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Aww yeah DKC2 glad to see it in this list!

Bramble Blast on repeat for just about an hour, or two... #2
Just bring back all the good shows!

I would happily watch old episodes of X-Play, Cinematech, Filter, Cheat! Judgement Day, and other shows if they were still broadcast. G4 could even make money releasing older seasons on DVD or for download in the iTunes Store. #1
Everything about this looks amazing. I still feel SNES is my favorite game console because the graphics, music, and controls are just simple. They work, and they're fun too. I hope more game developers will continue building stuff like this and keep the flame alive. #1
Boco the Chocobo has a special place in my heart #1
One of my favorites will forever be John DiMaggio. He perfectly encapsulates Wakka from FFX, and his voice will always be known as Bender Bending Rodríguez in my heart. #1
I wish developers could still publish games for Super Nintendo. Looking back, that was a really classic gaming system. #1
Although I am not a huge MMO player, I love keeping updated with the Final Fantasy titles. FFXI was amazing for a PS2 release and I'm hoping to feel the same way about XIV on PS3. #1
I know this didn't make the list, but does anybody remember that old GBC series called 'Survivor Kids'? You end up on a deserted island and you have to make your own tools, food, and find your way off. It was a cool RPG and I'll always remember it as a classic.

I found the wiki entry but no pictures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... #1
This looks so incredible I am psyched to get this on PS3! Finally both International versions in English.. it is like a dream come true. #1
I just freaking love Animal Crossing. The music, maps, artwork, it is all so peaceful. It's a nice variety from the common shooters and fighting games. #1
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Very nice writeup. I personally will never forget the SNES DKC series or the amazing Goldeneye 007 for N64. So many classic titles, Rare always has a place in my heart. #2
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Oh definitely DKC2 that's such a classic SNES title.

Honestly all 3 games in that series are fantastic. #1
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Oh god I am so old... #1.1
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I'm practically pissing my pants with anticipation. I'd just love to have sliding dash and leaf bracer back again! #3
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Interesting discussion, I don't know if I can agree but these are good questions. I still love my classic SNES and I don't know what I would do without retro/used game shops.

Well eBay I guess... #1
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I'm still waiting on a PS3 release. Should be pretty epic considering FFXI. #1
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omg so much amazing adventure time. #1
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the dream eater is adorable too. #1
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Oh gosh yes! It's so crazy to see how weird the newer controls are. And let's not even get started on all the handheld releases. #3.3
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Honestly could not agree more... #1.2
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