made over the years!

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Wow Frogger was the first game I ever played. Amazing that the franchise is still going. Especially after Frogger 3D

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Of course it's better than Episode 1, it has Tails!

Really looking forward to downloading this...next paid day.

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Cool; about time Icarus reappeared!

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I disagree that your choices mattered. The choices of the past two games did, and Bioware did a very good job of making me feel like my choices had an impact on the world. It's the choices of this game that didn't have an impact on the ending and that was kinda the point of joining together the galaxy to fight against a common foe wasn't it?

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I wonder if the game will have a large wilderness section. Outside the cities ever haven't had much chance to explore since ACI and it does seem that it would fit in with the story more now.

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Problem being is that everybody that backed the game with more than $15 will already get a copy of the game via steam.

I'm sure it'll be a fun game but all the hard-core fans have effectively already bought the game.

It'll be interesting to see how it sells.

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