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I'll definitely be buying a lot of indies this year, already got a decent sized list. I'm glad the indies are supporting Wii U, gives some more variety. #8
Neither is Sony. Where's the article for that, eh?

Oh wait; N4G. lel. #12
Can't wait for Bayonetta 2 and X the most this year. Just picked up Bayonetta to play so I wont be confused as shit when I play Bay2.
Hopefully we get release dates at E3. #11
Might as well get a new job before the company crashes.
lel. #15
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Blah. Collectors edition looks cool, but whatever, not getting it.
Can't wait for this game regardless. #4
Yeah, get 'em JP. #4
Whoa, another decent article for Nintendo...? that's rare around this site.
lol whatever.
I can't wait to get my hands on this game to play with my buds. ;) #30
Not surprised. #20
I don't even know what to believe. I thought this was a good thing before I saw their 'website'. I'm not even sure now because it just.. doesn't look professional. I guess we'll find out on Friday. I'm going to just shoot my optimistic side down before I regret it. #13
It's not THE game I'm waiting for, that spot is held continuously by 'X'..
But I am pretty excited for DK, that's for sure. ;)
The music was more than I expected and the game looks lush and beautiful. I'm definitely looking forward to it. #9
Lol, how didn't I see this one coming? Should have figured. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a cancellation later down the raoa. They wonder why their games don't sell well on Nintendo systems.. Well, doing shit like this doesn't help in the least, poor excuse, too.
So if this is how they're going to support me, I guess I should support them in an equal way. :)
I'll rent the game for Ps3 when it comes out and call it a day. Unless they use the gam... #30
Actually, They're good at making games for their own consoles, So they should keep doing that. They utilize what they have and make some pretty kickass games with it, so just because the hardware they make isn't worth bragging about, doesn't mean they should just drop it and become a software only company. #17
Looks like I need to buy and External memory just for indie games.. There's a good chunk of them in there I want.
Looks like I'll be getting more into indie games. ;) #21
Definitely grabbing it. :)
DK is still a favorite for me and the game looks too good to pass up. Not to mention the music and all. #38
Wow, this is the other project?
Awesome, I'll be trying it out, I didn't try the original, so this'll be new for me. It looks relaxing though, a game to just blow time when I have a hard time sleeping or something. :)

Shin'en is definitely on a roll, if only more big name devs were like these guys, they're a group I can respect. Can't wait to see what Fast Racing Neo looks like, now. #9
Totally agree. At first I thought things were going horrible with the new designs - mostly Knuckles- but they grew on me after seeing the game trailer. I'm still not really liking Knuckles but the other three aren't that horrible.
As for the game itself, I wasn't sure of how to feel about it until I read up on how it's going to be more adventure styled with Melee combat, co-op, and four player. After finding out that little bit the game doesn't seem all that bad. I... #4.2
The game doesn't look as bad as everyone is making it out to be. The designs for the characters are a bit odd, but really, besides that, the gane looks pretty damn fun to me. If anything I'll definitely be trying the game out like I did with Lost Worlds. This looks like it could be awesome if done right. #8
I'm looking forward to seeing the game. The initial wtf is this phase is gone and I've come to like how the game looks. So I'm pretty hyped as well, since it's an adventure styled gane. :3 #12
I'm actually growing to like how this game looks right now. It's too early to call is an abomination. If done right, this could be an awesome game. I look forward to seeing more. #22
The only design that really bothers me is Knuckles. The others are decent..
Knuckles looks like he's on major roids but forgot to work out his legs while he was at it.

I dunno. Not gonna judge until I get more info, I'm kinda mixed atm. >.> #26
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