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@nirwanda: I believe the words you were looking for are "their", "doubt" and "theater" (or maybe "theatre" if you're British...) Oh, and learn to use capital letters in the beginning of a sentence and punctuation at the end of one.

Give it up for the Grammarnazi! I'll be here all week. Thank you!

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Then play them on the Playstation 3 that you already own FFS...! You don't have to sell your previous console just because you buy the successor.

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Sony won and Jane is really beautiful!

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Also not news because this video is at least 6 months old.

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Wow! Stunning! Simply stunning! And the alternate version with Capelli walking away is even better. If they release a Limited edition with that cover I might buy it for the cover alone...!

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I actually thought it was kinda funny. I mean, not hilarious but worth a few chuckles here and there.
If you actually read the whole thing and not just the headings it's obvious that it's a joke.

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I agree. It looks incredibly boring and, from the looks of it, it has pretty unresponsive controls too.
I would rather lick my own balls than play this crap!
Give me Mirrors Edge 2 on the Ps3 instead!

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That was an awful list! Killzone 2 looks better than every game on that list except for Uncharted 2 and both Need for Speed Shift and Dirt 2 looks better than Forza 3! Yeah Nathan Drake2, this really must be a big joke.

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I'm really hoping for the same release date on the Ps3! This game looks awesome and I think I heard a whisper about splitscreen co-op somewhere, a feature way to rare these days...!

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But I guess you don't need a great bonus for such an awesome game...
I mean people will buy it no matter what, right? Well I will anyway!

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Cod 4 is exactly the same and it still got very high reviews...! It's really nothing to whine about because almost every fps has this problem...

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Really bad list...I pretty much started ROFLMAO after reading number 4

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Holy Crap! Cant wait until i see what that thing can do!

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I'm a "singleplayer gamer" too and I'm almost the opposite of what you described. I almost never buy multiplayer-only games like Socom or Warhawk but I often buy singleplayer-only games. I think its something about depending on other people to achieve the best experience. In singleplayer you always know what you get. There are so many things that can get ruined because of other people in multiplayer. They can leave in the middle of the game, they can grief etc. At least thats my opi...

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@ Dino: ROFLMAO...seriously!

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Anyone else having problems turning your Psp off after you've updated?
Maybe my button is broken...hopefully not! "Hold" is working though...

3345d ago 0 agree1 disagreeView comment! Aftonbladet suger så sjukt hårt så det är inte sant.

Ganska kass översättning föresten :P

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This is the opinion of one man, who just happens to work at Gamereactor Sweden! If I made a list, not being an employee at a magazine, no one would care right? Then why do people say that this list is bullshit, not very good etc. This is just one opinion! Let him have it!!!

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God of War: Chains of Olympus is awesome. One of the top ten handheld games of all time, in my book.

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Much worse than Sony 2006! Seriously, there were no exiting announcements WHAT SO EVER!!!

Please something good now!

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