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Of course it's underpowered compared to modern consoles! It's designed to be a portable, too. If it had the same power as the PS4 or XBox One, it'd be far more expensive, bigger, heavier, hotter, and with worse battery life.

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If they expand or resolve the cliff-hanger at the end, then I'll definitely buy this again if this turns out to be true.

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The SNES consoles are afraid of the newer, stronger consoles on the market right now. This is commonly referred to as "yellow-belly".

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If it was more powerful, then it would cost more, not to mention it would be heavier and fatter, which wouldn't be good for portability.

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What makes it so bad?

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If I had to choose between 4K and 60fps, I'd choose 60fps every time. Smooth frame rate always takes precedence over resolution for me.

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The salt is real.

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I've been looking forward to this since it was announced.

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Ugh, I hate PETA with the passion of a thousand suns. Their stupidity and hypocrisy know no bounds.

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You really think that the Switch is only on par with a PS3/360? It's just sad that you believe that.

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They used to make strong consoles. The N64 and GameCube were both stronger than PS1 and PS2, respectively.

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People seem to conveniently forget that this can be a MOBILE device. The fact that it's in such a small package and is still as powerful as it is is impressive. It doesn't weigh all that much, either!

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I agree. It's pretty close-minded of them.

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The only comfort I get is that it wasn't Clinton who won.

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You're equating Pewdiepie to Hitler. HITLER. The worst human being in modern history. I'd say that's pretty stupid, myself, regardless of whether you're trying to be hypercritical or not.

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I wasn't aware that Pewdiepie killed millions of Jews.

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Do people not know what "allegedly" means? This is just a rumor with little to no proof, yet people are taking it as fact? Come on, guys.

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Nice try.

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"Being right", huh? You're not paying close enough attention to things in your life, then.

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Sony didn't do backwards compatibility with the PS3 so they could cash in on PS2 sales. Sony's probably trying to do the same thing with the PS4; they didn't even try to do backwards compatibility.

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