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Is Xbox One The Future We Want?

Its not a matter of whether its a future we want, its a matter of a future we will automatically adopt because the computer era/industry is moving in to a new PHASE.

Remember PHASE ONE was the computer age(Atari ST, commodore)
PHASE TWO is the mobile age which is happening right now.

PHASE THREE is the ubiquitous computing age which have recently just started a few years ago.


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The PS4 is 50% more powerful on paper, but what everyone fail to realized is that MS OS was designed to renders graphics smarter than PS4's which makes the xbox one just as equal to the PS4.

Though, Object and characters on screen that are positioned far away renders with less polygons than object that are placed in front of the screen.

As for how PS4 renders its graphics on screen is completely unknown at the moment because Sony never once mentioned anyt...

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I really like MS new controller.

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@ swansong

Agreed, Microsoft is controlled by our government.

BTW, I said the same things on a comment hours ago and got disagreed for it.

good post!

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Lost one bubble today.

its Goes to show most fan boy on NG4 can't take ones opinion.


This is all fun and games for me as a gamer.

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I think they Both looks good to me.

hard to tell really.

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MS is cocky as hell.

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Now I know what the whole Fusion thing was about.

MS is trying to be like Comcast xfinity.

MS FUSION will offer entertainment very slimier to Comcast xfinity.

Fusioning everything from gaming to TV, social, PC, who knows what else.

XBOX ONE name fits.

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*Greatness awaits*

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You're missing the point. He's not saying that graphics and power determine how successful a console would be.

He's just stating that having PC architecture inside of consoles would make ports much simpler, and that most DEV won't hesitate to port games now that these platform(ps4/xboxone) are very similar in architecture.

This would be a huge money maker.

As for the wii U, I think it will eventually be left b...

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PS4 has the best TV remote. Oh, I forgot wrong system, LOL.

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What is the Xbox One?

well, I'll tell you something guys.

I truly believe the xbox one is both a gaming console and a beta tester for facial recognition technology(maybe even body motion blue print).

Besides, Why else would MS in force the kinect always on carp.

Guys, Do you even realized how much money MS can make off the kinect.

with the kinect always on they will have the ability to to beta test millio...

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Is it just me or is those graphic on the xbox ONE's game footage were low RES/washed out.

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How Ironic!

ONE hours for the xbox ONE reveal.

ONE exclusive.

ONE DEV support.

ONE remote.

ONE too many air head on stage.

ONE reason why I'm not getting an XBOX ONE.

oh, I forgot to mention...ONE TV SET!

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The reveal SUCKS...they kept on talking and talking.

I just wish I was there to tell them to shut the FU_k up!!

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"Xbox ONE"


There's more than ONE reason not to purchase an Xbox ONE.

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I wish I could be there to witness it in person.

Thanks God for live steaming ;)

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I have a feeling that Nintendo is only going to show us longer footage of the same games they showed us on the previous Nintendo direct.

Beside, it would be stupid of Nintendo to show us game footage of their AAA tiles tomorrow; because They won't have anything left to show at E3.

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My friend you're on the right track.most Devs rather focus all of their time & energy working on much more capable hardware.

and I don't blame them.

The longer they work with new hardware, the better their game will look/play, the more money they'll most likely make.

my point is, working with last gen tech as such as the wii U will hurt them in the long run, the sacrifice time spent working with t...

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agreed, GT6 isn't much of an improvement to GT5. They added some tire skidding sounds effects which is great in all but the engine sound effects sounds horrible.

I'll past on GT6 and get drive club instead when its comes out.

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