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This just proves how little you know about Mario games.

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You can play it on PC. No Xbox required.

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Well, duh. The controller only has four buttons and a d-pad. There are no games nowadays that use so few buttons. Even if you they let you use them for other games, there’s no way that you actually could. Why are people so upset about this? It’s painfully obvious from the beginning.

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Replying to my first comment made over seven and a half years ago. I was a stupid kid back then, although I guess I’m not much better now.

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I’m here, years later, just because I feel like it.

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Over the years I’ve been on this site, it seems the only “appropriate” things to talk about is praising everything Sony, while condemning everything else.

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It’s not Nintendo’s responsibility to advertise the game, it’s yours. With the huge amount of indie titles getting released on the Switch, Nintendo’s not going to give attention to every single one of them.

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Your first two points are true, but the rest show you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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So you’re saying that Sony and Microsoft fans are so shallow that they wouldn’t give a good game like Octopath Traveler a chance?

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You’re not very bright, are you?

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I’ll have to agree. For example, Kara’s story is completely unnecessary and unrelated to Connor’s and Markus’ stories. You can get Kara killed in the first part of her story and the rest of the game will play out exactly the same. Plus the Alice “twist” is total BS as well. Completely ruins the human-android bond going on. It’s just a story that has already been done plenty of times before.

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I’m gonna say a big ol’ “FALSE” on this one.

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I’m really looking forward to this. This and Dragon Quest XI will mean that my PS4 will have a very busy September.

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You need to play more games.

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He’ll never change his tune. He’s a broken, ignorant record on everything about Nintendo.

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“Because men aren't subjugated to even closely the same amount of sexual abuse that women are.”

You do realize that that’s a bunch of BS, right? Men have to deal with sexual abuse all the time. They just don’t complain about the little, insignificant things, and when they complain about the serious things, they get made fun of and are not taken seriously.

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No, he just sucks at writing. Nobody liked his scripts for movies, so he "downgraded" to writing games. It's no coincidence that the game he wrote the least for is his best game.

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