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They should just make it optional. If a publisher doesn't want to region-lock their game, then they shouldn't have to do it. I would think that, sometimes, being region-free could actually improve sales. #14
Used to be, feminism WAS about equality. Nowadays, feminism has made a change for the worse; it's now seen as women wanting more than men, or simply being a misandrist, and a lot of the time that's true. The ones that are still about equality are silenced now, as feminism has come to be known simply as "women who think they're better than everyone else" to the majority of the people.

There needs to be a new movement, one where it is equality that it stri... #4.3.5

That's how it is, unfortunately. Negative things usually stick out more than positive things in people's minds, and some people just like to ignore the good things altogether so they can feel more "correct" about their negative feelings. #1.1.11
Why can't we just leave her alone? The faster we leave her alone, the faster she'll go away (hopefully). #25
Maybe because, to some people, the game isn't crap? #8.1
I think Link's sword beam and Samus' cannon would actually be pretty good weapons for Mario Kart. Maybe add Link's and Samus' bombs, as well?
The character-specific weapons is one of the things I miss the most from Double Dash. I loved that huge banana and the Bowser shell. #4.1.1
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I'm with you on this one; I would much rather have it be dubbed than just subbed. If it's in a different language, it just doesn't have the same impact to me.

I'll hold off on getting it for a while, since there are a lot of games coming out at around the same time it's released. I do plan on getting it eventually, though. #5.5
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People will use anything they can to harass people.
You're fat? They'll make fun of that.
You're black? They'll make fun of that.
You're young or old? They'll make fun of that.

It's just that it's easier to identify if someone is female or not, like from their gamertag or voice, so they jump on that early and use it to be assholes.
What I'm saying is that we need to put a stop to ALL online... #1.1.6
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I know, right? Sad to see the Hero of Time's story wasn't very happy in the end. #3.1
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It's true! When you get to 30, you're no longer allowed to have any fun. Only weirdos want to have fun after age 30. #19
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Nintendo Fiber #3.1.1
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"I haven't seen it, therefore it doesn't exist."

That's so true! After all, I know that YOU didn't exist until I came here and read your comment.

You're welcome. #5.4.5
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People making a mountain out of a molehill, as usual. I don't think it's nearly as big an issue as people make it out to be; it's just that too many people are thin-skinned or can't see the whole picture. Lots of people also don't understand that sexism can go both ways.

They look for and only focus on the bad, or can't see the other side. You only do that and of course that horrible offensive whatever is everywhere!

People need to shu... #9
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I think it would be kinda interesting to play as a female Link. #13
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It's very clear why you only have one bubble if you have to rely on that old and tired argument. #1.3.1
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Cel-shading can be just as graphically demanding as realistic graphics, sometimes even more so.
Nintendo has always changed art styles between each console Zelda, so I highly doubt that they changed the art style of this one because the Wii U couldn't handle it. #13.1
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This looks really nice! Really disappointed there's no English voice-overs, though. I guess I can hold off getting this for awhile. #1
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Sheesh, people aren't allowed to have opinions anymore... #12
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You can if you get a blood clot from sitting too long, which then goes to the brain.

Although, here's a quote from the Chinese article, in all its a Google translated glory:

"Internet cafes are often filled with smoke, passive smoking when excessive stimulation of the human respiratory tract spasms, eventually leading to a temporary brain hypoxia, it is prone to problems. When using the computer over, the body will produce fatigue toxins, nerve cente... #1.3
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No wonder, then, that there's only one game per console per generation. I prefer it that way, though; it makes them extra special when their time comes around again. #8
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