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Keep following Snookies, I'm trying to make the best game possible using the bare bones of the game. It'll be interesting to see what's possible with RPG Maker VX using no modifications.

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I'd either just leave them to it or ask them if their child asked for the game. If they said no I'd tell them the games aren't very good and recommend them something more appropriate depending on the child's age.

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I'm starting to lean towards digital just because it saves so much space.

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I was with you until you said FF XIII should have received better review scores. It's easily the dullest game in the series.

Different strokes I guess.

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Way to lump all PS3 owners into a single group.

I think the best chance on Deadly Premonition coming to the PS3 at this point is a PSN release.

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I don't claim that my opinion if fact, I realize that gaming is subjective. I didn't like GTA IV either but plenty of people did and I wouldn't say they were wrong to do so.

I like freedom of choice in games which is why FF XIII really grated me. It's like the game plays itself...if I wanted that I'd watch a good movie.

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I'd say that Cloud is a lot more of a sympathetic character than Squall. Cloud set out to be a SOLDIER and failed, managed to save a young Tifa from Sephiroth and then was captured, drugged with mako and subsequently saw his friend shot.

Squall just wanted attention from Ellone.

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I was only including the mainline of the series, no sequels or any of the MMORGPS.

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