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Awolvie - great comment. It is a shame that people try and shame people from seeking the medical attention they desperately need. About 12 years ago I suffered a really terrible depression that I thought I could cure with improving my lifestyle - and the result was that I had such a breakdown that I was in a near psychosis and depression. Medication wasn't an easy fix but did eventually help and after 4 years of treatment I was able to return to a normal healthy life. I hope people re...

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Now release a GOTY edition so I can finally buy it now that all the DLC business is done with.

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They shouldn't give PITA the attention. That's all they wanted in the first place. Just ignore them

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About time. I've been waiting for this for quite a long time after the cliffhanger ending of Dreamfall!

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Sacred 3? I had no idea that it was even in development. That is pretty awesome and I really look forward to it. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

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I realize it is still popular to hate on EA and ME3, but this is a bit ridiculous. I hate DLC and almost never buy it (I prefer to wait and buy the complete edition). The Protean character that was day 1 DLC was complete garbage and stupid and really annoyed me and as much as I wanted it, I didn't buy it because I don't want to support these types of business practices.

That said, this DLC is coming out some 7 or so months after the game was released. Maybe the plo...

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Patience is a virtue with great rewards in these cases!

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Getting rid of invulnerable minions affix? That is the best thing hidden in there!

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Wait, the delay of Half-Life 3 is a conspiracy to bring a socialist/corporate (how those two are one in the same is beyond me) one world order?

That is the most entertaining bit of nonsense I've read in a while.

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Might want to actually read the incredibly short article before making a foolish comment like that.

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Advanced tooltips should have defaulted on. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want them! Without it the descriptions of the runes and spells are pretty worthless imo.

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@Lucretia - no offense was taken. You are just giving your opinion which you should be free to do without apology. I know that doesn't always end well on N4G (or anywhere on the internet), but I'm always happy to engage in a discussion with people giving their opinions in a rational manner :)

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I just wanted at least as fun as Diablo and Diablo 2. They changed a lot of things, some for the better, some for the worse. I refuse to get bent out of shape over things if the game is fun and worth my time and money. Diablo 2 was one of two games I played while I was in university and I'm sure I sunk more hours into it than probably all other games I own combined. If Diablo 3 provides half of that, I'll be happy. Sure, it isn't perfect and I'm not trying to argue it is,...

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I don't think I have low expectations, but I didn't have insanely high expectations either like a lot of people seemed to have had. I just wanted a game that I could sink a lot of hours into that would entertain me for a long time like Diablo and D2 did. I can't judge that yet, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. Sure, there are lots of areas where D3 isn't great (like the plot), but they were expected. I think having realistic expectations and not demanding perfect...

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Doesn't meet any expectations? That can't be true, because it met and exceeded a lot of my expectations!

They do need to fix up their server issues though - but that wasn't totally unexpected.

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I disagree with this article at its core point - that Blizzard is slowing waning because it has caved to the short attention span of games. If we look at what Blizzard produces, they are few and far between. I don't think it is fair to say that 'gamers have less and less of an attention span... [ and] sadly Blizzard bows'. With SC2 and D3, they have made games that they hope will last. Starcraft 2 is going strong without constant additions and I'm sure Diablo 3 will do the...

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Blizzard is smart in sticking with doing what they know how to do. No point trying to make the best FPS, the best open world RPG, the best RTS, the best .... you get my point. Better to do a few things really really well than to do lots of things adequately (or poorly).

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This game will be epic.

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Oh, yes please! I played the crap out of the first one and will do the same to II. Would love to get my fix started early :)

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Myself included. There is no need for any game to use GFWL. Will it force you to use the rockstar social club as well though? I hated that for GTA IV.

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