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Ugh, I hate PETA with the passion of a thousand suns. Their stupidity and hypocrisy know no bounds.

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You really think that the Switch is only on par with a PS3/360? It's just sad that you believe that.

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They used to make strong consoles. The N64 and GameCube were both stronger than PS1 and PS2, respectively.

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People seem to conveniently forget that this can be a MOBILE device. The fact that it's in such a small package and is still as powerful as it is is impressive. It doesn't weigh all that much, either!

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I agree. It's pretty close-minded of them.

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The only comfort I get is that it wasn't Clinton who won.

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You're equating Pewdiepie to Hitler. HITLER. The worst human being in modern history. I'd say that's pretty stupid, myself, regardless of whether you're trying to be hypercritical or not.

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I wasn't aware that Pewdiepie killed millions of Jews.

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Do people not know what "allegedly" means? This is just a rumor with little to no proof, yet people are taking it as fact? Come on, guys.

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Nice try.

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"Being right", huh? You're not paying close enough attention to things in your life, then.

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Sony didn't do backwards compatibility with the PS3 so they could cash in on PS2 sales. Sony's probably trying to do the same thing with the PS4; they didn't even try to do backwards compatibility.

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The name would make sense if it's truly a hybrid console.

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In the last few paragraphs, it looks like says the people who play the games aren't very intelligent.

He admits that he doesn't know anything about the game and says he could ask someone who's played it, but would rather ask someone intelligent.

The games made his books more popular, even though he claims it's the other way around, had them translated into more languages, and helped them sell more, yet he craps all over the game and its fa...

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I've always liked having little figurines of my favorite characters, and Amiibo scratches that itch for me pretty well. I like to buy one every now and then, even though I still don't have very many.

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I've been harassed while playing Pokemon GO, too, but I don't go on the Internet to complain about it. I ignore it and move on.

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For me, it was the GameCube. I had hours of fun playing multiplayer with my friends on so many great games. Plus, its controller is still my favorite out of any other console so far.

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But don't forget that sexual violence against men is okay!

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Technically, he's already had spoken dialogue, in Twilight Princess. The Hero's Shade is the Hero of Time himself.
Also, even it was only two words, he did yell "Come on!" in Wind Waker.

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