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I find it odd that Microsoft continues to refuse to commit to this.

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Well, they've always got a buyer in me.

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Hopefully Denuvo's days are coming to an end.

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I know some Warhammer nuts who will be hyped about this!

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It can certainly be hard to sift through the chaff on Steam.

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Uh oh -- wasn't crazy about the sound of the new loot boxes, and this seems to back up my concerns.

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Gorgeous, and I don't even know anything about cars!

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Hopefully this game gets a good playerbase, because it'll die pretty quick without it.

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Definitely one of the few bright spots on the horizon for Xbox.

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Definitely impressive.

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Square Enix has been attaching their name to some interesting stuff lately!

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Let's hope Microsoft doesn't get cold feet and cancel these games like they have with past indie team ups!

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Hope it's as good as Bastion and Transistor!

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Should be enough to keep players busy at launch.

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Can never get too many futuristic racing games.

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Definitely a "not the game for me" situation -- like I say, it's a well made game. That said, I think there will be a good amount of people who are in the same boat as me. Enough that I had to knock the game down a bit, despite being generally well-crafted.

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This one was a real stumble with maybe their biggest license yet. Seems like maybe they were a bit rushed/hamstrung by Marvel.

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Hasn't been a lot of promotion for this one -- hope it's good!

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Good guide -- I've been thinking of doing this.

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Yeah, they haven't really communicated that well how exciting/fun the game really is. Trailers should be full of all the crazy leaps you can do and vantage points you can reach, but instead almost all the footage has been from the first few minutes of the game, and kind of bland.

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