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I love how they say that this applies to "every woman that breathes" in this game. So the plentiful women that have small breasts don't count as women? Sorry Nia and Morag, looks like you're not actually female.

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How pompous and arrogant can you be? Your opinion isn't "truth", so don't even pretend that it is.

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Women like the author give all women a bad name. It's sad that we have people so arrogant that they think they deserve more just because they happened to be born a certain gender. What's even more sad is that people actually listen to these idiots.

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So, no traditional boards? I was hoping that there would be boards like there were in early Mario Party titles. Now that I know there won't be, I can ignore this, now.

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You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

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Proofmaster is the type of person who thinks he's better and smarter than everyone else, but doesn't have the knowledge or experience to back it up. He tries so hard to look smart, but fails miserably.
Not to mention it seems like he has a personal vendetta against well known gaming websites.

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Play them in any order you want! They'll all still be there after you're finished with a title. I'd go for Odyssey first, but that's just me.

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And the money from those extra 10,000 could've been in your pocket, Nintendo, if you didn't under stock them. I love Nintendo, but they can make stupid decisions sometimes.

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I haven't been looking forward to a Mario game this much in a long time. Just one more month to go!

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If you're done with the games already out, then wait a few months for new ones. A bunch of awesome games are coming out soon of all genres. Surely some will be of interest to you.

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I'll have to keep my eye on this one. I was a little skeptical at first, but as the trailer progressed, I got more and more on board. Looks pretty interesting!

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I'm glad there's a choice, but I'll always pick higher frame rate over resolution.

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Of course it's underpowered compared to modern consoles! It's designed to be a portable, too. If it had the same power as the PS4 or XBox One, it'd be far more expensive, bigger, heavier, hotter, and with worse battery life.

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If they expand or resolve the cliff-hanger at the end, then I'll definitely buy this again if this turns out to be true.

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The SNES consoles are afraid of the newer, stronger consoles on the market right now. This is commonly referred to as "yellow-belly".

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If it was more powerful, then it would cost more, not to mention it would be heavier and fatter, which wouldn't be good for portability.

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What makes it so bad?

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If I had to choose between 4K and 60fps, I'd choose 60fps every time. Smooth frame rate always takes precedence over resolution for me.

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The salt is real.

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